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Currently Writing: Midnight's Shadow: Legacies Chapter 1
Next Up: Freeport Venture: City of Giants Chapter 2

Currently Editing: Midnight's Shadow: Succession Crisis- Chapter 7
Next Up: Midnight's Shadow: Succession Crisis- Chapter 8

Comedy and Slice of Life Stories

  • Twilight Sparkle vs. The Haunted Mailbox Twilight has dealt with a variety of foes since coming to Ponyville. But she finds herself pulling out all the stops to deal with the most dastardly (and curious) fiend yet encountered: Sugarcube Corner’s haunted mailbox. by Ponibius 15,865 words · 5,949 views · 627 likes · 9 dislikes
  • The Incredibly Embarrassing Parents of Rainbow Dash So I'm awesome. Yeah, if you know me, you know that. I have Pinkie Pie for a fillyfriend, pulled off by Ponibius 50,336 words · 10,113 views · 747 likes · 35 dislikes
  • Anything But The Gala Celestia has hosted the Gala for hundreds of years—and has hated every year of it. Now that her sister has returned to her, she hopes to share this painful royal duty. Shame for her that Luna wants nothing to do with the Gala. by Ponibius 31,774 words · 7,184 views · 763 likes · 7 dislikes
  • The Study of a Winning Pony Twilight Sparkle gets assigned to study the insanity that is Cloud Kicker's life for a sociology report. It's just a matter of surviving her circle of crazy friends, paramours, and disappointed family members to do so. by Ponibius 305,236 words · 16,258 views · 1,431 likes · 88 dislikes
  • The Great Snowball War Every year, the children of the Kicker Clan gather for a snowball fight to train them to work and fight as a unit. This year, Gale Kicker asks her friend Magus Midnight Sparkle to join her team. Something she will realize is a horrible mistake. by Ponibius 17,926 words · 946 views · 132 likes · 3 dislikes

Adventure Stories

  • Freeport Venture: Something Sweet and Sour Freeport's best problem solver, Puzzle Piece finds himself helping Sunset Shimmer with a job once again. When they're hired to investigate ugly rumors surrounding one of the sugar plantations, they quickly find out how a sweet deal can become sour. by Ponibius 30,350 words · 2,201 views · 304 likes · 5 dislikes
  • The Umbral Shard Twilight Sparkle has had to adjust to a great deal as Equestria’s newest princess. However, her routine grinds to a halt when a when One of King Sombra’s artifacts has resurfaced, an object whose dark reach threatens Equestria. by Ponibius 32,559 words · 1,118 views · 123 likes · 2 dislikes
  • Midnight's Shadow In the aftermath of the devastating Lunar Rebellion, the newly minted Magus of Equestria, Midnight Sparkle, finds herself embroiled in the chaos in her homeland. Beset on all sides of nefarious foes, Midnight must fight to save Equestria or perish. by Ponibius 155,909 words · 2,942 views · 276 likes · 9 dislikes
  • Princesses Over Queensmouth Princess Cadance's life is fraught with intrigue, chaos, and diplomacy. Things only become crazier with the return of her Aunt Luna, and she finds herself responsible for her newfound aunt amid the mysteries in the seaside town of Queensmouth. by Ponibius 22,724 words · 1,720 views · 204 likes · 1 dislikes
  • Freeport Venture: Trust Issues As Freeport’s foremost problem solver, Puzzle Piece finds himself needing to protect Sunset Shimmer, whose acquisition of the Black Codex—a potent, ancient book of black magic—has caused her to run afoul of warlocks who want the Codex back. by Ponibius 28,464 words · 1,592 views · 206 likes · 3 dislikes

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I would recommend going to this link. More or less, the Freeport Venture stories are chronologically in the order they are posted. If you read them in that order you should be alright.

Swiftest also listed them in order here on this thread for another list of them in order.

Okay, I'm lost now. What the hell is the read order for freeport ventures? I've read a few but now half the stories seem to say 'sequel to freeport venture' and not any other story :|


I will say that there are plans in the work on that topic. It's just the matter of the right story coming up for those issues to be resolved.

2434284 Just wanted to be sure. That said, could there be a story where Sunset's biological mother comes to Freeport herself? Or am I just getting my hopes up?

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