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  • TAnything But The Gala
    Celestia has hosted the Gala for hundreds of years—and has hated every year of it. Now that her sister has returned to her, she hopes to share this painful royal duty. Shame for her that Luna wants nothing to do with the Gala.
    Ponibius · 32k words  ·  870  8 · 10k views
  • TTwilight Sparkle vs. The Haunted Mailbox
    Twilight has dealt with a variety of foes since coming to Ponyville. But she finds herself pulling out all the stops to deal with the most dastardly (and curious) fiend yet encountered: Sugarcube Corner’s haunted mailbox.
    Ponibius · 16k words  ·  668  11 · 7.3k views
  • TFreeport Venture: Trust Issues
    As Freeport’s foremost problem solver, Puzzle Piece finds himself needing to protect Sunset Shimmer, whose acquisition of the Black Codex—a potent, ancient book of black magic—has caused her to run afoul of warlocks who want the Codex back.
    Ponibius · 28k words  ·  358  5 · 3.1k views
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  • TMidnight's Shadow: The Bog Witch
    Midnight Sparkle answers a summons as an evil spirit has taken residence deep within the Swampy Bottom Bog and is starting to corrupt the land. Midnight finds herself facing annoying haunts, monsters, irritating teenagers, and worst of all: mud.
    Ponibius · 24k words  ·  155  0 · 961 views
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