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Progress Report

November 13th Update
Chapter 41 of The Moon's Apprentice is out for prereading. RL is affecting both me and one of my prereaders especially hard at the moment.

The opening chapter of The Would-Be Queen is in editing for reader friendliness.

A Chrysalis chapter of The Would-Be Queen is finished (and was always reader friendly).

Six or so chapters of the HP story I write (offsite, of course) are mostly done and in need of some polish.

Favorite Favorites

  • MLP Time Loops Twilight Sparkle has been here before. In fact, she's been here so often she's thoroughly bored. Time Loop stories for Equestria. by Saphroneth 2,122,201 words · 31,190 views · 1,645 likes · 74 dislikes
  • Past Sins Can Nightmare Moon, reborn without her hate, ever escape her past? by Pen Stroke 203,015 words · 141,589 views · 10,990 likes · 374 dislikes
  • Sharing the Night Twilight becomes alicorn of the stars. This is sort of a problem, because Luna kind of already was alicorn of the stars. Oops! by Cast-Iron Caryatid 197,614 words · 39,411 views · 3,461 likes · 81 dislikes
  • Flying High What if Twilight Sparkle was born a pegasus, not a unicorn? Would she still be able to help defeat Nightmare Moon with the Elements of Harmony? by arglefumph 107,903 words · 5,095 views · 418 likes · 23 dislikes
  • Night's Favoured Child With her new apprenticeship under Nightmare Moon, Empress of Equestria and Queen of the Eternal Night, the orphan filly Twilight Sparkle plunges head-first into the conspiracies, secrets and intrigues of the Empire. by Municipal Engines 151,320 words · 38,600 views · 3,589 likes · 58 dislikes

Standalone Works

  • The Moon's Apprentice Twilight Sparkle failed her entrance exams for Celestia’s school. Worse, she is a danger to both herself and others, resulting in her magic being suppressed. Dreams crushed and now one of the weakest unicorns, a nightmare comes to her. by Forthwith 412,496 words · 23,313 views · 2,941 likes · 118 dislikes
  • The Would-Be Queen Princess Chrysalis leaves her home behind with nothing more than a guide book and her faithful companion/food source, Myth. After traveling between worlds, the pair arrive in Equestria. Back home, the search for Chrysalis takes an unexpected turn. by Forthwith 10,465 words · 1,054 views · 70 likes · 3 dislikes
  • The Ghosts of Harmony Twilight’s friends were getting old. It was only a matter of time until the worst happened. And what was that terrifying sound? by Forthwith 1,816 words · 4,183 views · 426 likes · 15 dislikes
  • Family Appreciation Day in Canterlot Twilight Sparkle brings her Granny Sparkle in for Family Appreciation Day at Celestia’s school. by Forthwith 2,162 words · 3,324 views · 329 likes · 8 dislikes

Seeking Power Series

  • Seeking Power Archmage Twilight Sparkle barely sleeps between her duties, her research, and raising Spike. Now she also has to deal with an evil goddess’s return. It would have been nice if Celestia had mentioned this a year ago… by Forthwith 166,154 words · 11,644 views · 1,009 likes · 29 dislikes
  • Across the Boundary A collection of side stories for the Seeking Power series. by Forthwith 15,179 words · 2,498 views · 254 likes · 6 dislikes

A series of standalone comedies set in the same continuity – the story of a soon-to-be princess.

Episode One: The Brief Reign of Princess Twily
Episode Two: Twin Twilights
Episode Three: Works Every Time
Episode Four: Twilight Frankenstein
Episode Five: (Upcoming)