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Twilight is invited by Archon Sunset Shimmer to visit her in the island nation of Freeport. To her surprise, she discovers that Sunset wants to court her. As they spend time together, they need to find out if they can really make a relationship work despite their titles and personalities, or if they’re simply incompatible.

A Winningverse Story

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YES damn it good to have more fics from you life was boring without them

Ah yes, finally something good and light, I sorely need this.

Been looking forward to this one.

I'm always a sucker for more stories in the Freeport/Winningverse.

And here we go!

Time for all the of the awkward.

I've been waiting for a story from you for a while now. I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. :pinkiehappy:

Well, they are either going to work or find out that being, mostly, raised by the same mare just makes it awkward as all hell. Either should be entertaining to watch.

Who know, maybe they will find that they work AND its awkward as all hell, that's my bet.

Yay! Winningverse!

I'm looking forward to this. Given the cast of characters, it will be a riot.

Wonder if Twilight will find out about Sunset's leg....

Oh no, Storm isn't totally and absolutely jealous in the cover art. Whether that means anything or not, well. I don't know.

I am SO going to read this!

...once it's finished.

Love sunset/twilight personally

Oh, poor Storm... :fluttercry:

“Now now now.” Rarity waggled a hoof in the air. “I'm sure she'll want to take her time before doing anything with ... bookmarks.”


10308972 Storm already friend-zoned Twilight ... but this could make her reconsider.

It's been so long without anything in the Winningverse. Great start so far.

Yes! I've been waiting for this for a long time. In truth, ever since Study Buddies (Tales From the Phoenix Empire) planted the idea in my head, when I read it back in 2016, that we might see the same relationship mirrored in the main continuity. I've been looking forward to seeing these two be adorably awkward together and maybe get an answer to Sunset's previous disinterest in romantic (or carnal) relationships.

“Besides, it's far more tantalizing to hint at things than show them off right at the start.”

I'd say that the same is true of good romance/shipfics as well. I just love the slow-burn stuff and the suspense of "will they or won't they?" and "is this the moment?". I'm really happy that things are finally moving along, but I also hope that they won't be moving too fast.

Nice timing with the release as well. We just went from 30°C sweltering heat to heavy rain and gale force winds. The perfect weather for reading fanfics.

Ah, the Council still exists after Sunset became Archon. I wasn't sure how complete the coup was.

Spike frowned as she shifted the plates back into place. “Does it really matter that much?”

You'd think he'd know better by now.

Some day, you will treat Her Highness with the dignity her office deserves.

When that day comes, make sure she's not a changeling.

There are few things more terrifying than Cloud Kicker and Rarity working together.

The light grey mare turned her perpetually bored expression on me. “Your palace is made of dark, pointy purple crystals.”

... Pinkie? Did one of your sisters move to Freeport?

Have some fun, be a bit spontaneous.

I'm sorry, Rarity, who do you think you're talking to?

I sighed with exasperation. “What have I unleashed?”
“Madness,” Storm declared simply.

Without question.

This promises to be fantastically awkward. And hopefully a bit sweet. Looking forward to more. (Also, sorry for the double-shelving. I misclicked.)

Kinda worried about the title because SunLight is one of my fav ships, just have to enjoy the ride I guess. (I mean its you so will be good ..but fix where they don't work out hurt...as much as fiction can)

Oh my. This is going to be fun!

I brought my breathing under control as Cloud rubbed my back. The massage helped work out some of the tension in me. “Right, everything's going to be okay. This definitely won't turn into a huge disaster.”

Twilight, why in the name of the Maker did you say that aloud? That is one of the most dangerous things you could ever say, up there with "What could go wrong?", "What's the worst that could happen?", "This can't get any worse." or "I think we're safe now.".

Hopefully the title's not an omen of things to come, because I do enjoy me some SunLight.

Look like this will be one fluffy story. Yay for awkward princess flirting!

Look like the warjacks concept is spreading but it doesn't seem like they follow a clear standardization of the models... Since this is MLP it make sense that individuality is put forward. In Warmachine, experienced warcasters often customize their warjacks or even make new models from scratches. I guess standard models made in factories will be for the armies and the mercenary clans (thought we don't known what became of them since Sunset came into power. Maybe some of them became took the mantle of the official law enforcement or the Army? Probably)

Still, all that individuality in the golems surely lead to expériment and new inventions. All this will become a melting pot that will advance the general R&D of the Jacks. And competition is often a good way to push the envelope.

The "go get a job" to the begger(who was lying) disturbed me. Is there enough job oppurtnities in Freeport for everyone who wants a job to get one? And shouldn't Sunset as Archon made a strong social welfare state. Is that guy just the exeption?

Very excited to see more of your work, and this aspect of the Winningverse in particular! I appear to be somewhat in the minority in that I actually prefer Cloud and Twilight as a pairing compared to the others, but I suppose I can see how others might feel that might make things a bit.... crowded for lack of a better term. I just feel they play off each other well and seem to enjoy each others company. I'm actually curious about what they've done since we last left them off. They seemed to be open to trying out a relationship while letting Twilight date other people so she can figure out what she wants. Not sure if their conversation on the ship means that that particular possibility is kinda resolved or if they are just letting Twilight meet other potential suitors before committing to anything. Also curious as to whether they've talked to Fluttershy and Blossom and what they're reaction was, but I'm getting off topic. Interested to see how Sunset and Twilight interact. They have very significant differences but also many similarities, and I'm not sure which might be the biggest obstacle to a relationship. Not to mention the bit with the beggar shows there are some clear differences between Freeport and Ponyville, if not Equestria in general, that might be a bit hard for Twilight to come to terms with. Overall I'm very curious to see how this plays out. Until next time!

is there a sequel to this i feel like i'm missing some context

The story is part of The Winningverse. Looks like Ponibius forgot to add the link.


Eh it felt like she was trying to sarcasm her way out of Murphy's Law. Don't think it'll work, but points for cleverness.

Well, I certainly look forward to the awkwardness and eventual resolution of differences. Takes after my own heart in a way not seen since How to Tame a Changeling Queen. And I have no doubt you can equal, if not exceed, that delightful air it had.

Plus, I mean... Ponibius. Literally no explanation needed; you produce good stories. And I look forward to seeing how this masterpiece develops.

You let me know, will you? Y'know, just in case the Watch Later and Tracking tabbing doesn't pan out for me. I'd like this three times if I could.

I expect Kukri’s callousness in this situation was mostly on account of this guy lying about something that hit pretty close to home for her, rather than being a sign of any broader trends.

yeah im not reading all that

The lack of standardization is a result of each Freeport magus going with their own designs, and there not really being anykind of centralized factory yet. They haven't quite caught the standardization bug yet, and right now they're experimenting with different designs to see what works.

That's cool. It's the time to make the funky, strange and very specialized models. It's fun to come up with original stuff sometime.

Ok that makes alot of sense

its not that much just read all the completed winningverse fics 10 or so at a time like i did and youl finish them in a few hours :heart:

not reading the au fics theirs only 44 completed fics in the winningverse folder and only 18 freeport venture fics completed as of today

Me seeing that Sunlight: :raritystarry:

In all honestly, I am excited. I do hope they work things out, at least slightly.


...if they are just letting Twilight meet other potential suitors before committing to anything. Also curious as to whether they've talked to Fluttershy and Blossom and what they're reaction was, but I'm getting off topic.

Judging by the mention of both the castle and, more importantly, the first time Sunset visited, Cloud has most likely already given birth to her foal.

Thus it would be unlikely of Cloud to have a friend's with benefits relationship while having both a foal, and two suitors. If so, it would be scandalous if that info came out, considering Cloud also works for her.

I'm actually really excited to get maybe at least a little bit of talk about the foal, because I've been waiting ever since I started reading FimFiction to get a follow up on that. Literally back-to-back read both stories as my first 100K+ while barely understanding a majority of the early jokes. Should probably give the first one another go.

Silly question, but 'what' is the Winningverse in 10k words or less?

Haha! Chengar and Ponibius would be more qualified to answer that question, but I'll give it a try.

It's an alternative universe that focuses on Cloud Kicker, Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer and their ancestors. It picks and chooses among the show's canon and then adds tons and tons of its own worldbuilding. Instead of a single linear narrative, the stories have a tendency to branch out in a staggering amount of sequels, prequels, sidefics, spinoffs and whatnots. Side characters get their own short stories and some of these grow into their own series, which introduce new characters that get their own stories and so on.

It started with a RainbowPie shipfic called The Incredibly Dense Mind of Rainbow Dash written by Chengar Qordath that also featured Cloud Kicker and Blossomforth as side characters. Chengar apparently liked them so much that he wrote a much longer fic called The Life and Times of a Winning Pony and things just spiraled from there.

Further reading:

What if I mess this up?! What if Sunset doesn’t really end up liking me?! What if I end up causing a big, huge international incident?!” My breaths started coming in short gasps as the weight of everything pressed down on me.

And out of all of those concerns that ran through Twilight's head, not one of them was whether or not she likes Sunset back.

This is the first time I've seen book puns used for more romantic and R-rated purposes.

And here it is, at last. Good to see you back to writing. Not that it was an especially long absence, but you and Chengar are such prolific writers, it's weird to have a month go by without seeing anything from either of you.

Really not sure what to expect of this one. I think I've said before, Sunlight is normally a fairly natural ship, because Sunset in canon has such great chemistry with both the Twilights, and they worked in Phoenix Empire too, but I don't know what to make of Sunlight in the mainline Winningverse, because Archon Sunset is such a different character. She never showed any interest in sex or romance whatsoever in the main Freeport series, and I didn't really feel that much chemistry in Daunting Delegates. Then we add the age difference and this angle of a possible political marriage into the mix, and... I don't know. I genuinely don't know where this is going. At a guess, from both the circumstances and the title, I don't think this courtship is going to work out, but I could be wrong. The Winningverse has certainly had weirder relationships.

Also, can I take it from Cloud's dialogue that Twilight joining her harem at the end of Love Takes Work didn't work out? Sounds like it didn't, which I wasn't expecting it to, but I thought that would be the subject of its own story.

Blatant SunLight! :rainbowkiss: And in the Winningverse! :yay: And dang Sunset was quick on saying it's a date-date. Although I guess being very upfront is to be expected with courting between heads of state.

“But you don’t need to worry about me. I’ve still got Eepy and Blossom, and we’re plenty happy together.”

Oh right, the Winningverse wasn't always about political maneuvers, intrigue, and warfare! :rainbowlaugh:

I suppose recent events provides inspiration for the depiction of cabin fever. Is there meant to be meaning behind the repitition of "only so much" in the opening?

You echoed pretty much my sentiments. I’m genuinely curious about how this will play out.

WTF is with all the hairy-ass ponies in the story image?

fluffy not hairy fluffy theirs a big difference fluffy makes them look cute and soft hairy makes them look gross

We are talking about Cloud here though, she won't ditch her other loved ones just because she has suitors now, I'm pretty sure that there is some sort of agreement.

I literally logged on this morning to try and find a sequel to the date mentioned in Princess Twilight and the Disastrously Daunting Delegates and, hey! I found this!

The conversation in this chapter I found the most entertaining (and this isn't a criticism) turns out to be one only alluded to: at some point prior to embarking for Freeport yet apparently after their meeting, Twilight was questioning Celestia about Sunset. Twilight, who has a huge half-crush and no ability to hide it. Celestia, who as is par for the course in any continuity, managed to entirely avoid any mention of Twilight's predecessor (and for all intents and purposes, Celestia's own daughter) to her until the subject otherwise came up. And while it's not really surprising that mentioning the museum didn't even raise a wince from Twilight (half the reason I'm totally fine with how Sunset's previous introduction to an alicorn went down was the clear implication everypony had decided to treat the whole affair as entirely a private family matter), if Celestia was only interested in the political implications of Twilight's visit I'd expect her to have clued Spike or Storm in just in case. And Celestia would know how hard it is to not jinx this.

Even without the words, I can picture the combination of almost perfectly hidden nervousness paired with oblivious eager-to-learn-everything-ness and am finding the mental image hilarious.

I like to see what's changed in Freeport in the coming chapters, as well as Twilight's reaction to actually being in Freeport. She's already had one revelation, I wonder what will happen during her stay.

I'd love to see more on this one. I hope all is well and an update soon.

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