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Calamity Velvet

Ever since I've read Fallout: Equestria, I've been writing FiM since.


Welp, my brother hacked me · 2:08am Dec 7th, 2017

So I was off for a bit and left the computer wideopen, and behind my back...

My brother changed my background. This is just... :facehoof::rainbowlaugh:

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So, bored already? Of course you are. Go on and leave... so, for those of you who do care, I am a Christian, a Whovian, and Littlepip is best pony. Why? Because Fallout: Equestria was the best read, that's why!

Oh, and I have a bit of a Wiki fetish. Kinda.

All My Best,
~Calamity Velvet

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Thank you! Lionjack is best ‘jack.

Your avatar is adorable!:pinkiehappy:

No problem. My ever-morbid fascination is in love with this stuff! (oh, Twily just killed Princess by the way. And she’s talking to dead Spike)

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