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Princess Cadance's life is fraught with intrigue, chaos, and diplomacy. She has been trained for it—educated, prepared, and hardened by her Aunt Celestia. However, all the training in the world couldn't prepare her for real life. Things only become crazier with the return of her formerly exiled and insane Aunt Luna, and she finds herself responsible for her newfound aunt amid the mysteries in the seaside town of Queensmouth.

A standalone Winningverse story.

Chapters (3)
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Liked and faved strictly because of the Lovecraft references, coupled with the knowledge that you will do both them and Lulu justice.

I ain't even read the damn thing yet and I am quivering in excitement!!! :pinkiehappy:

Interesting time to set the story in.

Hoo boy. Fish ponies, in 3, 2, 1...

In all seriousness, I love the Luna you've concocted for this story. She's completely ridiculous. Here's to hoping this story'll be awesome! :pinkiehappy:

Well, this looks like it's going to be fun, and that's before taking the Lovecraft influence into account. Puckish Luna and out-of-her-depth Cadence are fun enough, but when combined with a certain coastal village? This will be a trip.

Also, it feels necessary to include this:

I already know this is gonna be hilarious.

I do love the byplay between Cadance and Luna. They have a fun dynamic.

This is just pefect!

I'm afraid that I'm in something of a hurry at the moment and didn't do my usual error spotting, but this looks like another good beginning to a story. :)

“What ... I ... what?” Had my aunt just checked me out? That was—no, nonono. I was pretty flexible but—no. I did the only thing I could when that happened: scream internally in horror.


My aunt was actually flirting with Shiny, and in front of me! If a pony could die of embarrassment, I was about to keel over.


Looking good :pinkiehappy:

Aunt Tia nodded sadly and nodded.

Something seems redundant here.

“Very, very different. It was be a bit disconcerting sometimes

Something's off about this bit too. Looks like there's one "be" too many.

All in all, a promising start. This is looking to be a fun ride!

You know, with all these issues involving the Fae popping up, I can't help but wonder if this is setting up for a major arc in the Winningverse overall...

Fay? While fay are formidable they are hardly a match for the mighty Dagon! Now Luna here is all of the frigging YES! HA! Puckish and mischievous, right as can be all right! :pinkiecrazy:

Cadance is biased, and soft. A pink pansy really. :ajbemused: Perfectly in character. :pinkiecrazy:

Not to mention that, while this has Lovecraft references I guess this is going to be a far softer adventure tale more than anything. Not a bad thing considering that the comedy is spot on. But I wish Celestia wasn't such a stubborn hippy! If they were dealing with the Sumerian Sea God Dagon being lenient is deadly.

So a water fay is easy. I take it that this is more a story with Lovecraft shout-outs than an actual adaptation of "Shadow Over Innsmouth" ?

If it is, I only have one thing to say to Celestia.

Dammit Celestia, let Luna go with a battalion and deal with Fish-Freaks the old fashioned way! Come on you sun bleached sissy, peace isn't always the answer! :flutterrage:

You've got Luna down pat. Don't change a thing! :rainbowlaugh:

It should be amusing to see where this goes. :twilightsmile:

7433382 Sometimes you just don't want the answer to be ashes and regret.

7440268 And sometimes that can go both ways. The ashes of her ponies scattered across the crumbling ruins of a once prosperous port town, all of that horror because of her leniency.

Celestia is placing the lives of possible fay, and brainwashed cultists & cannibalistic hybrids over her own subjects even If she doesn't know it. Luna's judgement isn't completely unsound, she can show mercy if it were simply a misunderstanding. But on the event that that town has been taken over by the servants of a mad fay, or worse an insatiable middle eastern god..... Then no amount of negotiating is going to fix that damage, best to stop it from spreading.

Note: I read the original Shadow Over Innsmouth by H.P Lovecraft, all my assumptions are made on my previous experience reading what amounts to a messed up horror story. And should not be taken seriously. :trollestia:

7440590 I already have one thank you! But that one is nice! :yay:


7440590 Eh, I'm used to the Dresden Files' spelling which uses an a. Seeing it with a y seems weird to me even though both are technically correct spellings.

Still wait non-stop Luna*s teasing about Twilight and Celestia!

My aunt smiled and nodded. “There is much I love about her. Though I will warn you, she can be a bit ... prickly at times. She can be very formal and standoffish at times, and she has a mercurial nature. One minute she can be bright and ecstatic, and the next dark and brooding.”

And sometimes she's fatal to be around without protective gear.

Liberator of Manehatten, eh? Ah hah, so this is Winningverse, or at least uses the backstory.

“Now, now.” Luna lovingly nuzzled me. “I am most happy that thou hast finally taken a lover. Really, there is hardly anything to be ashamed of, especially when thou hast born such a wonderful daughter.” She looked me over. “She certainly takes after thee. Such a lovely niece thou hast given me.”

So similarly pink, you know.

Road trip!

Long Patrol? Celestia is prescient in some fashion? Yeah, definitely Winningverse.

Aunt Luna quirked an eyebrow. “Niece, who is this gentlecolt?”

I already feel sorry for Shining.

“What ... I ... what?” Had my aunt just checked me out? That was—no, nonono. I was pretty flexible but—no. I did the only thing I could when that happened: scream internally in horror.

For Cadance, too.

I'm a little surprised that Shining didn't end up horrified by something in Luna's pack. Who knows what a thousand year misplaced warrior Princess might consider appropriate for hunting monsters.

Luna is right, though, that future grandchild is definitely something to get working on.

Your Royal Canterlot Voice was so strong it bled over into the narrative text!

Looks like you forgot to close the bold.

Love it cant wait for more!

So was I supposed to read this while shouting. Seems kinda rough on the voice. Other than the bold snafus you are doing great.

Crap! Sea Foam is pony-Obed Marsh, and wants to kick the fey out in order to turn the town into a Dagon cult :twilightoops:

This is great, the world needs more fic about Cadance being a Princess and Luna is great too.

"gray stone sat on a hill"

"Realizing I better get on"

"to land next it my aunt"
"next to my"?

"my reflection, but did"
"but I did"?

"the room looks new though"

"Bolting to her hooves"
"She bolted to"?

"looked between Me and Luna"

"He between me and my"
Missing word?

"and it this pony could"

"her head and she hunched
"head, and"?"

"her once and year"

"the Mayor and I"
"Mayor, and"?

"had Hylas’ festival"

"Aunt Tia had told me"
"told me of" or "taught me"?

"and I was little worried"
"a little"?

"apologetically and her eyes"
"apologetically, and"?

"I wasn’t exactly been thrilled"

"Though it might start"
"It might"?

"come to meeting"
"to a meeting"?

"Aunt Luna’s frowned"

"the glade surround the pond"
"surrounding" or "that surrounded"?

"Aye. though be careful"

"and winnowy"
Extra space?

"the type idealized looks"
"type of idealized"?

"like have barnacles grown on her skin or have seagulls torment"
"like having barnacles grow on her skin or seagulls torment"?

Sea Foam's a changeling! :trollestia:

So ... sounds like Sea Foam is using bribery or some kind of magic (alchemy, maybe?) to control ponies, and whatever her "big plans" are for Queensmouth, having a Fae around screws with them ....

Or ... Sea may not be in control of what she's doing (the whole "smelling weird" bit) ... or she could just be a changeling. (When in doubt, blame the changelings :twilightsmile:)

Ah, I predict black magic might be afoot. By who is still the question, but too many ponies seem to be being enthralled to easily.

Returning from foreign lands with an aura so disturbing that a nature spirit wants to keep her distance? This could just be bribery, but given the repulsion effect, there may something far darker here. It will be hard-pressed to be darker the the Princess of the Night, but it still sounds like very bad news indeed.

[Lovecraftbigotry]Damn sailors, going to strange lands, bringing back alien ideas, secret degeneracies, and subequine spouses! [/Lovecraftbigotry]

Or maybe just cursed gold. And Dr. Horse says it's always Changelings!

Bit definitely not Lupus.

Good to see we are getting right into the weirdness

And Luna's a changeling ... and Cadance ... and Celestia ... EVERYBODY'S a changeling.

Hmm... interesting.

Luna... is a surprisingly warm person here. I approve

I've always found it odd how so many think of Luna as the militant one

Not to mention she's ... the more martial of the two of us, by far

Like there. One does not rule a Kingdom thousand years in peace without strength, pax romana and all that. And yes, Luna is the more martial one here, but there's a reason for that. Luna has always been the child, the little sister. Sure, the pegasi and clans gave lip service to her being their "Lady of War" but probably wanted her there not because of love, but prestige. Look at their battle.... Celestia held back and used the elements so she wouldn't hurt her. Luna may be more martial, but that means squat your merely a reflection of your sister. Now she's an ex con bumming on her sisters couch.

Now, as for the mares themselves... Celestia, as a soldier, is more knight in shining armor romanticism and honor codes (Shadow being an example) But Luna... more the crush my enemies. drive them before me, hear lamentation sort. Ones offense, the others defense. Celestia is better at the sales pitch, where Luna, from I've seen here, more suited to dealing with individuals.

I like to toy how our lovely lunar lass would deal with a mare like Sunbeam... more then likely would have not even given her the time of day outside of keeping her on a short leash. As for Bright Charger in alicorn... spank the hell out of her for thinking she was hot stuff, then after taking her armor and weapons for a month, would send her to bed without supper. Why? Because Luna loves her pegasi and has too. Also the idea of that salty cow getting a tanning makes me giggle.

“No, I suppose not,” Aunt Luna said after a moment’s consideration. “She is a prudish mare.”

She's traumatized from the advances of Sunbeam Sparkle. Also she see's no need to ask her niece how good her Captain is in the sack.

“While my sister may have trouble telling thee how to make thy time in the bedchamber pleasurable, I have no such difficulties. If thou needest advice, I would be more than happy to provide.”

Go for it Cadence. If dirty old buzzards are good enough for Ben Franklin (who made Cloud Kicker look virginal, like... seriously) then one whose got all those qualities and the body of an amazon is at the very least a mare you can get some pointers from

Loving this so far. Looking forward to more

7487972 And when changelings won't cut it, blame Cthulhu.

Dear author, good job. The Cadence-Luna dynamic is quite enjoyable, as is the entire pony-out-of-time characterization.

Lastly, a crack theory: Sea Foam's a changeling cursed by ancient pony-Aztec gold to serve the local Cthulhu analog. There, that covers all possible bases.

Great story. Still incomplete, though? Are we to see prank shenanigans?

Pretty interesting story. I enjoyed it.

I'm afraid that I didn't have time to do my usual error spotting, but I enjoyed the chapter.

For a while I thought the monster had broken into their minds and them walking away was just an illusion in their minds. Nice read.


I forgot to put the complete tagged, so I fixed that.

I should have figured it was an arboleth as soon as i saw the skum. Equestria really is a D&D world isn't it? I guess you could use the Monster Manuals as natural history books there.

Hmm. That went a bit more swiftly than I expected. I was expecting a more convoluted knot of intrigue to unravel. Still, finding the problem early enough to cut off that sort of nonsense ahead of time is never a bad thing. Plus, when your party has as high-level a character as Luna on your side, just one aboleth isn't going to amount to much.

In any case, a very enjoyable adventure. Thank you for it.

Well this was an entertaining story And it figures Princess Luna is basically Thor!

Ah! I see you listened to e after all. It was great to finally see the end of it. Thank you for this brilliant piece of workmanship! :pinkiecrazy:

Aunt Tia sighed the sigh of a put upon older sister. “Luna, dueling has been outlawed for centuries now.”
“What?!” Luna gasped. “How could that be? How in the world do ponies resolve their quarrels?”
Aunt Tia hummed unhappily. “Lawyers and trials, mostly.”
Luna tilted her head and looked at her sister like she had just revealed that two plus two in fact actually equaled five, and that this statement had been backed up by the mathematical community. “My condolences that we live in such dark and barbaric times.”
Aunt Tia let out a resigned sigh. “We manage just fine.”

Luna thinks Lawyers are less civilized than duels?! :derpytongue2:

so am I the only one that got the far harbor vibe

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