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lack of sleep · 8:12pm May 4th, 2015

I sometimes miss sleep and get what I believe is called a "runners high" in my case it tends to manifest as bad fanfiction. If I get to writing. I didn't get to writing a story so here's some ideas I wrote down.

a world with supernatural but now. werewolves have no problem, if they can pay for captivity. vampires are seen as superior to others. Accidentally turning someone is viewed with about as disdain as a accidental pregnancy if not more, repeat offenders are often hunted.

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Thanks for the follow!

Even though I'm on longer an active writer on this site, I'd still like to thank you for putting EICY in you Read Later folder. Hope you enjoy the story (Or, at least, as much of the story as I was willing to force out).

2182637 um, what? Sorry I didn't understand what you said.

2179577 It had to do with finding the story's your library.

Thanks for following me, no idea why tho...

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