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Who am I? Why, I'm just a passing through Kamen Rider... Got it memorized?


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  • Princess Spike: Final Mix ++ An alternate Princess Spike involving the competent Spike we all know and love. by PoisonClaw 4,232 words · 4,282 views · 309 likes · 14 dislikes
  • Sunset's Little Twilight An accident with the Mirror Portal ends up with Twilight stuck as a small pony in the Equestra Girls' world. Her friends can't get over how cute she is. by PoisonClaw 79,007 words · 20,187 views · 1,883 likes · 36 dislikes
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A Short, Spoiler-Free Review of The My Little Pony Movie · 6:18pm October 16th

Is it perfect? No.
Did I enjoy it? Yes.
Would I watch it again? Yes.
Is the soundtrack good? Definitely.
Is Tempest Shadow new Waifu? Do you even have to ask?
Do I already have ideas for fics based on the movie? Yep.
Should you go see it?

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  • The Light in the Darkness Rainbow Dash returns from an evening in Cloudsdale to find Pinkie Pie in a dreadful state after a te by zaptiftun 4,738 words · 20,498 views · 1,229 likes · 14 dislikes
  • Running From Myself The way others perceive us can affect how we perceive ourselves, and the results are rarely pretty. by torrentialCAM 12,335 words · 14,683 views · 265 likes · 9 dislikes
  • The Demesne of the Reluctant Twilight Sparkle When Luna gifts Twilight the town of Ponyville and its surrounding countryside as her demesne she's initially confused. Then, after double checking her dictionary, more than a little concerned. by MrNumbers 89,706 words · 23,794 views · 2,503 likes · 72 dislikes
  • The Masks We Wear Rainbow Dash has a secret that she doesn't want anypony to find out about. by Rokas 9,764 words · 9,111 views · 512 likes · 15 dislikes
  • Insomnia Finding herself unable to sleep, Princess Celestia occupies her mind by penning a letter to Twilight Sparkle. But for a weary princess, the mind has a tendency to wander... by Pale Horse 3,088 words · 16,910 views · 1,922 likes · 24 dislikes

Fluffy Shipping

  • Treating Her Right Rainbow Dash treats Applejack to a date. by Rated Ponystar 11,622 words · 21,308 views · 1,685 likes · 51 dislikes
  • Let the Silence Sing Celestia decides that Big Mac's barn is an excellent place to take naps. Big Mac decides that Celestia is a welcome guest. by Aegis Shield 14,189 words · 13,965 views · 1,827 likes · 59 dislikes
  • Vinyl and Octavia: University Days Vinyl Scratch and Octavia go to university. by DawnFade 71,075 words · 99,906 views · 7,529 likes · 124 dislikes
  • Dreams and Disasters A globe-trotting adventure gives Rainbow Dash the perfect opportunity to admit her feelings for Twilight, if not for her own ego getting in the way. by Quillery 99,034 words · 9,251 views · 1,151 likes · 28 dislikes
  • Yours Truly Distance can drive us apart. It can also bring us closer together. by Thanqol 18,646 words · 31,573 views · 2,161 likes · 35 dislikes

Straight-Up Adventure

  • Starlight Over Detrot: A Noir Tale In the decaying metropolis of Detrot, 60 years and one war after Luna's return, Detective Hard Boiled and friends must solve the mystery behind a unicorn's death in a film noir-inspired tale of ponies, hard cider, conspiracy, and murder. by Chessie 1,135,482 words · 24,457 views · 981 likes · 42 dislikes
  • Mass Effect 2 - DLC: The Equestrian Equation In this exclusive DLC, what begins as a simple search-and-rescue mission unveils a mystery millions of years in the making. Your choices are Commander Shepard's choices, and all of Equestria is at stake. by Loyal2Luna 130,318 words · 20,401 views · 1,725 likes · 38 dislikes
  • Misunderstandings A man finds himself in a colorful world of magic... unable to talk to its residents, thought to be a monster, hunted and desperately seeking a way to return home. by The Rogue Wolf 228,245 words · 33,221 views · 3,385 likes · 94 dislikes
  • Friendship is SHOWTIME!! A Kamen Rider Crossover Magic – a mysterious force in this world, and each creature possess magic within itself. A gift to many, but to a few, it is nothing but a curse. And when Twilight sees a new form of magic, she'll learn that life is by MangaKamen 324,059 words · 7,252 views · 198 likes · 7 dislikes