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Winningverse/Freeport Venture/ Lunar Rebellion Timeline · 12:34am September 15th

Below is a general timeline of significant events in the main continuity to give an idea of how everything is ordered, even if this is by no means a comprehensive list of events. Things are also subject to change as new stories are written, and we come up with new ideas with which to expand on.

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I would think Twilight would be prone to asking her friends about things, though the fact she has a title does mean she's the one that makes the decisions.

And I doubt most of her friends would want to have guards following them around every day unless there is an immediate danger, as practical as that would be.

Twilight did talk with Fluttershy about paying her as a consultant to the Guard as they chop down part of the Everfree Forest, and Fluttershy rejected the idea and started her protest in response.

An yeah, we haven't used Discord much. Partially because he's going to take over any scene he's in, and partially because I'm annoyed with how he's been used in the show.

Right, even though Twilight is an Alicorn and thus a princess. Due to the fact that each of the Elements of Harmony bearers have a throne (including Spike) when it comes to governing they should all have more or less equal authority. As such Twilight should broach terms of policy and other matters of “state” with the other Bearers. In fact the Twilight guard should technically be guarding all of them.

Though Spike Sparkle is more of a Vizer due to function and seating. He’s a Sparkle legally via adoption.

I’ve been rereading Princess Twilight and the Disaterously Daunting Delegates.

The protest shouldn’t have happened; Twilight should have brokered the idea with Fluttershy and the other Element Bearers before making the decision public.

Also I’d have thought Discord would have made an appearance both during the Archorn’s visit and when Lich Sunset attacked. It feels like a lost opportunity and that you’re treating Discord like he doesn’t exist.

It'll be a long time in the works, but every piece gets me closer to being ready with it <3

I hope you RPG campaign works out then!

Oh hey, this is some information I was looking for recently! I'd never have found it if I didn't visit your page on my phone. :P

(I'm planning a tabletop RPG campaign based on the setting, specifically the ye olde equestria times. So I'm looking for as much world related info as I can get. )

  • Viewing 101 - 105 of 105
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