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[26/08/2013] darf: people like you make me fucking sick [26/08/2013] darf: i hope you become a paraplegic you shitcunt [left_insert][left_insert][left_insert][left_insert][left_insert][left_insert]


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So YOU'RE the Wrath I was told about. It's a pleasure to encounter one of the legendary elder keks of fimfiction. And you're still active as well.

kancer, pure and concentrated memey kancer. How'd you even get here anyway?

Lol wtf am I looking at?


So I had to translate that, and it reads as such:

"I am also, such as the arms of the cold shoulder from the lower floor of the subprogram, which I am living."

I love it.

This user page is a thing.

Why did you follow me?

Thanks for the comment, and content.

Hey, thanks for the watch :twilightsmile:

Well thanks for having the astounding patience to go round posting "thank you for clicking here once" messages in the user page of literally every single person who fav'ed your fanfic.

Also thanks for writing the fanfic I guess, it entertained me for 10 minuets, which is 10 minuets longer than cap-com has ever managed.

Thanks for the fave on Taco Quest! :pinkiehappy:

Well thanks. :twilightblush: I hope you enjoy the sequel I and I encourage to comment with your thoughts. Love getting me some feedback.

Well if you really want my worthless opinion, it was one of those rare stories that actually made me feel emotions towards the characters, I genuinely felt pretty bad for cadence in together forever. Then I read the discord story and considered it cannon. Yay.

Anywho now onto the sequel.

Thanks for the fav and follow. :twilightsmile: Can I trouble you for feedback on what you enjoyed about my story?

أنا أيضا، مثل أحضان باردة من الطابق السفلي الفرعي الذي أنا ساكن

What a beautiful userpage.

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