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Progress Report

April 1st Update
Working on Code Geass stuff to avoid pony burnout. Be back soonish.

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Thanks for the favorite for Star Trek: Phoenix! :twilightsmile: If you haven't already, feel free to let me know what you thought in the comments.

Just finished on of your stories then went to another of your stories and saw your OC. Just gotta say it's adorable!:twilightsmile:

At least, as adorable as 200 by 200 pixels gets.:raritywink:

Oh, I hadn't noticed the status update. Good luck with the research, writing, organizing, and general life stuff, and particularly good luck with the hospital!

Arg, waiting till October for more seeking power is going to be a nightmare, but totaly worth it, hope you're doing well amd things aren't to chaotic.

Dang, your stories are works of art!

I’ve recently read the rewrite of Seeking Power on your website and my god is it good, it has all the good parts of the original yet it implements so much more of canon now. too bad there is still Flash.

Amazing work. Both stunning characters, good development, and beautiful word play. I am absolutely delighted to be able to read what you write and do hope you write more in the future!

Looks like there's activity on the fanfiction.net account. :pinkiesad2:

You alive?

Thanks for the fave on The Celestia Code! :twilightsmile:

Congrats for having (in my humble opinion) some really thought out and well written fics. I am extremely eager to read more of your work. Have a great day!

Thanks for the favorite on "Fearless"!

  • Viewing 1 - 13 of 13
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