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This story is a sequel to Midnight's Shadow

Every year, the children of the Kicker Clan gather for an annual snowball fight to train them to work and fight as a unit. Hoping to gain an advantage in this year's contest, Gale Kicker asks her friend Magus Midnight Sparkle to join her team. Little does she realize the horrible mistake she made by inviting a cryomancer to a snowball fight.

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Gale wrapped me in a hug so fierce that it threatened to break my ribcage and pierce my lungs with the jagged ends of my ribs, causing me incredible agony until I slowly drowned in mine own blood.

Timeskips do not change Midnight much. :pinkiecrazy:



This is a worthy read.

WORTHY, I say!

Midnight simply cannot Normal. At all. Poor, not-normal Midnight.

And her unwitting victims. But mostly poor Midnight.

Midnight's complete inability to Normal is one of her best qualities. Or at least one of her most entertaining ones.

Oh Midnight, you so creep-adorable. Also, I think Midnight thinks she's in Game of Thrones.

Just started reading it, and am enjoying it so far. Though, shouldn't "cyromancer" in the description be "cryomancer"? Also:

Glad puckered her lips in a pathetic-looking pout.

When did Gale change her name? :derpytongue2:

Gale wrapped me in a hug so fierce that it threatened to break my ribcage and pierce my lungs with the the jagged ends of my ribs, causing me incredible agony until I slowly drowned in mine own blood.

I love Middy.


I frowned as I considered that. On second thought, ‘twould be poor of me to outright reject Gale. Even if the stakes struck me as partly.

Isn't the word "paltry"?

The only thing that confuses me more than Gale getting hitched with Dusk is the relationship between Gale and Midnight. There's plenty of suggestion that they are simply friends, but then there are scenes from Midnight's Shadow that suggest they are something more. Or perhaps ponies were just more casual with intimate contact in those days.

I totally ship Gale and Midnight though.

Anyhow, more Midnight is always welcome.


Nothing changes Midnight. Reality merely has to flow around her, like a boulder thrown into a river.


I told you I wasn't done with writing yet.

7306336 7307259

Glad to hear you liked it.


Midnight knows she's on Game of Thrones, 24-7, living and breathing it at all times. Even when in the middle of snowball fight.


Thanks for catching those. I've gone ahead and fixed them. Hope you enjoy the rest of the story.


Yes, yes it is. I hate it when my phone auto-corrects stuff like that, and then I miss it during my editing runs...


Theirs is a bit of a complicated relationship, as will be shown in the future. Some of it is due to certain intimate gestures having different connotations, and part of it is due to issues between them. This will get explored more the next Midnight Shadow's story I write.

Well that was an entertaining read, and you're right: it's really nice to see the rebellion-era ponies doing stuff without politics and war looming overhead. I kinda want to see more slice-of-life stories with these characters now.

Also, this doesn't really have anything to do with the story itself, but I just now realized that I never got a notification about your reply to my comment the other day 7309149 Does Fimfiction no longer notify you when someone replies to your comment? Or is it a weird glitch? (I wonder if the reply has to be made on the same chapter as the comment for the notification to go through?)

Anyway, fun story! Look forward to the next one! :twilightsmile:


I'm not sure what happened with the notification system. I got a message that you had replied to my message, so I'm not sure what's up. Maybe it was simply some issue in the system that messed it up.

This was a really enjoyable read, even if my cringe sensitivity forced me to only read it with one eye to the screen.

It was great to get a look at the next generation of Kickers. It's interesting that Gale and Dusk are trying to have a kid, I think that's one of the things that we don't have a concrete answer for in any of the fics taking place in present day.

I wonder how you're going to continue this dynamic between Gale and Midnight. I love that she's starting to stand up for herself and not let Gale walk all over her as much.

this reminded me that galexmidnight isn't a thing, which is sad, but yay snowball fight!


I'm sure you would be glad to know

Thirding Rebellion Era silliness. Twas a fun and enjoyable read that I knew I could favorite before I even read it, and it did not disappoint. And don't ever change Midy. However, is it weird that I find her antics completely adorable? Because I personally think she would be a fine mare to snuggle up with once she gets over her initial shock of the situation. :scootangel:Oh the deplorable horror of the screens which separate us!:facehoof: I may need some professional help.

Now for 7310654 and 7311900, I was told before that in order to receive a reply notification the reply has to have been left in the chapter itself and not from the story front page or a different chapter. Not 100% sure if it's true, but it seems to be so far.


I wouldn't think so, considering I find her antics adorable, and she would probably be very snuggable...in a creepy manner.

And huh, good to know about that.

Middy is best Sparkle. She was so perfectly characterized in this one. Well done.

There's a bug in the system where if you don't reply on the same chapter page, the notification doesn't get sent.

Arms races are truly terrible things. This story, however, is not. A delightful tale of how madness runs in the family, and apparently so does learning friendship lessons... some more fundamental than others. Thank you for it.

I sure hope Twilight never has to learn a friendship lesson about not making children sob in terror and flee for their lives.

Comment posted by Ebony Gryphon deleted Jun 27th, 2016

Oh come now gents! All that abject terror and fleeing in said terror builds character! Clearly Sunbeam taught her daughter well! The only thing was providing the moral support to dodge it and Sunbeam can't just chuck fireballs at them! Thats the thing with kids... can't live with them, can't flambe them when they're not yoursl

Really... I'm surprised at Dusk and Gale's surprise. Like... you invite Midnight and Sunbeam to any event and whatever it started out as is going to go belly up in a heart beat. And its either her husband being an insufferable so and so or having mad mares in the mix. Hmm.... tough call

So, final thoughts... I'm... wait, what...
<goes back and reads again.>

I'm... confused. So, Gale and Dusk are pretty much Steel Magnolias Weezer and her friends husband if they were married?

Shadow having foals... the idea of a hormonal Shadow is terrifying. And a son... oh boy.

And wow... Midnight telling off Gale. Honeymoons over I take it.

“A thousand apologies, my dear.” Dusk bowed graciously to me, wiping a few flecks of snow from his hoof. “But thou art eliminated from the round. Know that this has brought me no pleasure, but my first duty is to the children serving under me. While my heart yearns for thee, it cannot be argued that thou art a force which my forces cannot stand ‘gainst. So when it becomes a contest ‘tween one's heart and duty, often the heart must give way.”

Its not nice to fuck with the foolish Dusk. Also what was his father doing as he grew up? Man rule one bro: no porking crazy. I shudder to think what faces Midnight makes mid frogging.

Seriously... Gale went for the scorched earth option?

Comment posted by Ebony Gryphon deleted Jun 27th, 2016


Don't forget the crone's curse. That Midnight would never be with the one she loves. And here we find Gale's married Dusk. I have a feeling they were leaning towards romantic coupling until that... Midnight did mention she felt some sort of strange distance between her and Gale after that.

Comment posted by Ebony Gryphon deleted Jun 27th, 2016

Clearly the only recourse from this battle is the three of them retiring to Gale's tent and working on breaking that darned witch's curse. Still shipping Nightingale

Comment posted by Ebony Gryphon deleted Jun 27th, 2016


I'm not all that familiar with this part of the time line (I've more or less only read the 'present' part of the winningrverse rather than the historical side) but do Earth Ponies get a look in at all? You've got some quite detailed notes on Pegasus and Unicorn culture but do the third tribe just get ignored? (Although thinking about it the regular winingverse is like this as well, Pinkie is probably the only major earth pony character and she's probably a tituary level character most of the time),

In this verse... yes, sadly, earth ponies get the short end. Earth ponies are fodder of one type or another. Make me my pie mud horse, Why should Sunbeam or Shadow care for them? They breed like guppies and are happy in their ignorance, and even at their worst, pegasi and unicorns never out right abused them. Look at Empress sunbeam... because they aren't apparently of use to her, she looks to either a pegasi or unicorn to bear the elements. After all, the mud ponies shouldn't trouble themselves over matters that greater minds find a burden. Its just better for them. It would simply be cruel to ask them to stand after all

After all, the Winningverse has Kickers and Celestia and Shadow and the Magus. The Strikers and Doo's were so cruel to demand of simple folk to stand... all Sunbeam and the nobles ask is them to kneel. See, how nice it is in Equestria. What a good little house and field tender, and don't you worry none about school! Just teach them to read and write and put them to work once they're old enough, and did you bake that pie yet?

Nope, earth ponies are just meant to be the animal tenders and food growerers. College is so much work and money, its just such a pain being nobles and worrying over this new tax raises to cover our over expenditures, and of course those silly earth ponies could never wear Shadow! To think of such a world where the Lady Protector actually view some dusty peon of being worthy to be bear her on their filthy backs, its like they think they have the right to defend themselves or be one of us! Go on back you your flower beds and forges, Cloud Kicker will take care of this... Okay, Shadow said no. Okay earth ponies, till we get some horn head or feather brain to be Shadows next bearer, we'll need to start chucking you beneath the wheels of leviathan and putting yourselves on Warlocks mercy and good will as we work to save you.

Yeah... the Winninverse is not kind to earth ponies. I'm back from being awesome at flying or the arcane! Where's that pie N- word horse!

i get it, okay? Pegasi flight and horns trumps green hoofs. But couldn't the still be treated as more then farmers or laborers?

Wow, dusk is smooth! I guess we can see where Cloudkicker eventually inherits her banging gene from in the far future. Even after he betrays Midnight she's still got the hots for him.

I guess Midnight must have some level of sex drive, afterall she is going to have to continue the Sparkle line eventually for Twilight to eventually be born although I can't help but think she might take the whole thing as a contest with her mother to be the best mother possible. The poor poor foal in that case.

Sunbeam used Thunder!
It's super effective!
Midnight fainted.

The next battle:
Midnight used Substitute!
Sunbeam used Fire Blast!
It isn't very effective...
??? used Solar Beam!
It's super effective!
The substitute faded.
A wild Celestia appeared!

The ravens scene was so perfect right from beginning to end! :heart: :rainbowlaugh:

I think you missed an opportunity with the fearsome phantasm. I know probably not a comedic story, but having it just be a larger version of Midnight Smiling would've been gold, specially with her reaction to it taking that form.

This is excellent. The continued escalation of the conflict... It was wonderful.

7338319 the curse was that she would never dance with the one she loves.

Given the modern Sparkles' ah...difficulties with dancing, the curse has clearly survived the intervening centuries to pursue the family.


... Damn, I completely did not realize that that WASN'T a metaphor for a relationship. That was pretty fucking literal.

I need to sit down.

coincidentally, in the fantasy stories by R.A.Salvatore, there's a magical weapon called Icingdeath.

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