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oh fuck I'm 17 · 3:13am Jan 28th, 2014

It's a particularly reassuring feeling that it's felt like a year since I've last written in this register and yet I've only managed to keep myself almost entirely away from pony for just two months.

(My life and views have, of course, changed in various ways that I'll no doubt find absolutely, hilariously irrelevant and awful in turn within about a month.)

I'm still not done writing my ridiculously inflated Frankenstein of an unjustly shrunk magnum opus,

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Author Interviewer

Holy shit. :D I’m glad you’re still at least somewhat around!

maybe like once a year

yea, I figured it wasn't worth maintaining at the moment bc it wasn't very popular anyway and I'm not sure where the site files went—I might res it when I'm done with the sequel

Is the Ocilentra site down for good?

Author Interviewer

Are you still poking in every now and then?

See you around, you crazy wonderful person.

  • Viewing 93 - 97 of 97
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