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This story is a sequel to A Moment in the Sun

Sunset Shimmer is on the run. It's been six months since she left her life as Princess Celestia's student behind, but she can't escape her own past. Her parents are offering a reward for her safe return home, and Celestia's agents are watching her every step. She might have gotten out of Canterlot, but the runaway student is still a long way from freedom. Especially since her education with the Princess of Equestria didn’t cover things like how to make a living wage with her magical skills.

However, there might still be one place where she can escape all of them. The infamous island nation of Freeport has long had a reputation as a haven for pirates, criminals, and exiles, but there's no better place in the world for somepony who wants to disappear. The only question is whether Sunset will live long enough to pull it off.

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Caribou, sailing, spies and Sunset, and this is only the opening chapter. I think I speak for everyone when I say "MORE!"

Great to see this get off the ground!

Set sail for madness and hilarity! Poor Sunset is just being followed by everyone. :trollestia:

This looks... Intriguing. Don't mind if I follow along for the ride.

Course Plotted, Setting Sail.

Looking forward to what you have planned for Sunset Shimmer and Freeport.


And so Sunset's inevitable descent into darkness continues.

When Strumming's last name was Heartstrings I immediately thought of Lyra!

This is AWESOME! I can't wait to see how you progress with this story!

Already an instant fav and like! :ajsmug::pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2::raritystarry::scootangel::twilightsmile::yay::heart:

Good going Celestia. Let's keep her paranoia fueled. Haven't the ten thousand years you've been around taught you anything?

Didn't read it yet, but I know for damn sure that this is gonna be SO AWESOME! :rainbowkiss:

Interesting start. Looking forward to more.

Would sunsets mum or the princess know if she took out the agent , I meant of a serious note Freeport is a shit hole and allot of stuff happens there.

So surely there could be a way of doing it?

Not a bad start. Hope this will be a fun little adventure.

It has begun. Splendid. :)

Can't wait for the next chapter

I hope this ends well for Sunset.

I'm surprised by how many downvotes this has. Does chengar have a hatedom or something?

I was really hoping this sequel would answer how Sunset Shimmer manages to have a life in the human world for a least four years (and was clearly around long enough that she'd need the paper work filled, meaning she'd need a legal existence to fall back on), unlike Twilight who had to hide in the library for a few days, and above all: what the heck HAPPENED to the original Sunset Shimmer of the human world. Did Sunset Shimmer slip into her shoes?

Well, Sunset, now you have to keep her close at all times to make sure she doesn't spill the beans to anyone :rainbowlaugh:


I think in this universe there will not be a magic mirror, or humanized alt-Equestria.
And frankly, I vastly prefer it this way.

Unfortunately, he does. Not really sure why, but the Winning-verse had generated a vocal following of haters. Completely undeserved in my opinion since they were all well created works, and this one looks to also be extremely well done. Following and looking forward to more.
May it and Shadows update regularly and often.


Good question. Yet another reason why Equestria Girls was poorly thought out.


Most of them are jealous but catch onto flaws, or things they think are flaws and use that as a means of which to attack his writings and sound justified. They'll fight tooth and nail for it, too - being too defensive about it shows they're not on the level.

4955181 I would assume Celestia will have a caribou scrying session where she checks up on her spies, at least weekly, where through divination(but in reverse to show the past) she can see what happens to her agents.
This might be a trilogy, and at the very least I expect the Sunset Shimmer storyline to end with her entering the human world. Who knows, maybe we'll meet humanized Cloud Kicker. Actually, I'm calling it: this is all a set up so Chengar can write an humanized Life and Times.
And how in the world did you reach the idea there's no human world in the Winningverse, Raistlin?

Is the Freeport in this story in anyway related to Sony's everquest franchise?

Is the Freeport in this story in anyway related to Sony's everquest franchise?


What motive could have Sunset to go to the humanized Equestria? a land without magic or ponies isn´t exactly what she may be looking to learn about alicorn ascensions.

4961765 At the moment, she has no motives. But in time she may gain new motives. Maybe she'll get so fed up with Celestia's spies, she decides to go to the one place they'll never follow. Maybe this is going to go on for another 100k+ words and the story will go places we'll never imagine. But being that Chengar so far has more or less made his stories parallel to canon, I doubt he'll remove something as large as Equestria Girls from the Winningverse and still keep Sunset Shimmer.

I'm loving this story so far. The only thing I'd like to see would be an AU tag for this story (so that EQG won't be stuck in the back of my mind as I read).

Also, Captain Doo? I wonder if that's just a coincide- Strumming Heartstrings? Ok now you're just doing this on purpose.
Also, moustaches :moustache:

Let's see where this goes.
Though I'm already loving the first chapter, you're a master at world building chengar.
Also Lyra's relative is an agent in the EIS ... reminds me of that idea I read somewhere that Lyra was dispatched to keep an eye on Twilight :trixieshiftleft:

4963418 Actually if you read winning pony then you might remember the Doo family owns a shipping conglomerate. It makes perfect sense there might be at least one ship with a relative. Also the Heartstrings were mentioned to, at least in the past, been spies. Though I don't know for sure which winningverse story that is.

4962809 It really isn't a big deal. Cutting EQG out is so very easy. Granted this is before the series starts, maybe even before Twilight got her mark, so who knows, but it's very easy. I have Sunset story I started with her cracking the mirror by accident and trying to fix it, but due to outside interference things go horribly wrong and the mirror is reduced to tiny little fragments. Chengar could probably come up with a way more interesting way to remove the mirror from play if he wanted I'm sure.

Haha, the moment a mint green pony appears on screen you just know Celestia is keeping a hoof in things. Sunset may be on her own personal walkabout, but her teacher isn't going to stop caring so easily.

And hell yeah, the Freeport fic is something that I've been looking forward to for a quite a while, and I am very pleased to see it land. And not just a Freeport fic, but a Sunset fic in which we'll probably get all sorts of magic worldbuilding? Awesome.

4966062 The question is if he wants to. Given how strongly the 'verse has stuck to canon, to the point of including Twilicorn and Tirek in a couple future placed fics, Flash Sentry showing up in the Time Turner fic, and a recent reference to the EUP in Lunar Rebellion, I'd be very surprised if Sunset's story doesn't end with her either going through the mirror or leaving it open that she might do so.

4966062 Yes, but it's difficult to avoid EQG while still being somewhat parallel to canon, which Chengar has done very well at. If Sunset Shimmer doesn't go to the human world, where does she go? Does she stay in Freeport forever, given up on her hope of one day becoming an alicorn and has Celestia's spies forever watching her? Does she return to Celestia and is outraged by how she had taken a new student in Twilight, who has become an alicorn? And why would he want to abadndon EQG anyways?

4957029 not that I know of but I'm pretty sure Sunset does - just for being from Equestria Girls if nothing else.

Sigil, you idiot :facehoof:. Didn´t you think it would be a good idea to carry some sleep-inducing drug and maybe an anti-magic horn ring to deal with the hot tempered, stubborn, magical prodigy teenager? :ajbemused:


Sunset Shimmer storyline to end with her entering the human world.

Ugh. I really hope it won't be the case.

4972478 Well, it'll probably at least end with it hinting at that. Why are you against that, if you don't mind me asking? Just an ending with 'Sunset went through the mirror, hoping it'd bring her to a place where Celestia isn't constantly watching over her.' Or something like that.

1)Knowing where it ended (from EqG) leaves no room to speculations, and speculations are half of the fan. So yes, I'm adamantly for AU.
2) Celestia and her issues are established part of the story, they are to juicy to leave behind
3) Leaving means failure, giving up. Established SS is a bitch who is in it for fame because of her pride. To get this pride satisfied, she needs a) achieve alicornhood or, at the very least, state of same power b) do it is a way, that will prove her superiority. c) Do it in a way Celestia will know it all.

4973357 I'm considering 2) and 3) void, at least for now, as the ending of the Sunset Arc by no means signifies the end of Celestia's arc, which started before the Sunset Arc and will probably end after it, and depending on how Chengar does it, Sunset may know about how if she gets the element of magic in the human world it'll make a demon that equal to an alicorn. I'm no sure how it'll happen or if it will happen, but as it's a possibility it can only be discussed at the end of this story. As for number one, I suppose you have a point, although you could consider EQG a sequel to the Sunset Arc, and since we don't know exactly what happens after the movie, there's still some ambiguity. Although Rainbow Rocks will probably crush any remaining ambiguity, admittedly. I myself feel that staying parallel to canon outweighs any points you bring up, but that's personal opinion.

4969412 last question first, I have no idea why he'd want to avoid it, but he might. Some people don't like humans in their pony in any form. All the other questions make things more interesting, but answering those questions at least for some period of time is the whole point of the story.

EQG is in fact super easy to remove. Sunset doesn't steal crown, and has some good reason to stay away. Bam, you're done, and everything Twi learned about adapting to change can just be handwaved as something she would have figured out eventually anyway. Unlike the episodes of the show it's really easy to ignore the whole thing because it effected only Twilight mentally, since Sunset didn't come back. Obviously those events effected Sunset quite a lot, but they certainly didn't have to happen there to learn her lesson. In fact it might have been far more interesting if the demon thing happened right after she got the crown. The movie was designed to not be easily ignored, and they did a good job.


> as the ending of the Sunset Arc by no means signifies the end of Celestia's arc,

End of sunset arc ends interaction of SS and Celestia. So yeah, all the juicy possibilities would be left behind.


>Obviously those events effected Sunset quite a lot, but they certainly didn't have to happen there to learn her lesson.

In fact these event didn't taught any lesson. It is handwaved in EqG and honestly, it would be MUCH more interesting, if instead of emotional brainwashing by Elements SS learned to cope with world rationally. But no, we are speaking about franchise targeting young girls. But hey, the fic does not target same audience, so no need to be silly.

1: Woohoo, more Sunset!

2: Strumming is kind of terrible at this whole spy thing, isn't she?

I'm honestly curious. What would a better word for a pony-zebra hybrid than "zony?"

"Weyland" Doo? Has she got a Zebra trading partner named "Yutani" waiting for her in Freeport by any chance? :scootangel:

4990494 Definitely not 'pobra'.

Sunset Shimmer: as adept with kids as she is with planning and making friends.

Also: Kukri is best filly.

Why doesn't she just sell ice sculptures in Freeport?

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