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I like ponies.
And drawing.
And writing.
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Celestia, in an attempt to get her young nephew off his high horse, has Blueblood go outside and meet new ponies. While outside he bumps into a poster of nopony else but The Great and Powerful Trixie. Will anything come of this? Stay tuned and find out!

This fanfic was proofed by the amazing AlicornPriest: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/AlicornPriest

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Seems good so I will now start reading it.:twilightsmile:

not bat,not bad

I read it and I honestly think its well writen.Well I don't know whether you consider this a compliment because I have never writen a story before and plus Im only 12.Heh Heh.......:twilightblush:

The fandom NEEDS more Trixie/Blueblood stories. Sure, shipping Trixie with Twilight is great and all, but I much prefer this pairing (only partially because I'm a fairly staunch TwiDash shipper)

Seems pretty good to me.
The descriptions are well done, and the choice of words isn't too simplistic nor too complex.
Needless to say, this looks like it can get interesting. Well, it's quite an interesting shipping, and I must say I haven't seen it more than once or twice.

Bottom line: Nice start. Now, the real deal starts when Blueblood meets Trixie.
...I'm starting to think too much about it.

BluebloodXTrixie shipping:pinkiegasp:...Now that's something you don't see everyday!

A first fanfiction eh? Well let’s take a look at this. Kind of busy so I have to be quick about this:


The wind silently swept through the fields of the grass surrounding Canterlot castle. Each blade seemed to carry their own story with them. Some stories of despair and others of hope. Our story today is an odd one. One of love and redemption.

This is a good start for setting an atmosphere but I can’t help but feel you went about it the wrong way. Blades of grass are one in a million and there’s little to no distinction between them, making it difficult to say that there was a story with them. The key word here is distinction.

>>Severe repetitious use of wind and weather.

>>Blatant amounts of telling instead of showing.

>>Contradiction of emotions. He took a deep breath to calm himself and then yelled at a servant.

>>Could use minor proofreading

Honestly, this chapter should have, at minimum, hit around three thousand words considering descriptive details, showing vs. telling, etc. It’s not a bad first fanfiction (oh, not by far. I’ve read things that could make flowers wilt) but it’s missing a few elements. I wish I could have gone into further detail with this, but I need to go.

Recap: Good, but it has a lot more untapped potential.

I'm gonna hang around for this one. Very well written! The Blueblood/Trixie ship is something that I've never heard so I wanna see how you play the characters in the story.

855794 Even though it is something you should see every day. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright: In fact, by the end of the series, this pairing better be cannon.


Quoted for truth.

Trixie could finally find the fame she was looking for by becoming a top performer in the Canterlot Court!

What do you call cliffhanger that has no suspense whatsoever, but still manages to leave you frustrated?:twilightangry2:

Hmmm... A cliffstraddler?

Nice chapter.

Let the shipping commence. Looking forward to the next chapter.

I like this version of Trixie. You actually get the point of the character's career; she is an entertainer which means she'd be less inclined to insult her audience. Blublood isn't as annoying in this story either, so kudos for that.

Peace Out and Tracked.

I agree that you held both characters perfectly. I can't wait for the next chapter!!!:yay:

Now this is what I call a match made in hell. :rainbowlaugh:

Soooo goood!:yay:

I've never seen anyone write this side of Trixie, it's very humbling for her character. I believe the same can be said for Blueblood in this chapter. Very well done! i can't wait for the next chapter!

And this is what the fandom does. It takes characters with no background and gives them character.
And finally, a Trixie ship that is not with Twilight. That actually makes a degree of sense.

There is a general rule of mine that if it has a picture, it's not crack. The fact that there is an image means that this is a possibility that could be explored.

Not only is Trixie X Blueblood legit, It's also something the community as a whole can explore.

I do not know how I feel about this.

Regardless, good start sir, you get a like.:moustache:

Hmm. I see most potential. Wow me and I'll favorite thou.:moustache:

Know how I said wow me, and get favorited last chapter?

Consider me wowed.:moustache:

This must be the first time someone describes the inside of Trixie`s caraban. :rainbowderp:
Cant wait to read the diner.

Call me an ignorant toaster, but there was a Trixie/Braeburn story?


Search Trixie and Braeburn in the Browse. You'll be surprised. It's more popular then you would think.:twilightsmile:

This is an interesting little fic. I look forward to see how it progresses.

Chapter 5 should be out by Monday, at the very latest Tuesday. :twilightangry2: Stupid computer is stupid.

Interesting, we need more stories of Trixie and Blueblood.

Chapter's been done for a while. Just waiting for it to get proofed. :pinkiehappy:

Just thought I'd pop in to say good work. Like it so far and can't wait for the next chapter. Thumb up, faved and tracking.

Good luck with your future work, have a great day.

Hunter C. Creed

YAY! UPDATE!!! The fact that Trixie took the first initiative really shows that she can have a heart, maybe showing how broken she is.

This is indeed interesting. Let's see where it goes from here.

its nice to see that both of them get some love :)

Awww, it's good to see Blueblood not being so snobbish and actually concerned for somepony. On the other had I'm actually worried about Trixie's condition, she isn't fairing well as a travelling performer, how will she be able to take care of her malnourishment? Soooo ready for the next chapter!!!

I hope Trixie is okay. This story is great! Can't wait for more.

Celestia is going to meet Trixie. Am I the only one that senses trouble on the horizon?:applejackunsure:

Such a tragic story of Trixie's past. She not looking very well either. Unfortunately, I think it will get worse for her and soon.:applecry:

That was... depressing, to say the least. I have to agree with Frankie, I have a feeling things aren't going to just get better, at least, not before they get worse.

Hunter C. Creed

Time for the Doubts.

Her shows are not earning her any more bits. Trixie is weak and sick. Now she finds out Celestia want to meet her during dinner that night. I don't think she will be able to be as forthcoming about her condition to Blueblood like she wanted. I just hope a certain lavender unicorn doesn't happen to show up.

Or even worse, a certain white unicorn...

1157261 :pinkiegasp:
You're not planning on having all of the mane six show up, are you?:twilightoops:


Well, I dunno :trollestia:

I guess we'll see about that in the next chapter. :twilightsmile:

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