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Trump won · 6:51pm Nov 9th, 2016

This is a link to an article that explains how and why Trump rose to power.

What's more, it explains the motivations behind the people who voted for him; also, it came out on October 12, so, you know, prescient.

I dunno if you want to understand the half of the country that elected a rapist to the highest office in the land, but I found it enlightening :-( :-(

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Migrated the story entirely thanks to you.

Thanks! :-D

Hi there! Am I correct in thinking that you have yet to migrate your “uncomfortable love story” story featuring Twilight and Flash from the Writeoff site to here? I ask because it’s hilarious and deserving of a fave. :twilightsmile:

Glad you thought Ember, Hoardsmelter was a good story. :twilightsmile:

Sup nigga, you want to talk some shit?

I got blocked, and this message that was dropped by an alt account of mine was deleted by your buttbuddy author, so I'm just here dropping my correspondence after you replied to me on that shitty story "Krastos the Gluemaker", maybe you've forgotten, but you can go back there for context, or you can just take this comment at face value, it certainly applies regardless of context, given how much of a circle jerk your page is, it would certainly be the most interesting thing to grace this page.

Any who, here's my response to you, from the story proper, you little twat.

I can't tell if you're uneducated or just plain dumb.

No wait, I'm pretty sure you're just dumb, you obviously don't understand what a tulpa is all about, I mean, why else would you just call me dumb out of nowhere without any arguments of your own as to why I am "wrong".

I mean, what kind of person would do such a thing? Oh wait, obviously someone with an oversized and insecure ego whose flutters feel just a little better every time they lord their professed intelligence over some damned dirty ignoramus who dared to give his opinion.

Go get killed by a drunk driver on thanksgiving eve, I'm sure your family would shed at least a single tear over their wayward and disowned bastard child.

See? I can make "witty" and "sarcastic" remarks while telling you to get out of this comments section that I totally own, faggot.

Thanks for following!

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