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Bad Horse

Beneath the microscope, you contain galaxies.


Should the powerful and sexy alicorn Dark Demon King Ravenblood Nightblade follow his destiny as savior of Equestria, or his love of interior design?

Why not both?

BASED ON AN ORIGINAL CHARACTER BY DEVICE HERETIC!!! This is my first alicron Mary Sue self-insert fic, so plz b nice. Maybe Ill write moar if ppl like it

Reading by AShadowOfCygnus!
On EQD Oct. 20, 2012.

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Earlier today I wrote a nasty, unponylike rant on NTSTS's blog which claimed, among other things, that I work hard to write good stories.

This... isn't what I meant.

Wuten did a good reading of this.

This story owes something to Ga'arth, Klingon Fashion Designer, and Do'Raath, Klingon Barista: 333 434 1385 1745 2362 3798 3234 3229 2996. Probably an apology. And I'm gonna take this space to plug Georg's To Sleep, Perchance to Dream, because it's a good Luna story and only has 110 views. Also JMac's Thweet Geniuth on ponyfictionarchive.

This is the most thrilling tale of interior decorating I've read today.

Seriously, this is a masterpiece. Far better than I could have done. Thank you for writing this, everything about it was perfect and I was laughing the whole time.

But you left so many unanswered questions. . . what shape coffee table will he buy? Should the curtains be off-white or cream? I demand a sequel. What's the proper etiquette for that? Oh yes. . .

MOAR! And I believe moustaches are somehow involved. :moustache::moustache:

Phil. More Phil. Phil is my new hero.

That is all.

You spelled Alicorn wrong in the description......just saying.

I didn't even notice the joke with Dan-Galf's name until my dyslexia kicked in and I read it as Gan-Dalf, hah!
Amazing work here sir. Here's hoping for a feature.


It's entirely possible it was intentional, since Alicron sounds much cooler than Alicorn and somebody who'd make a black & red Alicorn OC self insert character probably wouldn't know the difference


Apologies, I mean somebody who'd make and use a black&red Alicron (:rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh:) OC self-insert character and use it straight faced without a hint of parody

Ok, now that I have actually read this story... I am now humbled, having felt the penmanship of a true master. I don't remember ever handing out an upvote to anybody ever before.... but now... that has changed. I never thought such a masterpiece could exist. You sir, deserve every praise I have to give.


:facehoof: :facehoof: :facehoof: Dan galf, shadowhax :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: Very entertaining
story indeed.

1032276 Thank you for telling me a fic like this one was in the works.
I probably never would've read it if it wasn't for you.

I like the story. Finally an OC story I enjoy:rainbowkiss:

Oh yeah. MOAR!!!!

This is terrible and you should feel terrible about it!
Now when your done feeling terrible, would you, like, write another? If it's not to much trouble?:twilightblush:

An excellent turn of self-insert parody! Just a tad too short I suppose, wish we could have gone over the details a little more.

Still, 4 laughing Dashies out of 5!


Foal! Speak not of the Crimson Croissant so lightly! The byzantine folds of its paradoxical crust (So tender! And yet so flaky!) hide True Cosmic Power. And its filling? No mortal language, be it ever so subtle, can possibly explore it's, uh, oblique puissance which, by merely being, bends the world around it into new and delicious dimensions.

It also goes well with Obsidian Coffee.

Ouch. That rant...ooof...sharp edges on that thing.

@re: A Note Of Advice to People New To All Things Bad Horse

Hi! If you've enjoyed this parodic little tale, why not sample some other stories written by Bad Horse. Lots of great stuff. I especially recommend The Detective & The Magician which deserves more love. Twenty Minutes, likewise, is written brilliantly but I would under no circumstances read it just after this fic. The mood whiplash alone might kill you.

Saw the crappy OC picture in the feature - box.
All my wat:rainbowhuh:

Saw the title.
Ohhh... :rainbowlaugh:

Site Blogger

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

That's the best place to throw up a little in!

Nothing against your fic or anything, but what the hell? Poultron raged when I wrote a story based on Wanderer D's blog post with a thunderous "NO."

Sadly, I expected something like this show up. I am amused. :rainbowlaugh:


If it is good to work hard to write good stories, is it not twice as good to work hard to write bad stories?

Oh man, this actually got written... I didn't think anybody was serious in that little discussion...

Wha- This was actually amazing :rainbowlaugh:

Finally a parody fic that doesn't just use the fact its a parody for bad writing.

Simply glorious! :pinkiecrazy:

I would expect no less from the Thoroughbred of Sin.

I loved it. Excellent Job. You Mr. Author Person have just Cleared the Stage! :pinkiehappy:

What's that, RBDash47? You say you want me to post this on ponyfictionarchive.net? Sure thing!
Luck of the draw. midnightshadow approved this story.

BEFORE READING: Is this gonna be the pony version of My Immortal? -sigh- gonna give it a try anyway.
AFTER READING: :rainbowlaugh: LOL

Pre-read: This sounds awful. I'm pretty sure nopony is oblivious enough to write something that terrible, here's to hoping it's a parody.
Post-read: :eeyup: I laughed.

A parody that doesn't read like a parody at all... :twilightsheepish: Thank you good sir!

I think I would have preferred Phil to have been named Background Pony. Beyond that though... I approve of this!

The traveler said angrily, "Do not speak to me as though I were a colt! I have climbed the heights of Mt. Varanus, I have ridden the wind on the backs of dragons, and I – "


Dammit, now I'm going to have to fave this. AGAINST MY WILL MIND YOU. :trixieshiftleft:

The sad thing is, I've seen actual OCs that look like that in other fics.

I...I don't know what's real anymore. :raritydespair:

This is the most riveting tale of a mary-sue alicorn, interior decorator, ever.

I got a bit of a Monty Python vibe from this, that was hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:

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