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It sounded like a perfect weekend getaway. Storm Kicker's parents have a cabin in the woods, and they're fine with her and a bunch of friends heading out there for a weekend of fun. They're only a bunch of teenagers partying in an isolated cabin far away from civilization, what could possibly go wrong...

Wait. There's a horror tag on this story. Oh. Ohhhhhh.

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Been looking forward to seeing this one up! Loved the Star-Storm bits. They add a fun new element to the group dynamic.

And can we add a 'DUN DUN DUUUN!'

Nice justification for both the chainsaw and the inevitable upcoming "there's no signal!" scene.

Twilight flushed and sank down into her seat. “The book won a lot of awards, and it was an animated movie about rabbits! I thought she’d like it!”

:rainbowlaugh: And Watership Down claims another victim.

Huh. Twistorm tease. Wasn't expecting that.

I would hope Pinkie would assume "without kersploding anyone" is part of any instructions unless stated otherwise.

In all, excellent setup, especially the disappearing diesel striking the first creepy note. Looking forward to more.


The whole gang's here. Should be fun. And Storm's POV isn't one we get often, so neat.

Fun dynamic! I like it. Now, the overthinking thoughts.

Pinkie should experiment with exploding jellies and fudge for different kinds of shaped charge. Could be handy when blowing up different things. And I bet she could turn twizzlers into fuse, or det cord. I shudder to think what happens if she gets her hands on Warheads.

Watership Down is amazing but, yes, not for Fluttershy I think.

This is going to be a horror movie where they actually DO have cellphone access? Cantennas and stuff even? Wow, way to break convention.

Weird thorns? Revenge of Gaia Everfree? Lacking a human host this time?

If they’re going to be blowing up stumps and big logs, they should grab Rarity. Forcefields to catch the shrapnel.

And I don’t think banging for magic is legit *headesk* My working theory is the emotional connection, not the goinking and fluids exchange.

If it IS fluids exchange, they should worry about the Sirens going vampire.

What is it with Twilight and flirty collisions? Must be a hidden aspect of her Talent.

A group of teenagers, some with otherworldly magic powers, in a remote cabin in the woods with no adults?

I foresee no problems whatsoever. :pinkiecrazy:

And I've been looking forward to the next update to the Dashverse. :pinkiehappy:

How are DatR, R&Remastered, and NAWW coming along...? :pinkiecrazy:

They're coming along. Still in the editing phase.

This looks like it’s going to be really fun! Wasn’t expecting the TwiStorm tease, but it’s not unwelcome (Always was more of a TwiCloud fan, but this is the joy of alternate universes). Looks like the evil vines from Season 3 are making their debut. Gonna be interesting how that plays out! Be cool to see how some dynamics change in this setting, like how Sparkler and Star interact (how old are they in this world? The Mane 6 seem like high school Seniors, and Sparkler and Star are stated to be younger, but I’m not sure just what exactly the age difference is). Until next time!

“So, question: the working theory is that Cloud got magic powers ‘cause she and Rainbow have been going at it like two of Fluttershy’s rabbits, right? ‘Cause if that’s all it takes to get magic powers ... well I’m not sure where I sit on the gay-bi-straight continuum, but I can definitely fake it for a quickie if it lets me shoot lightning outta my fingers after.”


M6 are seniors, Storm (and Blossomforth) are Juniors, the Brat Duo are sophomores.

Thank you for the clarification!

“I did not even touch it,” I grumbled. I had only touched Twilight Sparkle. She had been very warm. Surprisingly so.

And we have TwiStorm shipping :pinkiehappy:

a particularly nasty thin little thorn-covered vine that seemed to have sprouted up almost everywhere a tree had fallen

Magic vines?

“Maybe someone stole it?” Rainbow suggested.

The plant monsters don't want you to have fire ...

“Not unless there’s some weird magic thing going on,” Pinkie pointed out. “Kinda like what happens any time we go anywhere together.”

Pinkie has a point ...

Well now this is certainly interesting. Looks like Storm x Twilight will be a thing now in the EQG universe <3 Definitely MUCH more appropriate than Canon EQG Twilight's crush.

Also, I am rather curious as to see what sort of baddies we'll be seeing and why. Keep up the awesome work! <3

So my initial thoughts are that those are sentient Plunder Vines and they stole the gas to avoid being burned.

Will also be interesting to see how all of these altered dynamics for everyone will play out once everyone starts freaking out. Should be loads of fun.

Ooh, plunder vines! Hadn’t considered those things.


Speaking as a British person who is old enough to be confused even by modern UK "year x" terminology, what does that actually translate to into actual ages approximately?


That was my first thought, too.

17-18 for the M7 and Cloud, 16-17 for Storm and Blossom, and 15-16 for Sparkler and Star.

I've seen enough movies to know where this is going....

I do hope you're not going to graphically kill off the Oncoming Storm girls, one by one.:pinkiegasp:I have grown rather fond of them after all. :twilightsmile:

Sparkler sighed. “Oh come on, what’s the point of having a big teenage getaway with no adult supervision if we still have to follow all the rules? Movies and TV told me I’m supposed to get drunk, do drugs and have lots of sex the instant Mom and Dad aren’t there to stop me.”

I'm pretty sure movies and tv told you that this kind of getaway usually ends with you being torn apart by zombies, cut down one by one with gardening tools or meeting your end in any number of cruel and unusual, yet surprisingly creative ways. Seriously, get out of there as soon as you find that stuff goes mysteriously missing and an indestructible eldritch plant scratches up your legs.

“Stupid magical powers,” Sparkler grumbled under her breath. A second later she smirked. “So, question: the working theory is that Cloud got magic powers ‘cause she and Rainbow have been going at it like two of Fluttershy’s rabbits, right? ‘Cause if that’s all it takes to get magic powers ... well I’m not sure where I sit on the gay-bi-straight continuum, but I can definitely fake it for a quickie if it lets me shoot lightning outta my fingers after.”

This sounds like exactly the thing pony Cloud would say. Or myself for that matter. Probably why I find myself sympathizing with Sparkler again and again. :fluttershysad:

Um jokes aside, I really like the story so far, Storm and Twi discovering some strange new feelings for each other. Star's technophilia. Sparklers alienation. Dash and Aj bouncing off each other. I can relate, this reminds me all to well of my own teenage years. Plus it's just great character development all round. The setting is familiar but I'm sure you'll put ypur own spin on it. Plus the character interaction is already better than 98% of the horror movies I've suffered through, and I'm sure it'll keep getting better as the story progresses.
Eagerly awaiting the next chapter!:pinkiehappy:

Awww, TwiStorm is adorable. And Rainbow and Cloud are cute too!

So, the enemies are the trees? Hmm, better put an A.P.B. out on TreeBeard, Groot, the Evil Dead trees, the apple trees from Wizard of Oz or, most threatening of all, those Fun Fruit trees. https://youtu.be/DkN0fL3VkF8?t=11

Seriously, BURN those things!

Someone get Pinkie the Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs!

So let’s see, something strong enough to rip up trees by the roots or at least knock them over. And no animals saw it. Sounds like it is the trees themselves. Or the vines.

I like that you remembered Rainbow can run on water.

They’ve got lots of resources and might even be able to call out. Excellent. Their biggest limitation now is battery power.

That they’ve got so many resources means this must be REALLY rough.

Twilight had better grab that the gas can from a distance in case it’s a trap.

So the big question is what the motivation of the person or being behind this is. We can’t Harmonize them if we don’t understand their issues. Actually, we’ll need to even find them before we try the rainbow blast.

Here’s hoping what whatever-it-is isn’t actually a Harmony-thing so it’s immune to the elements.

I like that Pinkie has a sense of when humor is appropriate and that this is not it.

Twi-Storm is unexpected but cute.

I still like that Star’s stalker thing is drones in this world.

Just remember, making a desperate last stand to buy time for your friends let’s you pony up for Generosity and racing to the rescue lets you pony up for Loyalty.

I ship it :pinkiehappy:

At least they do know they're in a horror story. I wonder how this will go from here on.


So all this Twilight/Storm teasing here is to make up for that not realistically happening in the Winningverse proper? I feel like Twilight ends up accidentally groping someone fairly often in stories. Not complaining, just curious what it is about her that lends itself to authors writing her into those situations. Though maybe it has to do with her stammering and digging herself into bigger holes being funny every time.

And so the action starts. Exit's blocked, it's the middle of the night, and no one knows what's going on. I wouldn't be surprised if Star's drone malfunctions in the next chapter and/or cell service disappears.


Though maybe it has to do with her stammering and digging herself into bigger holes being funny every time.

Pretty much this.

Plus she has the Curse of the Meet Cute, so romantic/sexual awkward collisions are being true to character. Really, it's what the writers intended :pinkiehappy:

AJ might be able to move the trees. Just sayin’.

... Why would someone being green be odd?

She never said it was, she said they were weird AND green. All the chromomelanin is probably why Pinkie didn't default to 'IT'S A PLANT MONSTER!!!!!"

I was the logical choice to take the bottom, and she would likely be more comfortable if I let her be on top.

Thank Celestia that Star & Sparkler couldn't hear those thoughts. :pinkiecrazy:

“Wait! That’s not what I meant at all! I was just ...” She groaned and buried her face in her hands.

Adorkable Twilight strikes again :twilightblush:

I did not like the sound of that at all. “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.”


At least the girls are avoiding the standard Horror Movie fuckups (even if it took a bit of convincing to keep Dash from going off alone).

What new spoor of madness is this?

Storm Kicker, the Floronic Woman.
(Also, I can't tell if that's a misspelling or a clever pun.)

I was the logical choice to take the bottom, and she would likely be more comfortable if I let her be on top.

Fate does seem to be conspiring to get these two together. Or at least embarrass Twilight. Poor thing.

The creep factor is escalating nicely, and it seems like some manner of dryad is lashing out, possibly driven to vengeance by the loggers. That or Wallflower Blush has revealed her sinister true form. I look forward to finding out what's happening. Hopefully no one will make an unwise bargains with any fae in the area.

And Pinkie might be able to blast them apart, though that method has to consider collateral damage.

Yeah, if Pinkie or Cloud blow them apart they’ll want Rarity to make them a bomb shelter. But if they have enough ammo it should probably be Cloud who does it actually, since she can do it from farther away.


Storm, quick, have sex with Twilight so you get magic powers as well! You'll need every tool in your arsenal for this!

Now they just need to find someone to sleep with Amethyst and Star. I nominate Pinkie.

Pinkie, correct call...

Not only does that fact that Angel Bunny like clearly-still-Evil Starlight speak volumes, but I'm still convinced the apocalyptic wasteland future we saw at the end of season five was the Angel Bunny future.


Are we sure Angel Bunny isn't the (presumably) necromancer in question here...?


What, both at once...?

Damn. I wanted to see that kiss happen.

Ohhhh now this is rather interesting. I am sure we know WHO is doing this...but the WHY is rather mysterious.

“Gondor calls for aid! The brats are teaming up!”

I love the reference humour.


Overthink time:

Chainsaw, the great communicator.

Sunset with a cavalry saber is not an image I knew I needed. I was a fool.

So the vines are proxies, and not intelligent.

Assuming the enemy is intelligent and not running on magic noming instinct, that means they can’t extend their senses through the vines or give new orders in real time.

They do want to target the magic. The vines went after the people with magic. That means they can sense magic or they know exactly who they are after. More likely the former since not many people know about Cloud.

Rifles not working on vines. If you have them switch to shotgun with slugs, otherwise people who aren’t Cloud should save the bullets and keep feeding loaded guns to her.

Ah, this Pinkie can make ANYTHING go splodey, not just sugar/things that are flamible. Handy!

...Pinkie, you’re going to regret using your shoes as ammo now you have to hit the woods.

And now that’s done, the important part:

The good ship Stormlight is officially sailing! And adorable!

Twilight keeps with the romantic clumsiness. At this point I have to wonder if she’s got a Smedry Talent. Or just channeling a certain grey Pegasus.

Dammit Pinkie! But...you’re right about making out on watch. Darn you.

Though, since they DO have an emotional connection, they might have missed the chance for another superpower in the party. How does ‘infinite fuel’ sound?

Twilight discovers she may be at least bisexual enough to have exceptions, and approaches it scientifically.

Given that title, I expect this chapter to be rich in chainsaws and/or amputations.

Considering the madness of the entire situation, I saw no reason not to go along with things at this point. I armed myself and said the only thing I possibly could under the present circumstances. “Groovy.”

I am satisfied.

I do quite like the idea of Sunset with a sword. Touch telepathy doesn't exactly have a lot of combat applications. I also like Storm's approach to fighting magical menaces. Unfortunately, vines outsmart boolet.

And the fates keep conspiring to make Twistorm a thing. I wonder if there's some kind of interdimensional resonance pushing then together in sympathy with their Equestrian counterparts.

In any case, time to go punch some druids. Or dryads. At least one of the two.

Well dimensional resonance seems to be mostly relational: counterparts will usually have analogous connections even under very different circumstances. Meaning that, at least, the same potential for Stormlight is there and in this world it is being realized. And given the Equestria parallels have progressed in approximate synch since the ports was opened, that implies a certain degree of harmonic resonance keeping them generally on track.

So basically, probably!

It’s a good thing Discord exists, or the level each reality acted as a voodoo doll for the other could get downright creepy.

Well, things are officially pear-shaped now. I wonder who's behind this mess?

This is the fluffiest horror story I've ever read. :raritystarry:

“Well someone get me outta here ‘fore this turns into somethin’ outta one of them Neighponese cartoons!” Applejack snarled and thrashed against the vines, but by now they’d hauled her up into the air where she had no leverage to resist them.

My my. I wonder how Applejack knows about that? :trollestia:

“I gotta start carrying stuff for exploding when bad guys come after us. Just not a deck of cards, or I’d get sued.”

Well, a deck of cards would be a very useful item, but it would be quite the gambit to go for it.

I armed myself and said the only thing I possibly could under the present circumstances. “Groovy.”

Aaah. Evil Dead 2. Some movies just never die.

I’m beginning to think that Sparkler just really wants to experiment. Either that, or she inherited Pony Clouds desire to bang in all circumstances.

Cute moment between Storm and Twi on the couch, and a funny intrusion from Pinkie! Human Storm seems far more into SciTwi than her pony counterpart is towards the Princess.

“Well someone get me outta here ‘fore this turns into somethin’ outta one of them Neighponese cartoons!”

So AJ has seen enough hentai to see where this is going, hasn't she? :ajsmug:


Ah, I see she's a woman of culture as well :moustache:

Sunset, Sunset, Sunset. It's obvious you're operating under the rules for terror movies, so the convenient nearby cabin with broken windows and what might be blood is bound to have clues.
Just remember you wanna get closer to hit them with your sword! :trollestia:

Either that or Pony Storm is much better at hiding it.

9247362 9246794
Well, all the reasons why StormLight would be messy for their pony counterparts don’t really apply to the EQG-lings. It’s a lot easier to be open to a new relationship when the only real barrier to entry is “Huh, so I guess i’m a little bi. Who knew?”

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