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I've never seen a place that's quite like this. Everything is turned around; this crazy world is upside-down.


This story is a sequel to One Night

Princess Cadance and Princess Luna have a talk.

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Cover Art by Artizay.

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I know that look on her face. I get it on my face from time to time too.predecessor “Nothing too annoying, I hope.”

Small error here.

Very interesting and powerful story, just like the prequel. Pretty goddamn well-written for an unedited story too.

I like.

Some weird copy-paste error I suppose. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, and thanks for your kind words. Glad you enjoyed it!

“Did anything like this ever happen to you or Celestia? Back when you first became princesses, I mean.”
Her mouth falls into a flat line, and I suddenly feel like I’ve accidentally broken an ancient relic. “Oh… I’m sorry, Luna, I—”
“Consider the last thousand years, Cadance,” Luna says, her tone like winter. “And then answer that question for yourself.”
Without another word she turns and leaves, closing the door behind her.

Not sure why, but.....that ending hit me harder than it should have.

Godamn dat ending:rainbowderp:

And girls think being a princess is easy. Pfft. What do they know? :derpytongue2:

I honestly believe that MLP: FiM has successfully subverted the typical princess tropes by making Equestria a principality, and this notion is masterfully highlighted in this story. Putting the whole alicorn immortality bit aside (it's a bit of a controversy as to if Twi and Cadence are immortal or not), this really shows that being a princess in Equestria is not as simple as, say, being a princess in Sarialand (you thought I was gonna say Mushroom Kingdom, didn't you? Sorry, but I think Peach does more than Daisy ever did :rainbowwild: ). That alone earns a lot of points in my book. Well done. :moustache:

Oh Goddesses, DAT ENDING.
Well done. Well done indeed. Have a like.

Seeeeeeqquuuueeellll I hope :pinkiehappy:

Anyone say sequel?:raritywink:

I'm trying to see the connections in these stories, if there is one. Cadence and Twilight are forced to face their worst fears in their dreams. Twilight being that she is afraid of her power and the subsequent abuse of it. Cadance in that she cannot and will not allow anyone she cares about, maybe those she doesn't even know, suffer. Going so far as to suffer along side them. Now then it's alluded that all alicorns go through this... "Phase" and it seems to vary from princess to princess. Though it is always their worst fears, their true worst fear. Good good.
First person perspective... It was actually pretty good. In the past tense Cadance only explained the actions and occupancies as they happened to her and her interpretation of them, while in presnt tense it's less destabilizing oriented and more action. Excellent excellent.

Those dreams are freaky close. Twilight is afraid of her power, and then Cadance dreams of not having enough power to save Twilight from an uncontrollable--very powerful--sea.

This is also great. And there does seem to be a lot of connection. It makes a lot of sense for Twilight's coronation to provoke this worse nightmare, as Twilight becoming a princess seems a sure way to make Cadance worry about how she can help her sister-in-law.

Again, the imagery could easily have a hint of the age thing. Shining being taken by rotting hands and the general death and blood imagery lends itself well to both general turmoil but also fear of others dying.

You really have to write a sequel. I'm hoping for a hopeful resolution.

This is from 2013 yet I see it in the hot section of Fimfic? Logic. But also inspiring since it proves old relics that are well written can still show how awesome they are.

5959211 Probably because another fic in this series was posted on the 7th

Ask not for whom the bell tolls. Unfortunate, it will never toll for thee. The constant theme of time, death, and loneliness comes about once again. I wonder when they will be able to overcome their fear of endless life and subsequently losing those who cannot live forever.

I really like this concept, and it makes sense that the strain of princesshood would put a lot of strain on them emotionally. I've always thought that since ascension amplifies a pony's strengths, it must also magnify their weaknesses and fears. While Twilight fears losing control of her power, Cadance fears her own immortality.

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