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A Hoof-ful of Dust

You can't see the forest...


Why won't everypony leave Cheerilee alone about being single?!

(Featured on EqD.)

(Audio versions by Mr Kenyon and FarnesyFudge.)

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In "Hearts and Hooves Day", there's a point where the CMC are asking Cheerilee why she doesn't have a special somepony, and she makes this face that says so much about her romantic life. I've been wanting to write something expanding on that 'cause Cheerilee is cool, and I've been writing (and thinking about writing) too many serious things, so this came out rather silly.

Derpy and Cheerilee being sly! Now that is funny! :trollestia:

This has got to be one of my favorite stories I've ever read on FIMFiction.
Pure gold, Hoof-ful, pure gold :ajsmug:

This was absolutely pure genious. I love it.

The moment I saw that scene, I knew someone was going to make a story of it. Good work, sir.


That was a fabulous story; well done! :pinkiehappy:

That was hilarious. With all the talk about shipping in the fandom, it's funny to see a writer approach it from a new angle - namely, that all the ponies on the show are just as obsessed with shipping. Plus, this fic stars Best Pony Cheerilee, always a major plus.

Liked and Favorited. Well done!

A brilliant resolution to a sticky situation, and bonus points for Derpy just knowing what went right. :derpyderp1:

hahahah that was great xD

“Derpy, how would you feel about us being single… together?”
At this point I had to stop and triple facepalm myself.
But thank you for highlighting the whole crazy shipping side of this fandom and making a hilarious story out of it :pinkiehappy:


Genuinely funny and a good read. Thanks for uploading

That last part... :rainbowlaugh: :facehoof:

It's meta, disguised as a really funny Cheerilee fic, which there aren't nearly enough of. Great job, and I'm kinda hoping we get a glimpse of what being 'single together' entails. It's marked as complete, though, so I can't really say anything if you think it's done.

I think this is about as close as a story to get with toeing the line of what is meta and what isn't. There's certainly a couple of lines that are said directly to the camera, as it were.

And I have no idea what being single together means either. Maybe Cheerilee and Derpy hang out and have coffee and don't really define their relationship status to the rest of shipping-obsessed residents of Ponyville, leaving them scratching their heads.

905522 Here's the url:


I think it would make a MUCH better cover pic. And since it involves (the parody of) shipping, try adding the romance tag. (Of coarse, if you're pretty stuck on the idea of this being an anti-shipping story, it's totally cool with me.)

That's the one exactly. But using that would mean it doesn't fit in with the rest of my silly cover images.

I never thought about adding the Romance tag. There's a case to be made for it either way, I suppose. But there's no real romance to speak of, it's just a comedy about romance, so... yeah, I don't like the tag system very much. Leads to weird ambiguities.

916023 BTW, you deserve to get featured. Have a mustache.:moustache:

Rainbow Dash gets all the stallions. And mares. And other.

Rainbow Dash has got game.

Loved it! Laugh out loud funny! The line that killed me was "I don't even know who that is." :rainbowlaugh:

Oh my goodness, this was absolutely hilarious. Congrats on the EqD Feature! Well deserved.

(And nice Casablanca reference at the end there. :raritywink:)

" “Would you mind walking me through how you figured this all out?”

“Well, I saw you two talking just now.”

Cheerilee waited for something more to come, and when nothing did, she asked, “…And?”

“And that’s how I knew you two were getting together!”

“That’s it? We were talking?” “That’s it? We were talking?”

“Uh-huh.” Pinkie nodded vigorously. "

I've heard worse reasons for pairing:pinkiehappy:

damn the whole town has gone nuts over getting cheerilee a date. and maaan is rainbowdash having a huuge afair:derpyderp2::rainbowlaugh::heart:

I laughed so hard I almost had an asthma attack. Good job!

Cheerilee you sly genius... That was really funny and entertaining. Especially since I as a brony don't really get the appeal of shipping in general. You probably have gotten this a lot but I LOVED :heart: the joke about Rainbow Dash being shipped with everyone:rainbowderp:. I don't even read shipfics and I know that... Anyways, great fun little fic. I give it 5 yays out of 5!

Ponyville is clearly suffering from a latent equine herding instinct. :derpytongue2:
Clever story. Bravo. :yay:

For some reason when I was reading this Bon Bon's voice changed in my head from her voice in call of the cutie to her voice inputting your hoof down. That was pretty weird.

Love the story though :rainbowlaugh:.

I really can't wait until the next part!
*dances around in excitement*


Had to leave another comment and congratulate you on getting this featured on EQD!

Stories like this absolutely deserve to be featured, and it makes me very very happy to see a story as clever and hilarious as this get the recognition it deserves.

Plus, with her image now on the front page of EQD, the righteous cause of "Make everyone realize that Cheerilee is Best Pony" gets another boost, and for that, I am extra grateful!

Dat Rainbow Dash scene. My sides. XD

I, I love it. I absolutely love this story. My feelings towards this are a mix of :heart:love, :rainbowlaugh:laughter, :pinkiegasp:realization (this could possibly happen!) and :rainbowkiss: SO. AWESOME!


Cheerilee and Derpy, being "together" to fool everypony, but maybe that fake love will becoma true one with time :trollestia:

Yes. One thousand times yes.

Cheerilee and Derpy are best moirails!

Wow, I think this is the only that's actually made me laugh out loud multiple times. Seriously, when they all claimed to be dating Rainbow Dash, I just lost it :rainbowlaugh: And when Twilight was mentioned as her special somepony I couldn't believe you went there, but so glad you did.
And I know what you mean about that face. I was always like, "No, there's something going on here. Something we're not being told. She has WAY too much disdain for that statement, and there has to be a reason for it."

:rainbowkiss:Rainbow Dash! The fastest flyer in Equestria. :rainbowwild:
:rainbowlaugh:This fic gives this phrase a whooooole new meaning.:rainbowlaugh:

That was AWESOME!

I know you said this was just meant to be silly, but I actually think there's a really interesting story to be told about Cheerilee and Derpy being "single together". Not about how they end up hooking up after all, but how they maintain that relationship, what the boundaries are, etc.

Anyway, I enjoyed this, even if I have no problem with extremely speculative shipping (as long as it's well written).

Am I the only one who got the Chumbawamba reference? Strange to reference a song by an Anarchistic band that barley makes sense in context.

Brilliant. Just... brilliant. XD

“Because aside from some very basic biological incompatibilities, I’m pretty sure it’s illegal.”

*checks Equestrian law* Actually, while not advised on account of their eventual enormous size, pony-dragon relationships are not illegal! In fact, and I quote, "As per the command of the overwhelming majority of the brony overlords who control our universe, shipping between all species and all ages is hereby legal. Punishment for opposition will mean banishment to a really grimdark story for angst and torment." :trollestia:

A real giggle story. Very simple, very crazy, and very sweet.

Thank you, thank you so much for making this story.
Right before I found this story I was really down in the dumps, I was crying, and I really felt terrible.
This story made my whole day.

Short, cute, with shipping-that-not-shipping and nicely wrapped ending. Thanks :D


I think its more for the fact that spike is probably all of eight years old.

That pre-reader weren't wrong.


I noticed that face as well. One of the greatest expressions from the series thus far.

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