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Two silly short stories about Luna, Celestia, fashion, and legal theory. "Slice of life stories if your life is crazy royalty cake with cinnamon sprinkles." - JadeCriminal@SpaceBattles.com

6/17/2020: Spanish translation by SPANIARD KIWI.

Go to the Equestria Daily story page to see the stories in this set by Georg and Dennis the Menace. (If you can't access the page, it's because your school blocks google docs.)

(This is not "incomplete"; it's an open-ended anthology.)

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Sisters had the perfect Equestria Daily pre-reader. In stark contrast to my other pre-readers, my only message from him or her said, in full,

Congratulations. Your story has been accepted, and will be posted within a few days.

Thanks to Cobra Commander for telling me it needed more Fancy Pants and a dash of Trixie.

I wrote "Betting the Moon" because of a comment on another story, from an Equestria Daily pre-reader, who said: "Ownership phrases of the sun or moon should be taken out and shot." I was writing a snarky reply, saying, "When I say 'Luna's Moon' it doesn't mean she can use it as collateral for a bank loan," and then I thought: What if it did mean that?

If you liked these, the next logical story to read is In Celestia We Trust, All Others Pay Cash by Georg.

Thanks to bookplayer for telling me it was funny when I couldn't tell anymore. I wrote much of this while streaming an E Nomine playlist off YouTube. You probably didn't want to know that.

Never thought I'd see the day when a story about Luna in socks had me grinning from ear to ear. An event of that magnitude deserves at least a favorite.

Easily one of the most hilarious stories I have ever read. Bad horse, I insist you write more.

Liked. Fave'd. Your welcome.

I find the image of a guard trying to burn the remains of a furnace amusing

These are nice. Luna and Celestia have about zero screen time for actual development, and the whole ruling sisters dynamic just sounds like so much fun. ANd you've proved it works! I loved the part at the end in regard to luna's commands to the guard. Funny stuff, creative stuff, short, sweet, and I want for more. Great job.

I am glad that Celestia understands the great importance of good tea, though I prefer jasmine over chamomile. Many people and ponies forget how soothing a nice cup of tea can be.

Ah abuse of power. How very godlike. :pinkiehappy:

Twilight certainly learns from her mistakes. Can't shake her up if she's already on the floor!

Calvin and Hobbes + Celestia and Luna. my mind has been blown into a whole new dimension of Yay :yay:

1145832 Gotta agree, came for the cover image, stayed for the story. Lots of LULZ had by all!

I think the Princess should continue to wear socks cuz they're superstylin'!

Yeah, I've always kinda had a problem with the fact that Celestia and Luna are tyrants. Good tyrants, but tyrants nonetheless. I only endorse the idea of a benevolent dictator if I am going to become said dictator.


you truly are the thoroughbred of sin you magnificent bastard!

Have any other great ideas for this?

The ownership of other celestial body's is really going to be a pain in the ass when we humans finally take off.

Ponified Calvin and Hobbes?

Someone make it happen right fucking now.

"Your majesty," he said, as they bounced off his face.

MY Godesses that was LMFAOROTFL. I lol'd.

"All right, civil case, then. Princess Luna, it's customary at this point for you as defendant to bow to yourself as judge."

As always in every reality, the legal system is stupid.

Funny, cute, and very heart warming. You have my personal seal of approval.

On to the next chapter!

"It doesn't do anything. It's not like I was asking for the sun."


"Take your time. Although it is nearly sunset.":trollestia:

I don't know where the socks thing came from but I've come to accept it.
HUZZAH! the socks have been doubled.

Calvin and Hobbes style cover art?

Insta-faved. Will read later.

This is silly and wonderful and I wish to see more.

That cover art...I LOVE CALVIN AND HOBBES! Now uh I'm gonna be reading this story now.

This is incredibly silly. Especially Luna.

Sometimes I hate my brain,:twilightangry2: I can't see chamomile tea without thinking about the main villain from The Saga of Seven Suns.:facehoof:
Other than that I liked this story!:twilightsmile:

There's a 34 version of that last picture...

>Sees calvin and hobbes pic
>insta fav, track and read

:twilightblush: So I guess implementing my ideas from those human fiction books is not a good thing?

:trollestia: The possibilities.

Too cute :raritycry:

Glorious! The added Trixie scene and the expanded Fancy Pants scene were executed with perfection. The pictures were also a great touch. Onward to the next chapter! :moustache:

I tried writing this comment about five times, each time having to start over, because I could not think of a way to properly praise how doubleplusgood I found this story to be.

Well played, sir. Well played. :moustache:

I... I assassinated Dolan... Are you...are you proud of me? Bad Horse?

She cried. Wailed, really. I should have seen it coming. I really should have. But I did not. Good job.

This is simply Brilliant. :moustache:
I demand humbly request more!

this wins the universe. Calvin&Hobbes forever.:twilightsmile:

Georg is thinking about having Celestia and Luna compete in the Sisterhooves Social. That story will end up on his user page, but I'll probably add it to the Equestria Daily links for "Sisters".

Proud of you? Dolan was one of our most evil members!

Now you have to replace him. I hope you know how to use MSPaint.

Well, I'm absolutely terrible at it, so I should be fully qualified!

It is by Junglepony. I expect the Rule 34 version came first.

In all honesty, Luna looks much better in her socks than Celestia does.

Which is rather ironic considering how this chapter ended.

Wow. I am loving this.

In all honesty though, with as much as we make fun of the legal system, it's still a great deal better than the alternative.

Reading a nice little story called Njal's Saga, set in the time when human laws were first being made (the name is Norse, like Thor, in case anyone was wondering), put it into a great deal of perspective for me.

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