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Twilight reads a book about literature and, analysing her world, decides that everything she does is planned by someone other than her.

She does not take it very well.

Rated Everyone for adult humour.

now with a reading

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:rainbowlaugh: oh, Spike, you poor, oft ignored comic relief side character you.:moustache:

That, good sir, was brilliant. :moustache:

Rated Everyone for adult humour.

The "wat" is also about the story. Is this a somewhat meta fic about how fanfics are done? If so, then... yeah, you've got it down.

Well, that was deep and existential. :rainbowderp:

Derealization; the best of mental illnesses :pinkiecrazy:

This could be applied to reality.


Well, it's nice to see this actually has a story to it. It's nice to see that this actually makes sense.

Ho-ray. :pinkiesmile:

Reminds me of the breakdown that Harold Crick goes through in Stranger Than Fiction.

I just watched that movie the other day...I might watch it again now...

I was going to post that! :raritydespair:

I'm not going to post anything awesome or witty, because that's just what the narrative would want me to do!

I'm off to go eat some breakfast, 'cuz it's 8:30 and that's what I wanna do.

Have a thumbs up.

Hmm, really good. Can't wait to see what Pinkie says. She'll confuse Twilight even more with her crazy logic and 4th wall breakage. Then she'll stand on top of the hub logo. :pinkiecrazy:

Also, one error I saw: 'shoved her hooves into her hands' <- hands? Maybe shoved her head into her hooves? idk

my life is a book, sometimes I wish I could find that fucking book and skip to the good parts then peek at the ending to know how everything goes down.:flutterrage:

I'd be thrilled to find I'm a character in a book, and a main protagonist no less! I'd always be assured that everything would work out for the best.

Really, does it matter, Twilight? :twilightoops:

1000937 The ending is never fun. The main character always dies.

Brilliant. Keeping my eye out for more.

God, it's exactly like me when I'm drunk...



He writes books, and everyone in this world is in it. But no one is writing him, he never dies.

This is a great piece.. I've never really read anything like this and I think that helped with the hilarity. This entire idea is just perfect. I really wanna read more.

As opposed to adolescent humour - which would warrant a teen rating - or immature adolescent humour, which would warrant a mature rating.

I wrote a ludicrously long post about it on my FiMfic blog, but to keep it simple it is first and foremost a story about derealisation and a parody of metafictional fiction in general.

Imagine being the main character in Kafka's Metamorphosis.

I'm assuming that "Rated Everyone for adult humour." is some kind of joke?

I mean, we've all seen this, haven't we?

My reaction? If you're frazzled by a fourth wall freakout, who better to go to than Pinkie Pie?


And I'm one who has suffered it, If you can say "Suffered". Oh 2011, What a tip of the iceberg year you were for me. :derpyderp2: Wait, Why did I write this? :pinkiecrazy:

Myself from some random day in late 2011 or early 2012 quotes a Morphine song: "I propose a toast to my self control; You'll see it crawling helpless on the floor. "

Here I am, Still wondering if I'm doing this for the funny farm effect or something. (What is "The Funny Farm Effect"?)

We're only Making Plans For Nigel, We only want what's best for him... :pinkiecrazy:

Be happy. :pinkiecrazy:

And now, A Silly RD Emoticon! :rainbowwild:

PUPPIES! :yay:

1001110 this actually made me think of when Chuck Norris actually dies what would happen and now I know. The mayan prophecies says it is the end of the world on Dec 21st 2012. This is when Chuck Norris will die :pinkiegasp::applecry::flutterrage:

Oh, And I haven't taken a bite of the Cake lately. :duck:

Is my brain in check?

Meh. I might as well go back to what I was doing which is listening to The B-52's.


1001131 :rainbowderp: Oooh, the roach thing. Yeah, no, that doesn't count. Didn't he commit suicide? I wouldn't do that.

I'd hide out in the woods and scare passerby. :rainbowwild:


This story is marked "incomplete". This implies that more will be written of Twilight's literary exploits. This initiates two chemical chain reactions in me, commonly refered to as anticipation and happiness. :)

>I'm assuming that "Rated Everyone for adult humour." is some kind of joke?


>As opposed to adolescent humour - which would warrant a teen rating - or immature adolescent humour, which would warrant a mature rating.

And when they open up his coffin.....


Chuck Norris will never die. When they find him dead in his sleep, it would be a Changeling, dying from an insane roundhouse kick. If Chuck Norris has a heart attack, in reality, it is a Spy from TF2 being raped by the awesomeness of Chuck Norris' chest hair. In all, he will never die. He watches the sun and moon rise and fall, he sits back and drinks beer with God and Satan, but he is eternal.

Yeah, I would be pretty sad to see him dead on the TV though...that's why I will protest the new Expendables 2 movie if they kill Chuck Norris in it.


The blog post doesn't look like it accepts exceptions, but I've said what I wanted to say. Also, before you get annoyed at me mentioning that which has already been mentioned, my comment was posted before yours. There was no answer when I asked.

I'm not annoyed at you, ha.

I just write in this incredibly dry manner; I apologise if I've offended you in any way.

Too silly and meta for me.


Yum. Literary pretense.

But if I was in a work of fiction is would either not give a shit or I would rage against the cage(by being as boring and uninteresting as possible).

The best of us spend our entire lives rebelling against a plot we do not find particularly interesting.


Well it was well written...:rainbowhuh:... dam it! :facehoof:
How am i supposed to comment on this anyway? What a strange power it is that you have wrought.:pinkiecrazy:

Twilight breaks the forth wall tonight at 8:00:facehoof:

The index file is looking itself up in the index file.

I had a short story happen to me once, cumulating with an elevator ride where I said the theme out loud as the doors closed.

Surreal, but I didn't loose my cool like Twi. :twilightoops:

Take my thumbs! You clearly have greater need for them than I

This is amazing. It's cerebral and hilarious. That's a combination I rarely see executed with any kind of skill, but you're pulling it off very well here. And it includes my personal pick for Best Pony taking the express train to Crazytown -- something I'm a little embarrassed to find so amusing. :twilightblush:

Going to see Pinkie about her problems is either a brilliant or terrible idea, not much room for a gray area there. I'm looking forward to learning how it turns out. :pinkiehappy:

Its all because of the author.... hes watching us...


Saying it's adult humor is just a joke. The blog rule about adult humor being rated mature is for actual adult humor (which this story isn't. At all.). Just wanted to clear that up.


Has already been answered, check my comment again and you'll see that it's been replied to. If this story really weren't adult humor, then it wouldn't be mentioned in the description.

Pretty sure that any circumstances in which one was turned into a bug and your family were so horrified by your presence that they locked you in your room and killed you (literary or otherwise) would be terrible.
It is pretty fucking terrible, really. Especially when your family keeps leaving voice mails, and there's just no point in responding because, whatever, it just doesn't fucking matter. None of it does. And everyone at work is getting confrontational, but why? This report or that scheduled meeting, whatever. Why don't all these fucking pylons just go away?

Anyway, liked the story. Really liked the logo (or whatever the images are called), simple pleasures are best for simple minds (and all minds are simple).


I read the comment, but I'm afraid it kind of confused me. Same with this comment as well. In the first part of the comment, you say that it's been answered (which makes me think you understand that him saying it was rated everyone for adult humor was just a joke), but then in the second part you say he wouldn't have put it in the description if it wasn't true, so now I'm not really sure how to respond.

Basically, the reason he put that in the description was to make a joke. He's calling it adult to refer to the stuff in the story (thing like existentialism) because of the intelligence needed to understand it. In his previous comment, he said adolescent humor would be teen (probably stories with a lot of bad language) and immature adolescent humor would be adult (probably stories with nothing but sex).

To keep it short: nothing in this story could actually be considered adult (in terms of material it contains) so it's not rated wrong, and the only reason adult humor is mentioned in the description is for humor.

I'll just shut up now, because it's past midnight (and I'm seriously tired), which means I probably just misread your comment. That said, feel free to ignore this comment. :ajsleepy:

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