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State of the Author · 5:59pm Aug 27th, 2021

Hello everyone, it’s been some time since I’ve posted anything. So I figured now was as good a time as any to blog about what I’m currently up to.

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What to name Puzzle’s organization? · 9:27am Dec 9th, 2019

So as many of you have no doubt noted in Freeport Venture: Tears in the Rain, there’s going to be some restructuring within Puzzle’s organization. Among those changes will be Puzzle giving his organization an actual name. Though as of this moment I haven’t found a name that I’m satisfied with yet, so I thought I would turn to my many wonderful readers and see if they could come up with anything.

So what do all of you think? What could Puzzle name his rebuilt organization?

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Winningverse/Freeport Venture/ Lunar Rebellion Timeline · 12:34am Sep 15th, 2019

Below is a general timeline of significant events in the main continuity to give an idea of how everything is ordered, even if this is by no means a comprehensive list of events. Things are also subject to change as new stories are written, and we come up with new ideas with which to expand on.

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Winningverse/Freeport/Rising Fire and Other AU's Explained · 8:12pm Sep 13th, 2019

With the publishing of Rising Fire I couldn’t help but notice that there was a bit of confusion of what is and isn’t canon in the Winningverse, and how everything is interrelated with one another. So I decided to write up this blog post in the hopes of clearing some stuff up. In truth, I’ve been thinking about making a few posts for the Winningverse group forum for a FAQ and an updated lore page (since the old one is pretty dated by this point). So this is a bit of a preview of that, so

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BronyCon 2019: The End of an Era · 3:10am Aug 6th, 2019

There is something inherently sad about something coming to an end. Something unique and wonderful is now over, and I found myself writing this at the airport and on the airplane, waiting, leaving Baltimore, perhaps for the last time. It’s as I do so that I contemplate the past, present, and future both for myself and the fandom. 

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Freeport Venture: Tears in the Rain Published · 8:17pm Jul 8th, 2019

The latest Freeport Venture story, Tears in the Rain has just been published. So those of your interested in seeing what's been going on in Freeport while the gang's been away in Northern Venture, and what's been up with Puzzle's organization can read up on this story.

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New Upcoming Freeport Venture Story · 3:54am Jun 24th, 2019

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Stories for 2019 · 1:20pm Jan 26th, 2019

So with us coming into a new year I’m considering what to write next. So I’ve decided to write out where my current thoughts are for what I was considering writing in the coming months. So feel free to tell me what interests you and what you would like to see from me in the future.

The Winningverse

Trixie and Starlight babysit Flurry Hearts
Comedy, short story.

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Midnight's Shadow: Tainted Legacies Writing Complete · 8:09pm Nov 21st, 2018

So good news everyone. I've been pounding away at my keyboard for the last couple of months, and I've just finished writing the 17th and last chapter of Midnight's Shadow: Tainted Legacies. Now it's just a matter of editing and publishing all the remaining chapter of the story, and then it will be done. I'll probably be leaving Midnight's tales for a little bit for a few reasons. I want to spend some time to reflect on everything that's happened during this story and work on the outline

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The Incredibly Crazy Days of a Little Sparkle · 2:43am Apr 22nd, 2018

So for those of you looking for more Midnight in your lives, I've started colabing with the ever great BronyWriter for a story he started, and I'm helping him kick that into gear. The Incredibly Crazy Days of a Little Sparkle focus on Midnight ending up in the present of MLP, and many cute shenanigans gotten up to and more Midnight being

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