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This story is a sequel to The Strange Destiny of Prince Blueblood

Following the events of "The Strange Destiny of Prince Blueblood," our semi-hero's life has been flipped and turned upside down. Despite his attempts to start over fresh, however, his past—both recent and distant—keeps coming back to haunt him and the ponies he cares about.

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HA. Now i can finally find out who he is dating, not that open ended crap you threw at me before HAZA i say. Have at you! :moustache:

Aww, and I was hoping for Rarity x Blueblood. Oh well, I still enjoy your stories. :raritywink:

"prissy little crown-chaser!" I was rooling in my chair laughing literally i fell over... my head hurts :fluttercry:


:pinkiecrazy::HEARRRRRRS PINKIE!!!!!
Random Brony:Dude theres no Pinkamina just calm down and read it ,jeez.Quit jumping to conclusions .
Me:B-b-b-b-b-but she-e-es in the p-p-p-picture!!!!
Random Brony :Dude , stop reading girmdark before bed.
Me:I don't read grimdark.:rainbowderp:
:pinkiecrazy::Yes just keeep on telling yourself that...

Oh by the way I really don't read grimdark.:twilightsmile:

Ah, what a way to end a chapter. Good thing three is out

AHHHH TWILIGHT, BOOOOO.... i was hoping for Derpy x Prince.... Sigh... saih la ve i will follow as always i am always a Fan of the prince.

There are far to few twiblood stories and I love that this has it. Keep it up.:yay:

That beating was downright brutal to BB. Hope the karma fairy catches em and gives them a good talking to. Though to be fair, their fathers or little sister or something cliche like that was kill or something by the undead and reanimated in front of their very own eyes. So they have to the right to be mad, but vengeace is never the right way (according to comics). But one question. Why was it only stallions and not mares in the beating too? Just thinking PC.

Good thing there's a spell for everything. Hopefully healing too.

833411 I was already there when he burst in on Cheerilee's class to tell her he got a job.

Yes! I have caused actual physical harm to a reader. My work here is done :trixieshiftleft:

There's actually a non-sexist reason for that, don't worry. It'll be addressed as the story goes on :twilightsmile:

Honestly, I just couldn't find a vector image of Pinkie looking angry besides that one. The banner's a placeholder I threw together; I'm hoping to get an actual artist to do something for me on this story.


I really wanted Twilight x Blueblood.

Just to piss Shining Armor off. Hate that guy.

That title picture is the funniest thing I've seen all day.


Okay, good start. The cows want hazard pay, Blueblood becomes a farmer, and now he's been beaten to a pulp by an angry mob. Probably not for the first or last time.

And it seems you are going with TwiBlood, after all. Hmm. After some consideration (and the hilarious book argument scene) I think I might just be okay with that. But if Blue breaks the Best Pony's heart, the fury of a thousand Fluttershies shall be unleashed upon him. :flutterrage:

Thumbs-upped and Tracked.

834058Let me guess ,the other pics had either Bloody Pinkamina , or pinkie not even angry,just assuming from personal experience.*shudders from memory*:pinkiesick:

To Those who beat up Blueblood:
Anyway, excellent chapter, with the beginnings of TwiBlood? Or BlueLight...
Eh, I don't know official shipping names.
Either way, keep it up.

Lol. Awesome story, again, Kavonde. I've read from the first chapter to here, and I can't wait for more! Blueblood, you have become my favorite stallion.

Holy crud! I just relized how ironic this whole situation is on a meta level. Here we have BB beaten up really badly. Now on many occasions, people would welcome such a beating on this level happening to him (just for being mean to Rare) in any other fan work. But now that it finally happens to him after indirectly causing an apocalypse, we feel bad to the poor guy and can't help but cringe. Shows how likeable this guy can be if written right.

I do sense a golden age for Blueblood fanfiction wise also. Nowadays, I'm seeing him painted in a more postive note. I'm liking that. Outta the way Gilda and Trixie, BB's getting some stories now.

836536 Sparkleblood Duh
Also, I guessed It was Twi x Blueblood in the last cjapter of the last fic in this series :P

Wow... Don't mess with Ponyville.:pinkiegasp:
Poor Prince Blueblood... He deserves some measure of beating after what happened, and even he has thought so in the past, but not to THAT extent.

First, also great chapter blue blood is an awesome character and you do a good job writing him after his breakdown in your earlier story :yay: I prefer redeemed blueblood than evil or idiotic blueblood

Oh no!:raritydespair: BB's new friend!
Okay, there's a difference between hating someone and taking your anger out on a poor mare because you don't like that someone. Those... those...
Oh, they better pay...

Tracked... I really need to know how this is going to end!


All right, so we got a mystery on our hooves. Somepony (or non-pony?) is out to get Blueblood, and we now know that they'll take down anypony who stands up for him, too. Poor Cloud Kicker. Can't wait to see the bastards hang for that. Also, we can probably rule out Sawtooth and his contractors. Even ignoring their claims that they didn't jump Blueblood, they're the obvious suspects. And I have a feeling that this thing goes a lot deeper and darker than a few vengeful construction workers. Maybe Tyranny is involved, somehow? Bending people to his will is his whole shtick, and we know he can project his will onto other people like he did with the Cadance construct thing. Maybe part of his mind escaped imprisonment, and he's weaponizing ponies to take his revenge. That's my theory, for now.

Also, BlossomBlood? Huh. Didn't see that one coming. And Twi isn't taking it well. I expect war to be declared, shortly. :twilightangry2:

Finally, Cheerilee and Mac are having problems? Hmm. I'm guessing Blue staying with Cheerilee has something to do with it. Also, drunk, party-mode Cheeriliee is Best Cheerilee. :rainbowlaugh:

846342 I think it's more interesting if Tyranny isn't involved. If it's just others feeling strongly, on their own, that Blueblood's crimes warrant this, and that anyone siding with him deserve the same.

Nooooooooo not Cloud Kicker! She's too awesome!

So Blossomforth gets pissed sometimes? I'll bet this will be one of those times. Both she and Big Mac are gonna go Liam Neeson on whoever is responsible.

So if it ain't Mr. Contractors. Then who can it be? Dun-dun-dun?

And Blueblood and Blossomforth.

M. Night Shaymalan: What a twist!

So would that be Blueblossom then or something? Blue can be a color for blossoms right? Curse not knowing my herbology or whatevs.

Hmm, been a few days since I replied to comments! Let's see, here...

834209 835125 843483
Mwahaha...mwahahahaha...MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :pinkiecrazy:

Somewhere, in some universe, Lyra sees that picture and freaks the hell out.

Yeah, I've gotta say, between "The Blueblood Chronicles," "The Best Night Ever," and my stories, he seems to be getting some love. Maybe the writers will even give him some actual development in season 3?

845823 845980

Sure, a blossom's just a generic term for a flower, and I've seen plenty of blue flowers. Although I don't think shipnames necessarily have to make sense.

Ahem... FIRST!!

Ooh, the plot thickens... and both Shining and Blue will HAVE to interact, won't they? :ajsmug: Oh, I wonder what will come of that, or if Cadence will ever come up in a conversation?

Well, interesting turn.
Also, seems to be a bit BluebloodxHarem right now. Or just more than one potential love interest.
As always, looking forward to the next chapter.

I would like to say 'the plot thickens,' but it seems I was beaten to it.
This is getting good, attacks, love triangle-ish thing, Shining Armour seemingly more agressive than Twilight remembers...
I can't wait to see what comes next.

very interesting story I cant wait to read more

Still voting for Twi x Blue, just to piss Shining off.

BlossomxBlue FTW!!!!!

Poor twi, she's got it bad for blue. Hopefully it'll all work out in the end though

Shining armour seems to have taken a few cues from jack bauer.

metaphorical hat in hand


80's Cheerilee is best pony.

So, it looks like maybe a big Bank is involved after all! :trollestia:

Cloud Kicker really should remember what happened to the last pony she banged in the hospital.


THAT'S IT! Cloud Kicker is secretly a femme fatale assassin!

The pairing is BlueBlossom?
Please; continue.


Hmm. The plot thickens, indeed. I have some very vague ideas as to what's going on, besides the possible Tyranny thing, but I'll hold off explaining them until more evidence emerges.

Pinkie Pie "glaring daggers?" Rarity resorting to petty name calling? Do you really hate Blueblood so much that you feel the need to have other character go wildly out of character just for the sake of being mean to him?

In particular, with Rarity, he has a totally valid point. She was chasing after his crown and the status associated with it. She knew nothing about him other than that he was a prince. That was kind of the point of the gala episode: that fantasy-driven Disney-esque "marry a prince" fantasy is basically stupid. I think it's pretty reasonable for Blueblood to call her out on it.

Anyway, even if Rarity were mad I think she'd be far more subtle about it that yelling insults at him. And Pinkie being mad doesn't make such sense at all. I've just about come to expect that the whole point of these stories is just to bash Blueblood for the sake of bashing him, but at least keep the other characters in-character when you do it.

Twilight's awkward advances and blatant jealousy are so cute! :twilightblush:

Oh, and please correct the spelling of "hors d'oeuvres" immediately.

Did you read "The Strange Destiny of Prince Blueblood?" Rarity and Pinkie Pie have more recent reasons to be mad at Blueblood. (In addition to the town being nearly destroyed by him.)

Google failed me?! Inconceivable!

So the Canterlot Statue Gardens are the official Equestrian prison system? :trollestia:

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