As you can see, this is the Society of Unprecedented Sketching Artists, also otherwise known as SUSA. Firstly, check out the first group competition you can access by clicking the image below!


Yliad Yzzuf

(1) Please, above all things, refrain from trash-talking others, and be courteous to your fellow Bronies (and Pegasisters, though I prefer Bronies, regardless of gender).

(1.1) On the same note, please refrain from negative and/or inappropriate language.

(1.2) Also, respect other people's opinions. If you disagree with them, feel free to express your opinions and explain you disapproval in a just manner, or simply don't say anything at all.

(2) Do not link anyone to explicit or inappropriate websites. We have clop here.

(2.1) Don't start inappropriate or suggestive threads.

(3) Instead of telling you what you cannot do, let's have you informed on what you can do.

(3.1) You may start any threads relating to art, or requesting cover art.

(3.2) If you have an idea for a group contest, consult me or any of the group admins.

(4) Have fun in this group, and feel free to post your sketches, drawings, or creations in general in threads. Rules will be updated as they are due.

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365291 Well, actually, I've not updated that yet. The admins are already picked, but you're more than welcome to be a contributor, if you'd like?

Could I be an admin, please?
I don't mean to sound pushy, but I saw the "Still Hiring" and thought I may as well ask.

If you need more admins, I'll be happy to be one :pinkiehappy:


One of my artworks, done in Paint Tool SAI and a rendition of a hand-drawn sketch I did in the same day.

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