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The Pony of Shadows Came from Nightmare Moon?! · 2:22am February 22nd

Applejack: Well, here we are!

Rainbow Dash: Uh, what's so daring about this place? This is where we got the Elements of Harmony.

Applejack: When I was just a filly, Granny Smith told me of an ancient legend. When Nightmare Moon was banished, not every last bit of her dark magic went with her. Granny used to say, when night falls on the castle, that magic takes the form of...the Pony of Shadows!

Rainbow Dash: You mean, like a ghost?

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Thanks. It makes me feel like a veteran user who holds a lot of wisdom, like what most portrait-icon-with-inspirational-quote-as-bio users tend to be.

Heh. Love the avatar.

Thank you! Lionjack is best ‘jack.

Your avatar is adorable!:pinkiehappy:

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