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A little over the top... Sorry. · 6:33pm Aug 16th, 2012

Its been brought to my attention that the recent chapter may have been a bit much. Yeah, okay, i went a little overboard, but please understand something. That's the point of this series. I just cut loose and execute sOmeone mercilessly. It may seem over-the-top, but that was the idea. I needed the tragedy, I needed the monster, and I needed everything to be the way it was. I will drop a blog apologizing now, but hey! I dropped the mature tag right when I started this whole thing, so you can't

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i am watching you... nothing slips by my glance....:pinkiecrazy:

62269 I am one lazy author. It's a good thing my grammar is as good as it is, or my stories would look like garbage. Anyway, on to the point of this message. I'll just wait until you get around to my mediocre attempt at fanfiction. No rush at all. If it manages to slip your mind, nothing will be lost by either of us, so by all means, enjoy Dark0592's stellar (as I've managed to infer) library before partaking in my story, and be prepared for a major quality drop.

62264 nononono! You don't get it, I love requests! It means I'm getting popular and people want my opinion on their work. The problem is just getting all of the chapters in one place. If you could copy paste them into a PM to me so I could copy them onto my iPod in one smooth move, or better yet email them to jaydenwarnke@hotmail.com, it would make me able to read them much easier. If you can't, you'll have to wait until I get to a laptop, and even then, only if I remember. So ifyou want the review, email them to me and I'll have it done in about 48 hours max.

62261 Again, do only what you want. It is not my intention to pester you or beg for attention.

62257 you said your first fic. Therefore I'll take dropping in first. If you want me to review all of your material then you'll have to request it. Then I will make official reviews, but THOSE will only be posted AFTER I finish Dark0592's library, which is expansive. So I'll only be able to review one of your things, as that is all I can do from any one writer. I need to spread my name around and hit as many autors as I can, you understand.

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