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Brutal honesty · 1:52pm Apr 1st, 2013

I'm going to take a brake from FimFiction for a while. The short of the long is I'm not going to push content for the purpose of getting out content.

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I just speak the truth (and that of which comes to mind)

I haven't watched any of the new episodes, or at least can't remember RD saying that, but that's a fair point.

Oh dear, get back to work, you've food to buy! I doubt you're employer will be happy seeing FiMFiction when you should be working.

And I can only really say thanks to that, I'm not really good with compliments, lets just say that :unsuresweetie:.

242173 Of course I could, the question, as Rainbow Dash would say, is why would you want to be?

Heh, seriously though? I'm at work, and bored, and you asked. I had plenty of time to list off things, so I did :pinkiehappy:

Besides that, I'm your editor, so I can't be doing all that badly.

But don't you think you could be the tiniest bit more modest :trollestia:?

242114 Hey, if I've managed to learn and do all that in only eleven years, the rest of you have no excuse! (That's from age 16 to present day.)

And no, I'm actually quite serious, I'm one of those horrible people that's good at nearly everything I try. So I go out to learn something new, and I'm nearly proficient at it by the time I come back home.

I'm a certified limited game guide in Zambia (I can't be a full one as I'm not a resident). I've been on bungee jump and rafting trips worldwide, I've hiked across the Alps and I have photos to back it up :eeyup:

Why do you think I'm a good editor? Life experience teaches you more about stuff than you'd believe, especially combined with a high IQ and book learning.

  • Viewing 7 - 11 of 11
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