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I SWEAR I'M STILL ALIVE · 9:06pm Jan 29th, 2013

In fact, I'm so alive that I've (almost) finished Blacksmith's next chapter! I haven't been working on it much at all lately since I've been finding it hard to get back on the groove of visiting this site frequently. I guess I had just been gone for so long I had lost my habit and interest of going here. In fact, this loss of a habit might inhibit my writing.

What I'm saying is that this chapter of Blacksmith might just be the last.

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Comment posted by Heath of Tragedy deleted Dec 24th, 2012

159061 Bon, j'avais peur que j'était le seul broné Québecois. :rainbowlaugh:

yeah! Je suis Canadien français aussi

142861 Cute. I don't actually like Fluttershy as much as I used to, though.

Also, stop being an asshole, I'm not in the mood for that.

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