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Princess Celestia has hosted the Grand Galloping Gala for hundreds of years, the grandest party in all of Equestria and said to be without peer—and has hated every year of it. Now that her sister has returned to her, she hopes to share this painful royal duty. Shame for her that Princess Luna wants nothing to do with the Gala, or any of the other princesses for that matter. Luna is going to have to use all her wits and skills to stay one step ahead of her sister and be anywhere but the Gala.

A stand-alone Winningverse story.

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Ah, Luna. Somehow the archaic habits only make her cuter. I swear, she's great in this. Love the sibling dynamic too, the bickering and barely giving a damn about the giant monster. So awesome.

I think Luna needs to get Admiral Ackbar as an adviser. "It's a trap!"

I do enjoy seeing Celestia and Luna bounce off each other. It's nice to see them actually acting like sisters. Plus all the fun little random noodle incidents, like Twilight Velvet's dancing being so bad that it knocked down a wing of the palace, or Pythorix the Painmaster and what happened when he met Sunbeam...

With all the shenanigans going on at the Gala every year, it's more like a rite of passage than a formal commemorative event nowadays. You survive the Gala with sanity intact, you can survive anything.

This was hilarious! I loved the cute interactions between the sisters. I'm excited to see more.

Reminds me of when Asterix and Obelix were in a fight with the Normans. :pinkiehappy:

Oh this is going to be ugly and/or hilarious or rather both probably. Heh, calibrations. Love the Luna POV, curious to see where things go from here. This chapter could probably be a standalone story by itself, with the entertaining sisterly bickering, but of course things are far from over of course. And that cover art promises a lot of shenanigans. And this is part of the general Winningverse? With references to Sunbeam and Freeport and such.

This was really cute. Sister shenanigans are the best shenanigans.

Daggoth the Destroyer was hilarious.

RoyalSister shenanigans? Colour me interested.

Ooooooh this is a delight. Light and fluffy on the eyes. Even with Luna's somewhat archaic speech patterns nothing weighs it down or feels clunky.

So excited. I really hope Luna keeps the tradition going at the Gala... Wait, isn't that the one where Discord and the Smooze show up?

What is the Winningverse? Saw it in one of the other comments. Found it interesting, certainly sounds fun.

Honestly the depiction of the sisters as seeing such world ending problems as, mundane, is always the funniest one. All of the "trollestia" stuff even makes more sense, she pulls troll moves on Twilight because in a second she can end threats like Sombra or a rampaging monster, she knows what Twilight can handle and can always step in if she is wrong. Though I am wondering now.. does Celestia screw up the Gala every year for a purpose other than being bored? The bit about Twilight Velvet being a 1 mare demolition crew when dancing was particularly funny and I like how it referenced how terrible of a dancer Twilight Sparkle is.


I do find this theory to be most hilarious. Who says the upper crust are just a bunch of soft flops?


This was written to be a standalone story. Though I did do some WPverse referances, since I didn't think it harmed the quality of the fic, and let me name drop a few things.


The Winningverse is based off a story written by Chengar Qordath called the Life and Times of a Winning Pony, and it went on to inspire a bunch of other stories, all of which can be found on the group page for the Winningverse.


The reasons why Celestia sabotages the Gala will be covered in more detail later in the story.

Celestia paraphrasing Abridged Frieza, excellent! :trollestia:
Also, I'm surprised at how few Winningverse references there are, given those editors :rainbowderp:

Huh~ :rainbowderp:

Didn't expect another chapter so soon... :derpyderp1:

I like it though! :pinkiesmile:

“But thou didst always get so upset when I collected trophies in the past,” I countered in a tone that most certainly was not a whine.
She frowned, no doubt remembering some of the prizes I had brought home from my noble quests to rid Equestria of threats. “Yours were too ... messy. Severed heads are unsanitary.”

I had to re-read this bit several times.
This whole story is glorious, and I honestly love the dynamic going on between Luna and Celestia.

I love this so much, it's reminiscent of a lot of the classic Luna and Celestia stories.

Wow, didn't expect another chapter so soon, but more of this fic can only be a good thing. Surprised at how many years are passing in-story, but guess Celestia is willing to let Luna dodge a few galas, though probably not for much longer. Is Celestia just trying to avoid hosting the gala, or is it another ssterly "bonding exercise"? Another great character chapter with three of the princesses. I haven't read much fics with Luna and Cadance spending much time together (which is brought up), and heh, Luna's morbid sense of decor is always funny.

... I... Have to say. I am incredibly amused. The dialogue, the humor, tongue in cheek, as well as just everything in general was friggin' glorious. I must say, that this is one of the few gems I've read this month that actually made me say, "... yeah okay, this is how me and my sister would talk." and ... well, yes. Have my endorsement.

Okay, this is just a joy to read. Celestia and Luna's back and fourth dialogue is what really makes this story, and it just feels so natural. However, all the dialogue in here has been excellent so far, and it was nice to see Luna and Cadence interacting with one another-that's actually rather rare to see, in my personal experience.

Anyway, have to say you've earned another fan with this fic. Can't wait to see more.

HiddenMaster out.

I am really enjoying this! You do a great job with the characters, and even with the splashes of adventure, it maintains a great light slice-of-life feel. I do hope that the story results in them working things out, though; clearly, the sanest thing to do is for Celestia to just confess how much she hates the Gala, and ask the other alicorns if they couldn't trade off with her. She's been forced to endure it for a millenia, and if she just asked for help to relieve her from some of the unbearable social burden, I would absolutely expect the girls to be completely willing. Acting deceptive and trying to trick someone into helping you only makes them more combative (as we've seen from Cadence, who only learned how to better avoid helping in the future), but we all know these alicorns are good friends and would gladly help each other out if there is a true need. That's kind of true with a lot of things; people are way more willing to help if you ask nicely and show them you need them than if you try to guilt or coerce their help.

Just some random philosophy on the matter. =) I'm enjoying the story a lot, please keep writing! I LOVE finding relaxing stuff like this; most of the stories I run across are either unbearably shippy or so dramatic and hardcore that I feel depressed by the end. Thanks for providing something fun for my day! ^^

This was so nice. I love seeing Luna and Cadence interacting more, that never happens. I also like how you're showing time pass, so we can quickly catch up to the present.

Aside from the Daggoth demon scene dragging on beyond the point of amusement, the rest is absolutely grand. Though the whole Batsy thing felt like it could have held more sting than how quickly Luna got over it. Especially if it was a childhood memento like it sounded. At that age, I doubt they have much like that anymore.

Oh, and the whole Pink DeathBringer of Doomity Doom was great! I kind of want to hear Twilight's explanation now too... especially how she'd factor King Sombra into it. Seems like he had a mellow name by comparison.


As a very active writer and editor, it's quite rare that I read stories these days; but every so often something pops up that grabs my attention.

...This one looks far too interesting and good to pass up. :trollestia:

Pink Rose be like "Its not a phase, mom!"

Luna I have a solution. Tell Tia this; Invite all the social elite in Ten to Twenty years from now. Use Pinkie Pie or Cheese Sandwich for the Entertainment. And have Vinyl Scratch for the music. Go Wild and topple the castle. It just might work. Ha Ha HHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I AM THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS. :facehoof:

Luna noted the solution herself. She's striving not to just be a lesser copy of Celestia. Accept the duty of hosting the Gala but do it her way. If she fails its just added to lore of another disaster at the Gala. If she succeeds the Gala will actually be fun for once.

To go into more detail the Gala being a total disaster just means its like every other Gala before and wont affect Luna's reputation much because it will be assumed that she's doing the same thing as her sister.

If the Gala is actually fun by breaking tradition then Luna will actually score points with other ponies and will get to enjoy herself.

The actual worst outcome for Luna's reputation is hosting a Gala that is just kind of meh, and forgettable. Making her look like a lesser imitator of Celestia. Which is the last thing she wants.

So in conclusion Luna should go all in with her tastes and disregard tradition completely.


Long lost cousin to this Dagoth?

Lost in edits:

"It's something of a hobby," Tia said sweetly, the two of slowly circling to opposite sides of the demon.

the two of us

Before Daggoth could regained his balance, I reformed next to him and lashed out with my rear hooves.

Is Celestia just trying to avoid hosting the gala, or is it another ssterly "bonding exercise"?

Why not both?

Thus, we had confronted the demon and lured him to an evacuated cabbage farm where nopony was going to be harmed during our clash.

I get the feeling there's going to be a "My Cabbages!" joke.


Huh.. I'm, i don't know. It felt like you wanted to make the joke, but couldn't fit it in or something. The cart was there and everything. Ah well, onto the next chapter.

I'm liking your Luna. And hey, Cadance is getting a bit more character too! Keep up the great work.

After reading that fight scene...
I'd kinda like to see a fight scene where the Sisters go up against a demon that takes the fight exactly as seriously as they do.

You know, it might work if Luna said she would host a Gala if she was allowed to plan the whole thing with no interference from Celestia.

And then she names Blueblood official hoof-shaker, where it's his job to stand at the top of the stairs and shake hooves so that Luna actually has time to talk, mingle, and rock out to the DJ.

I'm not sure weather or not to agree with Pink Rose on the matter of "Hunky Sombra"...:twilightblush:

6723885 Awh, you gave away the ending.

Huh. Poor Luna, losing all of her precious childhood items.

That feeling would make anyone sad.

This is hilarious. I predict that Luna is going to give the Gala her own special touch to make it more entertaining for herself.

Well..., Celestia looks so evil here. :trollestia:

And that will be the first and last time Luna hosts the gala unless she makes radical changes... Now how will the gala self destruct this time

:trollestia: : I have an idea, I can ascend a pony to Alicorn per year to help me to host Gala!

The solution is simple: Luna should use shadow clones to multiply her hoofshaking prowess!

A pretty enjoyable story. Could really use a bit longer in editing as there are numerous small spelling and grammar errors. But overall this remains very enjoyable. Thanks very much for sharing.

Really funny chapter this time. Poor Twilight, so good at science, so bad at common sense.

I'm looking forward to seeing how Luna makes the Gala blow up this time.

Okay, this has just been enjoyable so far, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how Luna actually handles the Gala. I'm hoping for explosions.

As some others have commented, this could use a bit more editing here and there, but the quality is high enough as it is that seeing a little error here and there doesn't really detract from the experience.

Can't wait to see more.

HiddenMaster out.

We were meant to rule together and share those burdens."

:ajsleepy: you over-extended your parry, now your guard is right open.

Okay, that was hilarious. Have a thumbs up and a fav! I look forward to the next chapter!

"You see, I was experimenting with my portal to see if it was possible to reach even more dimensions than the one it was already connected to.” She finished up removing the spell that had enthralled her fellow Ponyville residents before turning back to me, a bright smile on her face. “I mean, could you imagine the possibilities if we could make successful first contact with another civilization? We could learn so much!"

Heheh, that's actually how my fanfic starts out. Small world huh? :twilightsmile::ajsmug:

Also, something tells me the story is going to reach the point where both Celestia and Luna attend the Gala and just tag in and tag out when dealing with greeting the ponies. Like in the cover art.

Luna has a very simple way to make sure she doesn't have the usual problems Celestia has at the Gala.

Invite Discord as her plus one. His job is to sit there and watch the expressions of those coming up to try and shake Luna's hoof and look intimidating. The exceptions are those who are actual friends, who will probably spend most of the evening clustered around her.

Maybe if they did changes to the Gala itself?

You know, make it more enjoyable to attend?

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