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I shall deconstruct, make fun, and parody everything in existence. And whether you like it or not, I don't care.


Probably the best story you will ever read. Twilight and the gang engage in an activity at a place at an unspecified time. Some form of emotions and actions ensue and the activity ends at a time that is different from the one where the activity started. Scratch that, definitely the best story you will ever read.

For all you lazy people:

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Comments ( 448 )

That... was beautiful.

What just happened :rainbowderp:
You've earned a thumbs up, or something. I don't really know.

I skimmed it. 8.5/11

is the size of the paper i'd print it on if i wanted to

Discord on LSD.

Well, we're fucked. :applejackunsure:

IT's that thing! It's that thing with the stuff in the thing! from the THING.


Ps, I see the first half of the story has been SOPA approved

"Time to read this fic"

Beginning: Wut is this? :rainbowhuh:

During the Story: OMG, this is great :rainbowderp:

End: ... wow, this is really great :rainbowderp: lol

What did I just read. :pinkiecrazy:


... Uh...

What did I just read?

This story must be shared with the world, for it is the best story of all time.

The story is. And it shall continue to be, until it is not. Sobriquets and joyous words shall be yours until such time as you deem fit to no longer require them.

20 bucks for a kazoo? That's outrageous! :pinkiegasp:

For those who were unclear of it, Twilight is a cat.

I smell a feature...

Also, I love the Toto reference, but I wish it had been=


Instead, you know? :raritystarry:

How did Applejack nod if she was a whale? Whales cannot nod! :ajsleepy:

992903 Magic, that's how. Weren't you paying any attention?

and this is the part where i put the "da fauq did i just read" pic....

but i dont have one. any ways good job on this thing that i might or might not have just enjoyed, jk its was epic

i give this story five cats out of TARDIS.:moustache:

This story is an artistic representation of what it's like to go insane.
With that in mind, bravo good sir.

37 garbanzo beans out of 2.37568940875612637818374728484827476532 porpoises. Hats are for cats. Twilight is a cat. Twilight is a hat. Applejack is a whale. Pudding. :moustache:

*Sheds a manly man tear*

In an unrelated note. This reminds me of old spice...

I'm not exactly sure what just happened, but I think it might have been some kind of art.

You have to admit, "the spaghetti flows from my pockets" is one seriously powerful, if slightly deranged, visual.

You probably had the most amazing dream ever and then decided to share it with all of us. That makes you awesome. :derpytongue2:

Whelp, I quickly read this whole thing out loud to myself with a british accent. That made it funnier. Did I mention I love spaghetti? Also, Twilight is a cat. She fell over. I peed myself, then proceeded to eat my shorts. It tasted like black. :twilightsmile: <-- She's a cat. Then all who saw her were 'Sploded, for they knew not the realm in which the cat-pony dwelled. Duh end.

Also, nice story! :yay:

<witty response>

I see all dem trolls downtoting ma art.

Thanks for the support everybody.

Erm. Wow. You gave my brain a short-circuit, I believe. Insane to the power of 3. Anyway, I will hand this in for future MSTing, very fun little trollfic, well executed and genuinly entertaining, if insane.

The spaghetti flows out of my Celestia backs away as twilight is a cat I am a cat pinkie pie did something to my pockets a whale I am a marmoset twilight is a cat I grab her Rarity and teleport across Celestia comes down to flowing out my mane is a cat I am allergic to Applejack this shit is

This is absolutely hilarious.

This is so mind-blowingly awesome, I don't even know what to say. :rainbowkiss:

Have eight mustaches. :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Hmm... nah.

This could have worked if you'd stuck with the original concept and ridden it to its full conclusion, but I for one am not of the belief that "randomness" is inherently funny. There comes a point when it's just words, endless disconnected sentences bereft of the illusion of story or even meaning, and I'm pretty sure my cat could do that. Disappointing.

Dont do drugs, kids

Just, for pete's sake! There is a fucking hole in the plot! What happened to bush?!

what in the flying fuck did i just read?:rainbowhuh::derpytongue2:

that was... yeah

I am really disappointed that you missed the opportunity to say 'eat my shorts', but okay

993700 I am a cat

This........this is the best piece of literature to ever grace the earth

By the way, the narrator dies in this. The spaghetti? His entrails. The spaghetti sauce? His blood. He has been mortally wounded, both in reality and in any and all fictional universes. He's dying, can't you see? The spaghetti...it needs to go back into his pockets!




5/5 facehooves; good trolling, good work, keep it up.

Someone obviously enjoyed writing this. I wish I could say the same about what I have to put myself through:fluttershbad:

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