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When Rarity blew up at Blueblood at the Grand Galloping Gala, it was a turning point for the young stallion. He learned once more to apologize, his beloved Aunt Celestia said she was proud of him for something of his own doing, and upon reflecting, it made Blueblood think;

Am I worthy?

Do I deserve to be here?

If so, why am I here?

Those questions, he could not answer. But that is why he left; to use the gift instilled upon his flank and find out those questions with the hope of returning as a better pony.

A good pony.

A great pony.

Warning: If you hate Blueblood, this is not a story for you. What would one expect from such a title?

Chapters (18)
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Comments ( 91 )

I really love the idea. Personally, I never hated the guy, but the times I did, it was because of his attitude. You're having Blueblood get rid of his snobbish nature, and you can bet alot of people would like that.

I'd be honored to be a beta-reader for you.:twilightsmile: (First post, woo!)

I am most definitely following this story. I look forward to future chapters.

So far, I only find one snag: Trixie. You seem to be setting up a romance between her and Blue, and... I'm honestly sick of seeing that.

Eh, it's just a nitpick. Happy writing.

BLUEBLOOD REDEMPTION FIC! OH HAPPY DAYS!!!! :yay: you have earned a mustache. :moustache:
Ten out of ten! :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:


Well, I didn't exactly plan on a romance, but to give BB that feel like 'I've been repaced?!' but that's as far as I can go before it's a spoiler. I think it already is.

4652691 lol. It's alright. I ship him with Gilda myself.


I never saw that ship. I might check it out.

4652756 oh, I don't have a fic, but the group your story is now in has some interesting ideas under "Blueblood's relationships".

This story has a decent premise.

Unfortunately, the story does not deliver it as well as it could have been.
The plot you've come up with is heartwarming, with a hint of tragedy and a little foreshadowing for future heartbreak. But the pacing is off and what should have been lovingly elaborated upon is squeezed into a mere 1000 words.

Also, there is the presence of minor grammatical errors.

With work, this could be one of the best stories on the site.

Yay! Princess trixie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I for one am intrigued as to where the story will go: both with what Blueblood did on his quest and what will happen upon his return. There were a couple of small errors: 'hollow' should be 'hallow' and in the part '...interested up until...' the word 'up' should be removed, but fine otherwise. Looking forward to more. :pinkiesmile:

Blueblood thought to himself as he turned tail, but when he raised his gaze again to steal one last glance at his dear sister, his eyes widened and his blood ran cold...

... for staring back at him were a pair of light purple eyes.

Whoops! I gather he wasn't intending to make his return made known yet? So, why did he come back, if that's not the case?


Well, context told you he had no idea the empire existed, and he had no plans on being seen before he returned home, as mentioned somewhat in the beginning.


He had been on the move for all of the past month, and he didn't plan on stopping until he was back home.

This sentence had me believe he was heading home to Equestria. Plus, he was heading south.

I was starting to think this was dead.


*nods* He was headed to Equestria, and saw the empire. Geographically, I went off that cartooney map of Equestria. The one that mentions the griffons and dragons to the east and southeast.

Ah! Hello there... young... princess!?! TWILIGHT?!?

... RUN, BLUE!!!!

Why would Shining and Cadence have it out for each other as foals (aside from the whole 'yank the pigtails of the one you like' concept).
5 will get you 10 says the purple eyes belong to Cadence. I don't know if she will plan to hug him, yell at him, or a combination of both. Although I have to wonder how Shining will take this (for what it's worth, I hope they can make peace between each other, or at least agree to disagree anyway).

I planned on making Blueblood's talk with Cadance more... emotional, but it's far too early in the story for that level of drama. At least, in my opinion.

True. It would have been too early, but it would have been fitting. A brother and sister reunited after five years? The only other reunion I expect to be almost as emotional is between Blueblood and Celestia. Question: If Blueblood and Cadance are brother and sister, and Celestia is their aunt, who are their parents?

I wonder why Celestia and Luna and Cadance didn't try any tracing spells on his DNA... :facehoof:

4819006 Well, if what the books say are any indication, they could just be 'adopted' into the royal family, as it were. Upon thinking of it, Luna (and perhaps Celestia) will be the most 'emotional.' (Luna even more-so, perhaps even slipping into the 'Royal Canterlot Voice.')

Well so far so good.
I really want to see what Blueblood will do to earn his redemption.
And I also wonder about the reaction he's going to have about his post taken by a certain showmare :pinkiehappy:

Interesting story. To be honest though, it needs more plot. I mean a bit more events in my opinion. I can't wait to read Blue's reaction to Trixie and what is going to happen at Canterlot when finale can see his aunts. Good luck with the next chapter.

To paraphrase a quote from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: 'This fic is not dead nor doth it sleep.'

From the train schedule he picked up, the soonest train to Canterlot would arrive in Ponyville roughly noon tomorrow. He had roughly an hour before the train arrived, so he might as well explore.

This statement confused me. If the train isn't going to arrive until the next day, how does he have only an hour before the next train arrives?

Other than that, I like the update. Even though I can't see Blueblood not having ate in days. I also like how the CMC and the brats seems to have become friends when they got older. I can hardly wait for Blueblood to finally approach the palace. What a shock will it be for the guards once they realize the 'vagrant' in front of them is actually the prince that left so long ago.


Sorry about that. I've been writing and rewriting this chap late last night, and when I got to finishing, I only went over it once.

I'll edit it.

But thanks for the review!

Nice job with this chapter. I thought leaving it on a cliff hanger was a good choice. The meeting with Luna seemed short. I do agree I think it lacks depth, or maybe the depth wasn't established earlier on. I mean we never read before this chapter Luna and Blue's relationship. Maybe that's whats missing. Background. I can't wait to read what is next. Good luck.

The moment of truth will finally arrive in the next chapter.

Great chapter. I think it was funny how you described Blue's body. I never thought that would have been a transformation, but it was. Good luck with the next chapter. I would love to see if Trixie or Twilight had a crush on him, because of that bod. I can't wait to see how Equestria is going to react to Blueblood. Thanks for the update.

couple of spelling mistakes here and there, but over all quite good. what i especially like is the stories pacing, not too fast, not too slow

Great meeting, but...what happens now? I mean now that the everything has been established, what could possibly happen to make the characters lives here a living nightmare?

5187754 Equestria has changed in the five years he has been gone...so has he. Blueblood has to dealt with the new changes and other ponies (especially the mares) have to deal with the new changes in him.

...cadance's sister? Ummm does blueblood have something to share?

Great chapter. Thanks for the update. As for what ponies need to do. Blueblood and Celestia need to try cooking in the kitchen. (Blueblood learn a recipe he thinks she'll love.) They need to actually get him some proper suits. Finally they need to go and have a friendly game of tag or something. Trixie and luna need to fight, learn spells, work on proper speech for both of them. Anyway great chapter and thanks for the update.

Don't worry about getting bogged down. As long as we don't have to wait six months (or longer) for an update like some other stories on this site. As for suggestions, just as Celestia and Twilight are going to be talking about changes since Blueblood left, he should talk about some of the stuff he had to do to adapt to being on his own for the last five years. Also, seeing more mares react to Blueblood's new physique. Maybe having one of the princesses or female servants catching him working out of something.
Is there going to be a Trixie x Blueblood?


Conditionally, they'd be the perfect match, but there's still so many unexplored options for Blueblood. Honestly, I didn't even narrow down possibilities, and so I guess it's still up there in the wind.

For some reason i think trixie won't be like the others when she sees blueblood

5328448 You mean she won't be treating herself to a helping of eye-candy? :ajsmug:
Looking forward to the next chapter and I can't help but wonder what exactly Blueblood did on his journey. Anything as fantastic as Sinbad the Sailor or Indiana Jones?


Well, if the journey wasn't fantastic, he wouldn't have a body like He-Stallion, would he?

5334586 *shrugs* Not necessarily. He might've been sailing as a part of the crew and got the body through necessity.

No problem. Glad to help. BTW, I think it's 'kick the rust off,' not 'keep the rust off.'


It goes to show Luna's not as in-tune with slang as she thought.

Not a fan of blueblood/trixie or Trixie in general but good story none the less.

Sweet chapter. I wonder what is going to happen next. Good luck.

So Trixie is an alicorn? (If she is, I must have missed that part.) Something tells me that the battle between Blueblood and Trixie will be an outstanding example of curbstomping goodness.


Truth is she's not. Unicorn Trixie will never beat Alicorn Twilight, but Trixie still sees Twilight as competition regardless. The solution is for her to accept Blueblood as her competition in place of Twilight. That would allow for Trixie to see Twilight beyond an adversary and allow them to finally bond.

i wish we could see more of this type of blueblood :trollestia:

An Alicorn that looks like Blueblood? I wonder what Celestia remembers of this Molaris and will the memories be good or bad?

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