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New Freeport Venture Story · 8:05pm February 6th

For my Freeport Venture fans, I've just posted my latest story: Freeport Venture: City of Giants. It's a prequel story to the Freeport series involving everyone's favorite information broker and problem solver, Puzzle Piece, and a certain archaeological adventurer you might be familiar with. Expect plenty of adventure, intrigue, raptor-people, ancient ruins, nefarious villains, and dinosaurs in what I hope

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Writing Progress

Currently Writing: Freeport Venture: City of Giants: Chapter 4
Next Up: Midnight's Shadow: Tainted Legacies Chapter 5

Currently Editing: Midnight's Shadow: Tainted Legacies Chapter 1
Next Up: What Else Could Go Wrong? Chapter 4
Freeport Venture: City of Giants Chapter 2
What Else Could Go Wrong? Chapter 5
Midnight's Shadow: Tainted Legacies Chapter 2

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You especially. Mine is just a one-shot. Yours is a proper, long story.

Best of luck with your own story!

Looks like we are fighting for second place on the front page.

Please stop posting long passages like this on my user page.


Well, there's the Sunbeam part, as bad as it is. Sunbeam is... troublesome for me. I see your children, know them as well as I can, and the path is lit. But her place is always her tower, or court, or looking to have ponies in her bed. And she can get every she wants.

But who wants her? In all the world, who can bear this wretch. She doesn't deserve on time in her life to come that was not her as she wants and as she should be: alone, not caring she is, and unable to do the only thing she wants with passion to hurt others.

She gave a choice: I bore witness and in all things saw three broken souls in grievous error. She's a monster and will hurt, even kill, and still. What is all this ponibus? I see them, give the choice, and still all the monsters you've made find futures and loves and a chance.

Sunbeam has literally lived a life of utter non achievements aside from bit with a war bit which she did because she wanted to stick to her lack of a life. What the hell....

  • Viewing 80 - 84 of 84
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