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Midnight's Shadow: Tainted Legacies Writing Complete · 8:09pm Nov 21st, 2018

So good news everyone. I've been pounding away at my keyboard for the last couple of months, and I've just finished writing the 17th and last chapter of Midnight's Shadow: Tainted Legacies. Now it's just a matter of editing and publishing all the remaining chapter of the story, and then it will be done. I'll probably be leaving Midnight's tales for a little bit for a few reasons. I want to spend some time to reflect on everything that's happened during this story and work on the outline

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Basically what morion said.

And I want to say this now. Some of my earlier comments came from the after reading shock I had. So now that I've had a day, plus reading all the comments.

I'll say now that however this plays out, it should be good. Plus I can't see Twilight and Storm letting this ruin what they do have.

They care too much about each other to let it. All kinds of awkward for awhile definitely.


While I'm not going to confirm how things will ultimately play out, I'll say that the final word on all of this has not been stated.

Ponibius has hinted that Storm might not have actually meant that she was interested in a relationship with Twilight, but was actually just concerned about propriety and how it would affect her Guard career. So it’s still theoretically possible for something to happen between them, but probably not in the immediate future. I’m personally expecting a lot of super-polite huffing and passive-aggressiveness on Storm’s part once Twilight starts dating other people.

Figured I'd ask here and hope that you might see it. But was it wrong of me to see somekind of future Twilight-Storm more than just friends relationship at some point?

Seemed to be dropping hints of it ever since the two came into the same story. Course that could have been just me now with the newest story basically drop kicking it into the next millennium.

  • Viewing 91 - 95 of 95
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