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It has been four hundred and fifty years since the clans of Old Pegasopolis went into exile. The island-nation of Freeport languishes under the rule of the Necrocrats; what began as an idealistic experiment has become a new form of corruption, the ideals of the past lost amid the greed and vain ambition of lesser men. Clan Charger has been all but destroyed, while the Strikers and Doos teeter upon the brink of collapse. There is no hope for the future.

However, when a down-on-his-luck mercenary captain crosses paths with Torch, the last survivor of Clan Charger, it sets in motion a chain of events that will redefine the very face of Freeport itself.

Chapters (2)
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I do have to appreciate how you and Ponibius have fleshed out this universe to the point where we have context for this sort of story. This promises to be a fascinating chapter of history, especially seeing the raw reality rather than whatever polished version made it to the Freeport museum. Looking forward to more.

the ideals of the past lost amid the greed and vain ambition of lesser men.

Because man always ruin everything :twistnerd:

Really excited to see this one unfold!

Super excited to see this finally! I get the feeling Torch isn’t being a hundred percent honest about his feelings on this job, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Learned a lot about what the Chargers got up to after the Rebellion, none of which sounds good. Whatever happened at the Battle of Two Magnus’s must of really ticked off the other clans. Can’t wait to see what happens next!


The "Charger Contract"? So there was a call to mercenary companies to wipe out the Charger clan. And these...Necrocrats. Necromancers in charge of the government of Freeport? Certainly a far cry from the modern Council and Archonate. Curious how the current state of Freeport happened, and why the Chargers specifically were targeted. All the way out here, and this long after the Rebellion, I wonder if it had anything to do with Bright and the Avatar. I'm also wondering if the sword Torch Charger has right now is Silver Ankh, or if he comes across that sword later. I doubt he calls it anything special, and if I remember "Lesser Lights" correctly, the name "Chainbreaker" came much later. And do we know for sure what Magnus' Folly was? I think it's been mentioned in the Freeport Venture stories as well, but can't remember if there were any details.

It was mentioned briefly in the epilogue of The Lunar Rebellion that “The Battle of Two Magnus’s” (which is probably the same thing, just called something else by the Equestrians since they won) was an attempt by the remains of the rebel Pegasus clans to invade Equestria, and ended in their crushing defeat. The specifics of how it played out are unknown, but it is definitely considered a crushing defeat for the remaining Pegasus. Apparently it would have just been considered a particularly big pirate raid had not it been for the presence of some important figures, though we don’t know which ones.


Gotcha. Appreciate the reminder.

Massive backlog is massive so adding to Read Later

Ah, this should be interesting. This should be what, about five hundred years even before the show's present day? That's not a time period you see explored too often in fanfiction. Seeing who the necrocrats actually were should also be something, after only hearing of them here and there. As for the Charger issue... hmm. That should be interesting to learn about. I wonder what happened to them to lead to them becoming necromancers and getting themselves wiped out.

"Mors Charger was one of Ushabti the Great’s closest friends," Torch answered, sounding just a bit defensive. "It’s only natural we would carry on his legacy."

Given what's been seen of it in the winningverse so far, the fact that large-scale use of necromancy would count as carrying on a legacy... doesn't seem to say very flattering things about Mors and Ushabti.

Also, I've been meaning to ask: is there a map of the winningverse around somewhere? I have what I think is a good general idea of the world's geography, but I'll admit I have trouble keeping track of where everything is sometimes.


Story looks real interesting so far, can't wait for more! Also, is this the first time we're seeing a story set in an older time period that's not a part of somepony's memoirs?

This clarifies and corrects several details I had assumed were true about the exiles and the necrocrats. Until fairly recent stories I didn't realize that they were apparently one and the same, and that the war to overthrow them came so much later. Man, the Chargers fell so far from their lofty origins.

So, finally read it, will change from Read Later to Following when I post this.

Torch must then be Rainbow's ancestor. Wasn't it said she had Charger blood?


Torch himself said he wasn't necessarily the only charger left alive, Rainbow (assuming her family legend is correct) doesn't have to be descended from him.

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Rainbow’s descended from the Equestrian branch of the family, not the Freeport one. Though that branch hasn’t had the Charger name for centuries.

i put this in the right folder right cause it technically is a freeport prequel

I think the Chargers were only one of the necrocratic families, but yeah, they’ve fallen pretty far.


Ah, some nice backstory getting us caught up to speed with current events in this era. Belladon's observations about Torch's fighting style is definitely interesting, but only time will tell what the deal is.

I adore Cynics. So much more realistic than optimists. And less irritating than pessimists.

This was an interesting chapter. Learned a lot more about Magnus’s Folly, and about the fate of the Chargers. Definitely curious what Torch is hiding, but I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough. Can’t wait to see what you do next!

My bet? His style includes the use of magic along with physical strikes--probably necromancy, given the previous chapter. Not surprising he might not want to drop that hammer on his CO in a friendly spar.

He started to make an odd sort of hoof gesture but froze halfway through, hesitating for a critical half-second.

Huh, looks like Torch is a spellsword or something similar.

Worse than the smell, there was something else about the whole ship that just put me on edge. I’d never been one for magic or superstition, but there was something about that ship that just felt ... wrong. Like ... like all the misery, pain, and despair of all the thousands of slaves it had hauled had somehow soaked into the very boards of the ship, contaminating the whole damned thing.

In a magical world, maybe.

Good job annoying the company commander and picking up more work, newbie.

Torch paused for a moment’s thought, then shrugged. “A spar? Certainly.” He drew his sword, letting me get a good look at it for the first time. The blade looked way too good for a normal merc; there wasn’t a single chip or spot of rust on it, and the ripple-pattern on the blade looked like something a lot more special than plain old steel. From the way he flourished the blade he clearly knew how to use it, and the long single-edged sword looked like it’d lop off a limb if he got a solid hit in. Good thing we both had plenty of practice padding.

Nice sword. Sounds like it'd be good for breaking some chains.

“Believing in things makes you stupid and gets you killed,” I groused. “There’s nothing like a good cause to bring out the worst in everyone. Just look at what happened to the old clans. Telling themselves they’re freeing Equestria, when they’re really just so determined to protect their old privileges they thought teaming up with Nightmare Feathering Moon was a good idea.”

Heeeey, some exile self honesty.

He caught my axe in another parry, this time hooking his blade under the curve of my axe to pull it a bit further out of position than I would’ve liked. Then he did something weird. He started to make an odd sort of hoof gesture but froze halfway through, hesitating for a critical half-second.

Oh, he's trained to combine magic with swordwork, but is trying to hide it.

I didn’t like that answer. It was too neat and simple. The truth is usually a lot uglier and way more complicated. Whatever, let him keep his secret if he cared that much about it. As long as he wasn’t planning to put that hidden dagger in my back, it made no difference to me. “Come on, we’re doing this until you get it right or I get tired of trying to teach you. Probably the latter, if I had to guess.”

It'd probably be good for the company commander to learn about this particular secret.

Interesting bits of additional backstory about what the exiles have gotten up to. Ushabti's dream? I'm curious.

Nice to get a look at another part of Freeport's history. I haven't read enough of Winningverse/Freeport stuff to remember or understand everything (especially Equestria and the various pegasi clans), but I have a vague idea of the beginning and ending of Freeport's history, so its interesting to hear some normal people's perspective from the middle of that history, as it were.

I wonder if Belladon will end up happy or regretful that he ever brought Torch along. Torch's name will go down in Freeport history, but how he got there, well, the journey is always the most interesting part. Looking forward to how this meeting will develop into something much bigger.

Yeah, I'm willing to bet that the slaver ship has absorbed more than its fair share of negative emotional energy. I just hope it doesn't manifest at the worst possible time.

Torch is clearly trained as... Well, in Pathfinder, he'd be a magus, but that term carries a very different meaning in this setting. He's dual-wielding sword and spell, is the point, and I'm guessing his repertoire is much more necromantic than he's willing to admit.

The review of Magnus's Folly gets a bit "as you know"-ish, but it's still nice to have more context for the event.

It makes you wonder if that’s the fate of all idealists. To see everything they built collapse into misery and ruin.

:trollestia: "It helps if you can stick around and make sure they're not wrecking everything."

Now to see how this routine little cruise gets disrupted...

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