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One day, Rarity realizes how much her life resembles her favorite romance novel, Pride and Prejudice. Like Elizabeth Bennet, Rarity is from an all-girl family, she is well-mannered (though a bit headstrong at times), and she has dreams of entering high society. Her parents seem to resemble the Bennets, too, seeing as Father is a bit of a jokester and Mother is overly obsessed with her daughters' love lives.

Struck by these similarities, Rarity decides to have a little fun. When reading Pride and Prejudice to Sweetie Belle as a bedtime story, Rarity changes the story so she is the main character. How will the new-and-improved Miss Bennet deal with the upscale-but-cold-mannered Mr. Darcy? Will they find true love with each other, or will they be blinded by their own pride and prejudice?

Done in celebration of the 200th anniversary of Pride and Prejudice.

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In the meantime, Sweetie wants to be reading Tolkien and Robert E Howard.

My headcanon says Sweetie loves classic high adventure literature.

But I digress, Pride and Prejudice is at least better than the likes of Wuthering Heights. The mother of all sappy chickflick literature, that.

Ok, you caught my interest:eeyup:

Ah, a new chapter! Good memories of that book, eyep. :eeyup:

Thanks for writing this! :pinkiehappy:

So... despite the name, this isn't going to be a parody of 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' with ponies?

In that case, I'm in.

Lol:rainbowlaugh: this is getting good.:eeyup: and ten bits Mr. Darcy will be there when they go visit.

Dat last part.. :derpytongue2:

Ehee! Still loving this!

"Rarity, no fashioning."

Oh, Rarity's Mom. :facehoof:

"Ridiculous!" Mrs. Bennet said. "Do you think I was honest with suitors, when I was being courted? Why, to this day, my husband still doesn't know my real age!"

"My dear wife," Mr. Bennet said. "You can't hide the truth from me. I know for a fact that you're forty-five—"

"THIRTY-TWO!" Mrs. Bennet yelled.

"Um, I'm twenty-two," Fluttershy said.

*dies of laughter*

I'm guessing the chapters you skipped is just boring stuff or not much happened in them.

2980245 Pretty much. I skipped about that much when I read the original book too.

2980245 2980386 In the original story, Jane (AKA Fluttershy) stays at Mr. Bingley's for four days, because she's sick. The book details pretty much every conversation which takes place during that time. In this story, I just included the first and last conversations of the heroine and Mr. Darcy over the four days.

Can I hit Spike, please.:twilightangry2:

Pfffft dat ending.

Well, I'm getting a feeling something bad is going too happen between Spike and Mr. Darcy.:eeyup:

Oh applesauce, the bad feeling is back.:twilightoops:

Ahh! Not Blueblood! :twilightsheepish:

I'll bet he even cheats at cards. Hardly a fitting gentleman!

Snowflake's... Saddles?
The big white pony with the muscles and tiny wings?
Selling saddles?

Anyway this chapter was awesome as always. Please keep writing more!

Well the crap is about to hit the fan.

Scat storm inbound sir, prepare the shelters.:eeyup:

Loved this chapter although I was a bit put off by Blueblood taking on that role.

Better then Spike I would think.:eeyup:

Oh oh,:pinkiegasp: bad feeling bad feeling alert.:applejackunsure: And it's a big one its saying.:derpyderp1:

Oh.... buck.

Pow! Right in the...everything. :fluttercry::raritydespair:

Curse you Bingley. I suspect foul play.

Comment posted by BobtheLurker deleted Sep 3rd, 2013

...*BOOM* and the category 9 storm just hit and it will continue for a while.:eeyup:

This roller coaster of emotion is insane.:applejackconfused:

3154125 The general setup I'm using is Sweetie Belle for Mary, Rainbow Dash for Kitty and Pinkie Pie for Lydia. But I'm not sticking to that setup very closely. If there's a scene where it makes the most sense for Rainbow Dash to say a line, I'm going to have her say it, even if Kitty wasn't the person who said the line in the original.

3155786 I know! It totally caught me off guard when all these interesting things started happening back-to-back-to-back in the book! After this, though, the book returns to having long, drawn-out conversations of little interest.

>An outgoing mare


Can I kill Trixie, Spike and Chrysalis please:pinkiecrazy: Anyways, let us move along.

I have a sudden urge too kill Blueblood now:pinkiecrazy: well, things are sure escalating.:eeyup:

It looks like Twilight is going to make a good owner wife for Spike. How cute! He doesn't seem like a bad dragon, he just needs somepony who won't put up with his nonsense.

Oh dear, Blueblood is running off with Pinkie. Of all the things that could happen... :raritycry:

...uh, may I retract all negative remarks about Mr. Darcy and that he is in fact a good stallion.:eeyup:

You may. Court adjourned!

:pinkiegasp: Pinkie Pie you are so random!

Oh, seems like another family has fallen for his scam:twilightangry2:

Well, my emotions are on the roller coaster again.:raritycry::twilightangry2::flutterrage::twilightsmile:, happy face is for Fluttershy and Mac.

I agree with Mr. Bennet:eeyup:

"...On the cheek! But then, he turned his head a little and...":duck:

Finished off just the way I'd hoped it would be.

3171424 The views and opinions expressed by Fluttershy in this story do not coincide with the views of the author, fimfiction.net or Hasbro.

3220686 :pinkiegasp:

3214210 I was unhappy with the marriage of Lydia/Wickham and Charlotte/Collins in the original book, so I tried to improve upon them, at least a little bit. I didn't want to doom Pinkie or Twilight to a lifetime of unhappiness!

Nice.:eeyup: and just out of curiosity, are you planning on making a story based off of that book by the same author?:rainbowderp: that's ok if your not.

Simply beautiful.
If only I could click the Favorite button multiple times...

Pretty good so far, I'm just a little confused with all the names... but I like this story :twilightsmile:

That "wham line" at the end... I got shivers down my whole spine! Run Rarity! Run before you actually get invested in "Mr. Wickham".

"Want me to beat him up for you?"

"Fitzwilliam Darcy!"


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