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Blueblood just wants to run his charity and be left alone, but High Society - and starry-eyed mares - have other plans.

He's not a good stallion, but maybe he's a better one than even he would guess. Now if only he'd stop being so cynical...

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First foray onto fimfiction...this site has already eaten most of my free time, might as well register and give it the rest.:derpyderp2:

Anyway, I like walking roads less traveled with my fanfiction, both in reading and in writing. Part of the appeal of MLP for me is its inherently optimistic nature. Aside from the cosmic villains, antagonists of the show are rarely "evil." They may come off as mean, but the conflict with them is the result of incompatible personalities rather than evident maliciousness. Trixie, Gilda and the like never seem to feel that their actions are wrong, it's just the kind of person they are. They're a lot more flawed than the pleasant ponies of Ponyville, but that doesn't necessarily make them bad.

Thus said, I wasn't big on the idea of writing a "It's all a big misunderstanding, he/she is actually a saint!" fic. I like flawed characters, and I'm enjoying writing Blueblood: Better than Rarity realized, but still judgmental, vain, and more than a little wimpy.

Anyway, thanks for giving my first attempt at MLP:FIM fiction a go.:twilightsmile:

Chapter 2 of the Chronicles. Little less slapstick, little more character to it, and just as much delicious irony. More of all three in the next chapter.

Yes, I know that Discord "doesn't turn ponies to stone," and totally just did in the above chapter. I'm going with the following:

1. It serves as a good answer to "where was Celestia when everything was going ploin-shaped and chocolatey?", and
2. Discord? A liar? With a mean sense of humor? Who'da thunk?

Thanks for reading.:twilightsmile:

Derp it, gal! My headcanon Derpy is the original one, in all her "Tabitha thought she was voice-acting a boy" glory. A well-intentioned klutz who is NOT EMO.

As for Blueblood, well, Stallion's gotta learn to act like a stallion.

Thanks for reading.:twilightsmile:

I went ahead and added to favorites so I remember to read it later, looking forward to it.

All this time I thought Blueblood was a dick. In fact, the dick was rarity. Nice writing.


Absolutely adorable. Thumbed and faved.

Huh, interesting take on Blueblood :rainbowhuh:
This is the first time I'e seen him depicted... humane and not a douche bag character.

Loving this so far. Very different view on Blueblood. Nice work! :yay:

To be honest, I really like this take on Blueblood's character. :pinkiesmile:

There are very few stories where Blueblood gets a chance to be something different than the snapshot view we had. Good to see another one.

I like to think that Discord has a sense of honor and isn't the type to do something that would effectively kill someone, but I can understand why authors do that.


I've always liked the "Passive-Aggressive" Blueblood interpretation.

And "a lot more flawed than the pleasant ponies of Ponyville" is really underestimating the "pleasant ponies of Ponyville" at their worst. These "pleasant ponies of Ponyville" have caused far greater property damage and endangered far more lives than the jerk-level antagonists have. There's a difference between making Fluttershy cry, and repeatedly almost killing her due to recklessness. When mental domination of children is considered an reasonable alternative to handing in an assignment late, there's a very real sense of "other people don't matter".

I get that the antagonists are meant to be disliked, but I won't hate them for crossing a line that our lovable protagonists set themselves on fire and run screaming over on multiple occasions.

I'm looking at the likes, looking at the views, I see it's about Blueblood.

Meh, I'll read it later. When I have time of course.

Awesome. You have yourself a dedicated reader. :ajsmug:

Okay, this is fantastic. Favoriting and reading the next two chapters ASAP.

Brilliance! Pure brilliance and unending entertainment! Have my cold severed thumbs. Not like I need them.

Awesome. Not just 'justification' of Blueblood, but actually good, solid personality. Also... SHIPPING WITH DERPY? :derpytongue2: niiiiice

God I love this story!, is blueblood gonna get shipped with someone....rarity? Derpy?

A Blueblood/Derpy ship. Now THAT'S thinking outside the bottle 'o' ships.

Wow another story that presents another possible side to Blueblood? Excellent my good author. Derpy x anyone is best pairing.


That's a valid way of looking at it. Though I'm going to give Twilight a by, as bowel-clenching panic makes fools of us all. :raritycry:

Still, quite in agreement that the "villains" need to be given a decent shot.

Blueblood's trying to improve his personality. Been a while since I've cracked open a bible, but I think that's one of the signs of the apocalypse.

You know, right alongside Fluttershy knowing karate.

Oh...aw, dangit.

Thanks for reading anyway.:twilightsmile:

I gotta admit. I kinda like this angle you take with blueblood :)

Seems different, added to my list of stories to read...which I really need to read at some point. Maybe after Resident Equestria is finished.

well not my kind of story. Diary notes just gets boring to me but if you like that sort of thing im sure you will like it for me its not what i looked for.

Now, you got me hooked up onto this fully with this chapter. Iäm really looking up to the next chapter :pinkiehappy:

I enjoyed this quite a bit more than expected. don't you dare stop writing this story, i don't wanna file under "Unfinished Awesomeness":eeyup:

also have a thumb and a fave.

I'm honestly enjoying this story and those seem to get rarer and rarer as time goes on. Please continue.

Oh and since I never get to give these. Have a Big Mac :eeyup:

Quite an entertaining story so far. I will be waiting to see where you take this next. :pinkiehappy:

I'm enjoying how you're working Blueblood's perspective into the episodes. It feels well thought out. :twilightsmile:

I think I like this Blueblood. Not has much as groundhog day Blueblood but this one is still great.

"Aunt Celly's amazingly hot and I ran screaming from the room."

And then I spent the next several minutes trying not to fall out of my chair from laughing.

Love the way Blueblood's character has so much more depth, feels like an expansion of cannon rather than a total rewrite. Top job.

Upon starting to read this i have only one thing to say. I absolutely love it! :twilightsheepish: The way you write Blue blood into a character who in fact is very very likable is something that i've almost never seen in any of the fan fictions i've read and you write with a perfect blend of humor and seriousness that's got me waiting for the next chapter :) Bravo sir! :moustache:

How did you manage to pull off a BluebloodxDitzy Doo fic and actually make Blueblood likeable in under 1000 words!? This travesty should be examined by scientists.

Poor Rarity... bad first impression cost you a prince. Ah well, Ditzy and Bluey would make a cute... if unfortunately prone to chaos, couple. High Society would either kick them out, turn itself inside out, or just go walleyes.

And Blueblood never spoke a truer word than "Lemmings! I'm surrounded by Lemmings!"

Rarity: You know what we need? a musical segment! A montage to the tune of "Best Pet" or "Stitch by Stitch," following us as I teach you about being a proper gentlecolt.

Blueblood: No, that would be dumb.

Rarity: Come on. Dan already has one partially written!

Blueblood: Dan can shut the hell up, we're not singing!


Thanks for reading. Derp it.:derpytongue2:

(As a side note, it's kind of tricky to write this version of Blueblood. Too nice, and he feels like a Mary-Sue who is too out of character from the show. Too mean, and he's too unlikeable for a misunderstanding/redemption fic. You gotta have just the right combination of altruism and jackassery.:trollestia:)

Oh god I loved this chapter! Blueblodd vs Rarity... I wish I could have been there in person. Good writing, Rune :raritywink:

Hey, you made the featured box!

Hey, there's a new chapter!

Both of these things are awesome.

The interactions between Rarity and Blueblood are absolutely fantastic. They make much better frenemies than lovers, I think :raritywink:

So THAT'S what happened all along! (Oh dear, poor Rarity, if only you hadn't tried so hard...)

Cracked up at his responses to Fluttershy and "Abby"...

So far so good if you ask me.

Are you going to triangle this or play it straight ship? Out of curiousity...:raritystarry:

I wasn't expecting that. This is awesome! Keep up the great work! :pinkiehappy:

You gave so much character to this background pony... Its so damn impressive!

I'll allow myself to reiterate the comment I made before -- your writing is simply brilliant! I enjoyed the story so much I'll be obsessing over what will happen next until... Well, the next chapter comes.

Keep up the stunning work! :yay:

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