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This story is a sequel to Freeport Venture: Old Wounds

When one of her apprentice's friend-of-a-friends goes missing, Archmagus Sunset Shimmer doesn't hesitate to get involved. However, what initially appears to be a simple case of a missing child will wind up leading her to a criminal conspiracy and political intrigue at the highest levels of Freeport.

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Oh hey, a fic about the Crystal prep shadowbolts, ponified. Nice; those are rather uncommon.

Yay, new Freeport story. Hm, sure sounds like Chainbreaker has changed a lot over the years (and Sunset won't find out more about its background for a few more years too). Between Ushabti, Torch and then becoming a symbol of Freeport, that's a lot of history for the blade.

I wonder how Sunset's school project is doing. She's got the money now but then she was relying on Puzzle to handle a lot of setup for the school and he's almost starting from scratch again too. Well, not like Sunset building her school in Sandy Shores would help that much either.

I hope Sugarcoat shows up too, she's always funny. Nice to see Sunset still helping out regular ponies. Now to see how this "simple" kidnapping case will turn out.

Interesting that Sour Sweet's a Changeling. Wouldn't have called that :)

JMP #4 · 1 week ago · · ·

The pizza scene was...just wonderful, really.

Well now this turned into an awesome Monday. Kukri sounds like me at that age, can't tell what's supposed to be secret.

Ah my favorite pegasus is back.

Not gunna Lie, Strumming's izza sounds amazing and I want one now

Yay! Another Freeport story! I love it already, though I am personally waiting on a scene where Sunset meets Cadance again.

So we have 'bolts in Freeport, now I have to wonder if and when Cinch is going to show.

Interested to see how high up in “the highest reaches of Freeport” this goes. It will also be cool to see Chainbreaker living up to a namesake.

“Anyway, what I had in mind that so offended Bug Boy was a nice and simple custom pizza. I was gonna go for the olive oil and garlic sauce, seasoned garlic cheese with roasted garlic on top, and garlic seasoning on the crust.”

You can just dip a bulb of garlic in marinara sauce.:rainbowderp:

I am guess when the school is up and running

I never pictured Sour Sweet as a ling, but then again considering her personality makes sense.

Well, this is going to be interesting. A simple missing person's case of a supposed no one ending up involving the top levels of politics? Probably be connected to the corrupt condottieri, but also likely the council. Wanna bet one of the members is a slaver/benefiting? You know, in a city that officially doesn't have slavery? A city that has a sword that is venerated for the freedom it brings, and how powerful that symbolism represents against slavery? If slavery becomes connected to the council in any way, and the sword gets involved, it could be seen as cutting out the council for allowing slavery to exist, thus freeing the city from the chains the council has wrought.

No matter what happens, things are never going to be the same once Chainbreaker is wielded in Freeport, where the symbolism is as powerful as the blade itself.

From slaying dragons to finding a lost foal, it is cool how the stakes can vary in scale so much. Though this is chapter 1, who knows, there could be a slaver dragon.

Before or after we get a, she's (the ling) has taken over the friend who died here for whatever reason and this is a measure of justice/revenge on a principle against freeport for it?

Not an alicorn, but certainly more than just a unicorn, considering I had access to pegasus and earth pony magic.

Huh ... maybe something to research in the future (with Twilight :raritystarry:)

I couldn’t just sit back and do nothing now that I knew there was a kid no older than Kukri in trouble.

I know this is a serious situation, but D'aww

I love the translation of mood swings into changeling.

Chainbreaker absorbing power through belief is a cool concept.

Got to wonder how many on the Council will be involved in the end. Freeport desperately needs a clean-up.


She'll probably come representing the EEA. Maybe she was the chancellor before Neighsay.

:pinkiehappy: new Freeport story.

The soul graft (or whatever it is) raises some fascinating questions. Sunset may have sacrificed the spark that would get her wings, but it seems like she's as close as she can get to alicornhood without one.

That didn’t mean I would bend over backwards or ignore injustice to stay on their good side, just that I wasn’t looking for a fight. Now I just had to hope one wouldn’t find me anyway.

Oh, Sunset. I thought you'd know better by now.

I swear, if she wanted to have some kind of awkward unicorn puberty talk with me I would send her back to her parents so fast...

"Lately, I've been having these... fantasies..."
"Please tell me this isn't about colts. Or fillies."
"World conquest, actually."
"Oh! Yeah, that's perfectly normal for a unicorn your age. Just be concerned if you don't grow out of it in a few years."

Very interesting choice to make Sour Sweet a changeling. Not the first time I've seen it, but still unexpected. I like it.

Puzzle's pizza sounds legitimately delicious.

Also, just gonna point out that Sunset’s fake boyfriend I just made up popped the question, so now you’re running behind him. You need to up your game if you want to not be outcompeted by figments of my imagination.

Strumming is amazing and/or insufferable at all times. If she's neither, someone close to her is probably on the verge of death.

I grunted. “You’re damn right we will. I know you said we can’t be sure there’s a happy ending on this one, but I’m gonna do everything I can to make it happen.”


The story description makes it clear that the group's about to go down one heck of a rabbit hole. Looking forward to seeing just what horrors they unearth.

Dang it, I read the pizza scene and now I’m hungry! Darn you, Chengar....:rainbowlaugh:

Also more Freeport! :yay:


Considering the amount of Dresden Files references and the fact Chainbreaker is pretty much the Equestrian equivalent to a Sword of the Cross, I would be surprised otherwise.

Sunset has been cursed with additional teenagers. Karma for something, I'm sure.

“Also true.” Celestia and I hadn’t found any limits when we’d tested the sword, but we didn’t get too crazy with our tests on the priceless historical treasure. I couldn’t rule out the possibility that we’d missed something or just didn’t know about it. Maybe Ushabti or Torch knew more, but I hadn’t seen any trace of either of them since that one weird vision. Considering I apparently knew some of Torch’s spells now, I had a sneaking suspicion I might’ve consumed whatever traces of their spirits remained tied to Chainbreaker when I’d become ... whatever I was now. Not an alicorn, but certainly more than just a unicorn, considering I had access to pegasus and earth pony magic.

Wait, the Chainbreaker connection came with multi-tribal magic access? I can't help but wonder if alicornization is still on the menu, just through a different path.

Strumming sighed and shook her head. “Everyone’s so judge-y. Why can’t a mare just get the pizza she wants without everyone making a fuss?” She rolled her eyes at both of us. “Anyway, what I had in mind that so offended Bug Boy was a nice and simple custom pizza. I was gonna go for the olive oil and garlic sauce, seasoned garlic cheese with roasted garlic on top, and garlic seasoning on the crust.”

I can see why Puzzle in particular would be concerned.

“Hey, look, Bacon, think I better prep you for some stuff. Just saying, I’m all for trying to find a kid who’s gone missing, but we might not get a happy ending on this story.”

How meta.

“Hmm, idea,” Strumming grinned. “Bug Boy does all the boring canvassing work while Bacon and I go around and give the usual suspects a hard time. Worst case, we don’t find anything but still arrest and beat up some bad guys who’re still guilty of something. Though I imagine most of them would start talking when they’re on the receiving end of a very pissed Archmagus.”

A more fun experience for the party members with less patience for grunt fieldwork.

I'm fairly curious how Sunny knows Sour Sweet, might have something to do with why she got targeted if this ends up being more complicated than a simple child trafficking case. Even as just casual acquaintances they met and got to know each other somehow, and that how might contain a clue or a lead.

God bless! Another good story to sink my teeth into!

I like that you decided to use the shadowbolts for character in your story and from the cover I was glad that it was an Earth Pony but it's a changeling once again. I know there are a lot of them in Freeport and that the problem of finding one outlined in this chapter make it harder to find her or that she is a changeling might be even more important to the plot later but I feel like there is a lot of favoritism with unicorn, pegasus, changeling for characters in your stories. Sure there are a lot of Zebra and gryphon with a bunch of other species thrown in the mix from time to time but Earth Ponies kind of don't appear as important characters all that often in this verse.

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