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An alternate universe story, in which Twilight Sparkle was born a pegasus, not a unicorn. Because of this, she isn't Princess Celestia's personal student at the School for Gifted Unicorns, and she can't wield the Element of Magic. Can she still help save the world from Nightmare Moon? Or will she fall under the dark powers of nightmares?

This was somewhat inspired by Rainbooms and Royalty, a story in which Princess Celestia picks Rainbow Dash to be her personal student.

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Rainbooms and Royalty was an awesome story :rainbowkiss:

interesting i'm fallowing

Interesting, very interesting. To be honest I wasn't too sure about this but you managed to do very well with the slight tweak to events, you've kept Twilight Twiligth (albeit a bit more mellow without the stress of schooling). I do wonder if she isn't the Element of Magic then who is... or is she still the Last Element? After all magic isn't confined to just the unicorns

This Celestia is a lot more forthcoming, and the books are more helpful too.

I suppose being a pegasus *does* make for a good librarian. You can reach all the high shelves. :derpytongue2:

I like this. Please continue.:pinkiehappy:

Interested. I recommend changing the cover from a gz pic, though. :derpytongue2:


This. I'm sure Derpibooru probably has a half dozen decent pictures of Twilight as a pegasus.

Also I'm following this story, keep up the good work.

Hmm.. does that mean you need to switch one of the pegasus for unicorn, or does magic work with any pony type because the the 'magic' of friendship is a metaphor?

Well, when is twilight (especially pegasus twilight) not honest?

1981454 Wowzers, those are all MUCH better than my silly picture! All I did was delete the horn from an alicorn Twilight picture. I think I'll go with the one which matches this story's prologue. Thanks!


Well I just saw that Scootaloo is a featured character, which brings a horrific yet hilarious image to my mind.

:scootangel: "Cmon Girls, lets go find Twilight Sparkle and ask her how she got her cutie mark! Surely the most awesomest pegasus ever will have a story thats SURE to help us get our marks!"

It's a great concept, but some of the differences are odd. Twilight seems way too informed, and Celestia seems way too forthcoming.

There is only one problem I have with this story: The whole human/pony time comparison. Unless you plan to put humans in the story ,I recommend you remove it. And that is the end of all my complaints.

I love the concept of the story. It's got lots of potential, which I guess is my code for It's a story I really, really, really want to see how it plays out. I don't think I've seen a pegesus Twilight story before(by birth. I've seen quite a few horn and wing swapping ones) . It's new, and looks good so far. Good luck.

Does this mean that either Fluttershy or Rainbow Dash will be an unicorn due to the whole element of magic business? Or are you gonna change the element of magic to something else like in "Faith and Doubt" where the element of magic doesnt exist and in its place is the element of Faith?(which,if you think about it,makes more sense than the last element being Magic due to the whole friendship thing)
PS:You mention humans in this story,does this mean there will be humans in this fic?

Twilight Sparkle: Secret Agent Mare.

I killed Relevant Heavy Metal and turned his face into a mask.

Looks pretty good so far. I'm Following this.

Whos the element of magic if twilight is a pegasi

Should have made the for lunas return 21 december 2012

1986021 Did I mix up winter solstice and summer solstice? Whoops. Let me switch June 9th to a different date.

1981793 Scootaloo gets the feature, because I want the CMC in the story, but I haven't yet figured out a plotline for any of them, besides Scootaloo. I'll have to switch it to a CMC feature, once I figure out a way to get them all involved.

1982305 Aw, but I kind of like the joke that a pony week is only 22 minutes long (the same length as an episode of the TV show). But you're not the only one who got thrown off by that, so I guess it wasn't a very good joke. I'll remove it to prevent confusion.

No im saying u should have made it dec 21 2012 because that is the day the world is supposed to end

I understand that it is a joke. I wasn't saying it was a bad one. It just didn't fit with the rest of your work. I hope I didn't offend.

1986530 No, I think removing the paragraph about humans was for the best. It interrupted the flow of the story. Thanks for the feedback!

1982250 ah, but you see there's a brilliant subtlety there. Celestia is forthcoming because she's not teaching Twilight anything; Twilight is a resource of the state like any Royal Guard who Celestia sees as a good pony who could help her in her time of need. Twilight is more informed about general knowledge because she's much less informed about her standard 'verse's specific talent: magic. As a pegasus, Twilight latched onto her reading habits as a way to self-actualize, maintaining her very delicate self esteem through her diligence and intellect rather than her diligence, intellect and immense magical talent. Without one of her three primary skills, she has refined the other two and become more social and knowledgeable as a result.


Part of me was hoping that Dash was going to be a unicorn or something, and thus of no interest to Scootaloo.

Lost princess? Does the title refers to Iwilight?

Scootaloo being a fan of Twilight instead of Rainbow Dash... that is actually an interesting idea which i have never seen before(except in The Purple Coat but that is only because Twilight adopts Scootaloo in that story so it doesn't count),it would be another way to make this universe unique beyond Twilight being an unicorn.
P.S:I just realised this now but how is Spike in this story? Because in this universe Twilight never hatched him due to not having any magic.


Clearly Unicorn!Rainbow Dash hatched him during her entrance exam at PCSFGU, but decided that a dragon assistant is "totally uncool" or something. Or maybe it was Rarity. Or maybe his egg just hatched on its own, its not like dragons can only hatch if they're exposed to unicorn magic or something, otherwise the entire species would be extinct by now.

Hell I dunno.


I would be incredibly surprised if it referred to anypony besides Luna.

Then unicorn Rainbow Dash is an idiot, i mean, who the hell would not like to have an assistant that belongs to a race that breathes fire and whose adult forms have wings who are considered almost invencible compared to normal ponies, my guess would be that Celestia just got tired of waiting for an unicorn to hatch Spike and just did it herself because at that rate that damn egg would never dissapear.

1996683 I'm thinking more along the lines of Scootaloo being a fan of Twilight, in addition to being a fan of Rainbow Dash.

I'm not sure if all of Spike's backstory will be included, but it's something like this. Princess Celestia knows that she wants to find a unicorn who is the Element of Magic, so she used the "hatch a dragon egg" test to find a unicorn who was really good at magic. The Princess did find a good student, but then...something happened. I'll refer you to this line of the story; you can let your imagination go wild from there:

The Princess hadn't had any personal students, ever since...well, ever since the incident that the Princess never talked about.

1990562 Nope! Luna is the lost princess. Also, Pegasus Twilight :twilightsmile: > Alicorn Twilight :twilightoops:.

Blueblood? He hatched the egg... ok that is interesting... at least it's not Trixie...

Good chapter, and I still stand by my earlier comments about the Sixth Element.

Okay, I've got a couple issues here. First, a 'filly' is a female foal. A foal is a child of a horse, or pony in this case. You might wanna change that. And they do use the words 'girl', 'boy', 'children' and 'kids' in the show, so that's fine too.

So Rainbow Dash is not a unicorn:applecry:.
Anyway i must admit i was not expecting Blueblood being the one to hatch the egg, i can honestly say i have never seen that before in any fic but since he apparently did something very bad he will not use the element of magic which means there is still the problem of just who is gonna use the element of magic(maybe Fluttershy is a unicorn to maintain the 2 earth ponies,2 pegasus and 2 two unicorns thing from the show or maybe its Applejack who is the other unicorn and Fluttershy is an earth pony in this universe:pinkiegasp:)

Fluttershy as an Earth Pony? POSEY :yay:

"reads comment,has no idea who Posey is,search Google and finds Posey Tumblr)
Oh my god Posey is so adorable, i now wish for Fluttershy to be an earth pony if she is that adorable and let Applejack be this(best Applejack unicorn i could find)

I can’t shake the feeling that discord is somehow behind Twilight being a Pegasus. Not just an inspired plot point.:applejackunsure:
Or I could just be crazy.:pinkiecrazy:

My only complaint though is that you referrer to Spike as a “filly” which means a young female, or a girl in other words.

1987537 Doesn't wash. This version of Twilight still has no friends, so making her *more* socialized makes no sense. If anything, she should be *less* socialized, because at least canon-Twilight didn't have all the unicorns around her actively snubbing her (from what we saw). Also, there's no beating canon-Twilight's ability to learn stuff. If she hadn't known N.M.'s real identity, then nopony else could have learned it either. And finally, your portrayal of Celestia is so machiavellian as to be completely out of character for her.

1998619 Pegasus Twilight has more social skills than Unicorn Twilight, mainly because of her assistant librarian job at the university. The job forced her to deal with other ponies, so she has years more experience in that area. Celestia also had some influence in this area; she wanted to help Twilight, because her first impression of Twilight was "lonely pegasus without any friends". I suppose that's a bit more positive than Unicorn Twilight's relationship with Celestia; Unicorn Twilight is scared to death of her .

As for Celestia, I'm still not sure what her thoughts were, during the first episode of My Little Pony. When Twilight comes to her with valid concerns about Nightmare Moon, Celestia casually brushes them aside as "silly old mare's tales" and forces Twilight to go to Ponyville. That's withholding information from Twilight, then putting her in the place where she most needs that information; Twilight doesn't even learn about the Elements of Harmony until Episode 2, after Nightmare Moon appears. So...what was Celestia thinking? Was she being grossly incompetent, or deliberately manipulative?

1997445 I thought "filly" could be used as a gender-neutral term, like "child" or "kid". At least, I seem to recall Cheerilee calling her students "fillies", even though there are some male students. But maybe I was wrong, so I'll change it. Thanks for pointing that out!

do the others change too?

Interesting concept, I loved rainbooms and royalty.

However, I think you've contradicted yourself here. In chapter 2 you mention the five elements that they know of, then you mention that Celestia's looking for a unicorn to be the element of magic in the third chapter. Did you make a mistake there, or is there supposed to be seven elements in this fic?

I am curious... What is Twilights cutiemark?

A subtle hint at Twilight adopting Scootaloo? Or just mentorship.:unsuresweetie:

2008907 From Chapter 2:
Twilight Sparkle loved to read, so much that she had a book for a cutie mark.

Diamond Tiara: The Element of Laughter

...Twi, you're doing it wrong.

2008782 I think it makes sense, if you don't mind my replying to your comment. I think that Celestia would know what the 6th element was, even if it wasn't in any books, because she has actually seen and used the elements of harmony. Seeing that she has had experience with them, It makes sense that she would know what the hidden element is. Those are just my thoughts.

Oh Twilight you really need to get out more...

Please do the adopting thing because Scootaloo deserves a family and there already are many stories where Dash adopts Scootaloo so one less is not gonna make a difference and there only exists one story where Twilight adopts Scootaloo.

Element of Laughter - Diamond Tiara?

Seems legit.

2008782 There are six elements, but just like in the show, nopony knows what the sixth element is. Celestia knows that it's the Element of Magic (because she's used the Elements in the past), but she hasn't told anypony about it.

2008782 Nope! Twilight is the only pony to change races. I would totally support a story with something like Unicorn Rainbow Dash, though.

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