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This story is a sequel to Stallions of Harmony - Longest Night

Come one, come all, to see a tale of awe and wonder!
Of thrill and suspense!
Of romance and mystique!
The inspirational story that is about to unfold is that of visitation upon a humble haven by the most amazing, the most talented unicorn alive! Step right up and witness a tale of the one and only, the Great, and Powerful Trrrrrixie!


Set in the Stallions-Verse. 'Other' tag stands for Soarin and Doctor.

Chapters (9)
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"You just want to be with Trixie so you can make My Darling Prince jealous, so that when he's feeling all loveless and lonely you can drop Trixie and swoop into his muscular forelegs!"

Wow, her self-centered delusion is so strong that she assumes that Soarin's not hitting on her for her, but for her target of affection. That's fantastic and... bizarrely sweet, coming from Trixie.

Terrifying, but sweet.

It's a great start, though there's a suspicious lack of ponies getting physically hurt. Unless Rainbow fell from that cloud.

I like to think the lack of facial injury is made up for later, if only in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it kindof way. :twilightsheepish:

5607768 Oh I'm certain not everypony will leave this story unharmed, in one way or another.

I really enjoyed this story! The characterizations of the Stallion Six match pretty well with how Jetto writes them, so kudos for that! Plus, I love how Trixie's character now fits into this universe, and I'm happy she left Ponyville on more friendly terms then in the show. Great addition to the Stallionverse!

Man, this story was a blast! I laughed from start to finish.

So this has been your project...


Lol. Okay... this was a great read. Enough said.

The crowd giggled as Trixie rolled her eyes, an extra flash of light on her horn fine-tuning the spotlight's aim to the petrified Prince, to the brown stallion's slight disappointment. She batted her eyes. "I've come back for you, My Darling~!"


"But," he interrupted with a charming grin, "a stunning lady of your dazzling good looks could be persuaded to be lavished with all-due praise?"
Trixie actually blushed just slightly, hiding her mouth behind a hoof as she let out a laugh of equal parts amusement and arrogance. "Perhaps," she said coyly, "make it quick."

That guy knows no limits.

She pointed a hoof at him. "You just want to be with Trixie so you can make My Darling Prince jealous, so that when he's feeling all loveless and lonely you can drop Trixie and swoop into his muscular forelegs!"

Your self-delusion knows no bounds.

"I... I think," he uttered, "I want to punch somepony in the face..."


"But, b-but," she stammered in reply, "wouldn't that, you know, hurt? a lot?"

Of course, this sounds like something very wrong, however, Ditzy means punching him in the face.

"But honestly," Trixie asked, throwing her forehooves upwards, "how can Trixie just trot up to her future husband and PUNCH him?!"

Knew it!

Fun start, and definitely properly awkward.

Trixie decided to elaborate as Mrs. Cake trotted off, voice still low. "Nopony just offers things without expecting anything in return. Do you want money? Jewels? Because Trixie doesn't really carry around a lot of wealth." She blinked. "N-not all the time, I mean!"

Oh I see, she thinks Ditzy has an ulterior motive instead of just being nice to BE nice.

Trixie took a moment to look back and forth between the confection and it's offerer, visibly confused. She lowered her gaze to settle on the muffin, the rim of her hat blocking her eyes as she picked it up in her magic. "Thank you," she whispered, "T-Trixie will pay you back someday."

Hopefully this means we won't get an Ursa Minor attack and Trixie can become a nice recurring character, as we've not seen hide nor hair of Tweedle-Dumb and Tweedle-Dumber aka, Snips and Snails.

It was then that Trixie heard the collective 'ooh's and 'aah's of the band of colts and fillies that had gathered to witness her work, right before the sound of little hooves stamping in applause. She grinned. Might as well do a few more now that I have an audience! "Watch and be amazed, colts and fillies, at the mystifying magic of the Great, and Powerful Trrrrixie!"

I like this, Trixie is egotistical, yes, but she has more to her then her ego, she's actually likable.

Two colts in particular seemed especially amazed.

And I spoke too soon, we're gonna have another Boast Busters Incident, aren't we?

Ditzy is a reasonably smart pony. Smart does not mean not forgetful sometimes. Ask Doctor.

I see.

"Are you going to say anything besides 'nope'?!"
He grinned ear to ear. "Nope!"

OK, that is funny!

The princess nodded. "Assessments are coming up soon, so please make sure you're getting enough sleep. Ideally not in class."

Oh Celestia, you are Magnificent.

Luckily, she was able to manipulate two boxes, a long piece of cloth, and a shovel in her magic to form a staircase-tightrope hybrid that she could reach an open window with, only two floors up!

That's a terrible idea.

He looked at her, eyes full of youthful innocence. "Hey Auntie, I think I might have figured out where babies come from!"
She fainted.

*dies of laughter*

Trixie set down the book she'd been studying, Hiding Places and You; Anywhere You Can Fit by Withered Violets

I suspect Pinkie's read that one.

The latter leaned down, her voice soft. "So, should I arrange the wedding now, or-"
His voiced cracked a little. "AUNTIE!!"

Celestia you are a MAGNIFICENT Troll!

She giggled. "It's a love net! See the holes?"

Trixie is insane! As in Stalker with a very unhealthy crush levels inane.

She giggled. "I worked out an algorithm to figure out where you'd go on your afternoon jog and set up that rubber band to catch you! Sorry to interrupt your exercise, but I figured once you opted not to climb up to the city walls again the roof of the hat shop was probably out, you know?"

... That is both impressive and terrifying.

So we DON'T get an Ursa Minor, Trixie gets decent characterization, is significantly more skilled then she's usually portrayed as, and no hint of Snips and Snails? I DECLARE THIS THE BEST BOAST BUSTERS AU EVER!

Pinkie gasped in horror. "I interrupted a musical number?!"
Apple Bloom shrugged. "Nah, Ah think we were just about done anyway."

Guess musical numbers are so commonplace that even little fillies just shrug them off.

I regret nothing!

Why should you? There's nothing to regret, this was a funny little slice of life chapter, I liked it.

Truly, Prince Blueblood regretted only one thing about his sheer good fortune to happen across this wondrous apex of creation; that he could never take it with him. "Look at you, my beloved," he uttered, gently tracing a hoof along the edge of the full-length mirror, "so majestic, so incredible, and yet, forever bound in glass." He could, of course, take the mirror with him everywhere, but then he might grow tired carrying it around. Besides, sweating might make a mess of his perfect mane.

Of course, nice guy or not, Blueblood is still in love with his reflection.

Doctor's smug smile was ignored for the time being as Shining approached the talking shelf. "How did you build a secret compartment so fast?!"
"That's not important right now, is Trixie still around or not?!"


Dang, Soarin likes to live dangerously.

She pointed a hoof at him. "You just want to be with Trixie so you can make My Darling Prince jealous, so that when he's feeling all loveless and lonely you can drop Trixie and swoop into his muscular forelegs!"

Well, I suppose that's a very Trixie interpretation of events.

I love that that distraction actually worked.

This whole thing could have been bypassed with a little sit-down with Blueblood's friends.

"What exactly do you like about Blueblood? He's not just a title to you, is he? Have you actually sat down and talked with him in order to get to know him as a pony? Think back to everything you've done since arriving at Ponyville. If a random, not-Blueblood stallion did the same things to try to get your attention, what would you think of him?

I'm not saying you can't go after him (unless you're only after a title), I'm saying that you should consider taking it slower. (If we like you) We'll help you make up for your first impression, but from there it's up to you to prove you've changed. Are you great enough, powerful enough, to see this through?"

5616646 But then we wouldn't have hilarious 6 chapters of awkardness. :raritywink: 2 or 3 tops.

Something like that is actually what Soarin was trying to do early on, but Trixie wasn't keen on listening to anyone that so much as suggested she couldn't launch herself at her object of obsession and squeeze him to her heart's content.

Reasoning does not work on crazy people. :pinkiecrazy:

I think, on the whole, I like Ditzy's advice the best. After all, whether or not the punch to the face works, at least it will also be funny.

Trails of tree sap running in zig-zags along the ground? Odd. Apple slices assembled to resemble a life-size lobster on a plate?


And now I'm hoping we get to see Ditzy on a unicycle by the end of the story.

"Trixie tried there earlier, nopony was home." She checked, one of the windows was open. Even the secret compartment she found behind the bookcase was empty.


Love that impromptu show Trixie put in for the kids, very well done.

"It only rained in one spot."

Oh, Equestria. Gotta love a setting where that statement makes complete sense.

Even though it eventually failed, I think Mac's plan was my favorite once we saw it in practice.

She was immediately shoved into the wagon from behind by the white unicorn and an orange pegasus. "Cutie Mark Crusader Pony Retrieval Squad, YAAAAY!!" Pushed by three fillies at once, the wagon sped off toward Sugarcube Corner before it's passenger could so much as utter a complaint.

Well that happened.

You know, the idea that Pinkie might use the CMC for stuff like getting ponies to their surprise parties is just a tiny bit scary.

When he stumbled across her doing really cool stuff, it was kindof right on the borderline of night and day, what did you call those? He bet his aunt's new favorite would know, she was supposed to be pretty smart. Whatever her name was.


She opened her mouth to say hello and wake him up, but he looked so peaceful that she instead settled for gingerly climbing up onto the bed, resting on her legs, and staring at him as he slept.

I suppose it's good to start the stalking early, that way you get lots of practice at it.

He looked at her, eyes full of youthful innocence. "Hey Auntie, I think I might have figured out where babies come from!"


Oh my god, it's all Celestia's fault.

Wow, that escalated, not necessarily quickly, but definitely steadily.

Soarin blinked once. "You asked what she was doing with the net every time?"

That's a good question, it really should have been obvious what she was doing with the net.

You know, sending Shining out to awkwardly talk her into submission might be the best idea yet, this conversation is going well. Especially the bit about Blueblood's horn.

Yes, as it turns out Shining Armor wins. After a fashion.

Ditzy suppressed the urge to skip with glee, both because that would be weird and it would be hard to keep pace with Prince, who was walking normally. This is perfect, I'll stick with him! That way, if I find Trixie again, I can just point next to me!


There we go, I was hoping punching as a topic would come up again.

That was a fun story, and strangely enough I'm kind of rooting for Trixie in her quest, provided she calms down a little.

That was a fun little bonus, and it's nice to have gotten an explanation for the apple lobster.

Just finished this great story, and I really love the interpretation of Trixie in the Stallionverse. My favorite parts were definitely the flashbacks. The whole sequence feels like a magical-girl romantic manga story. I feel like I'm supposed to disapprove of Trixie stalking Blueblood, and be glad that she left town peaceably, but I have to admit: I'm totally rooting for Trixie to come back and claim her Prince one day! :trixieshiftleft:

Oh, and that song at the end with the Crusaders singing about wreaking terrible justice upon Shining Armor? I almost bust a gut!


This was very good, although I was rather disappointed when Trixie left at the end. It seemed like things were just starting to really shape up between them and it could have moved into a real, if awkward at first, romance if someone had gone after her.

It also helps that you do not have all the mechanical errors Jetto has.

Worry not, fair citizen, for you've not seen the last of the Great, and Powerful Trixie!
(More of her in Sunny, Moonie, Twily, for now)

And, English is kind of a tough language. It's my first (and only!) and I still make mistakes all the time. :derpyderp2:
In some of my older stories, you'll probably find 'kindof' as one word where I was too lazy to go back and edit it straight.

And indeed still am....

*Smoke-bomb vanish!*


5959040 Yeah, I'm reading that now, although I have not run into Trixie yet.

As for English, I know what you mean about it being a tough language and can understand some errors, but that is still no excuse for the mountains of fundamental errors with basic grammatical structures and word forms in those stories. There are plenty of guides online to clarify all the details of English and plenty of people around here willing to edit so there is no reason for them to be as much of a mess as they are.

5959670 I'm sorry! I'll try to use Grammar Nazis more often!

"But honestly," Trixie asked, throwing her forehooves upwards, "how can Trixie just trot up to her future husband and PUNCH him?!"

Ditzy smiled apologetically. "I'm not really sure, but I think that's how he makes friends."

I nearly died there:rainbowlaugh:

Are they playing the pony equivalent to yugioh?

I just wanted to let you know that I have been finding less and less grammatical errors. :twilightsmile: Good Job!:ajsmug:
now if you could just stop killing me with laughter every chapter...

6151491 Sorry, but the dying gasps of fatal hilarity are the best way to reopen the ninth gate and awaken the narcoleptic ones from their slumber. :pinkiecrazy:

In all seriousness, glad you've enjoyed! :pinkiehappy:

With Sunny, Moonie, Twily(and Trixie) as background(first stallionverse story I read) this is already great. And yes. It was definitely awkward and curious enough.

That chapter was pretty hilarious.

They seek him here
They seek him there
Those damned ponies seek him everywhere
Is he in heaven or is he in the mud
That damned elusive Blueblood

I am in total support of the Lily and Shining ship for this universe, it brought such a smile to me in the original story.

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