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Private and Twilight return from their honeymoon and are invited to attend The Grand Galloping Gala. As their first public appearance as husband and wife the pair face the challenge of proving themselves to the nobility of Canterlot. Just as things start to go well a butler of a high standing noble is murdered in a locked room. What follows is a tale of lies, lust, and the darkness that lies in those high above.

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The butler did it! Of course this wont work in this case because the butler is the one who is dead...

Who the hell interrupts Private when he's in thought? Blueblood is that you yah douchebag:ajbemused:

2994679 Probably.

I can't believe season 2 is already out.

Damn you, Blueblood:twilightangry2::twilightangry2:

I already have you pinned as a pretty cool, yet mildly oblivious stallion that isn't the bane of all existence, don't let me have to resort to bloody cliche and stereotype again!!!!

Off topic: All right! Season 2 has started, and once again congratulations to Fancy and Fleur for their pregnancy, hope their colt is as interesting as his dad and positively brilliant like his godfather.

2994785Don't worry, Blueblood is the least of our problems

Huzzah! Season two had arrived and already it'd to an awesome start!

With my trench coat out of commission I had to spend the majority of the honey moon prancing around naked. Twilight didn’t mind, of course.

If you know what I mean...


Ah, the asshat of the chapter has arrived.

I'm guessing that's Blueblood at the end, or at least somebody quite like him- a big, stuck-up jerk!

I think Blueblood killed the butler.

2995147The butler hasn't even been killed yet!

I think he will kill the butler. Havent honestly read it yet because I am procrastinating reading everything that has updated and I don't know why

I don't think that's Blueblood... but it sure sounds close to it. This is one of the reasons that I somewhat dislike the nobles :pinkiesick:. But this is, strange... it's good to see this story going on again though, but that means I need to actually get the conspiracy board working for this one. I'm glad I got mine back that was given to me, because I have a feeling that I'm going to be using it a lot more in this season...

This is one of the good reasons why I do not have a psycho me, but the first conspiracy is between private,Twilight, and the nobles... I know for a fact that some nobles have a dislike for Private since marrying Twilight, so I wouldn't be surprised if there was a noble involved in a case that he ends out busting.


Son of a...

Well.... fuck. So now it turns out Blueblood's parents are just as big a pair douches as he himself is

2994648 Unless said butler kills himself and somehow frames his master:rainbowhuh:.....Unlikely, but possible.

That was my next guess, that the butler killed himself

Well, Twilight certainly knows how to deal with the paparazzi. And the Gala is going better than I thought it wou- ok, who invited this flankhole?!?!

Great start to the chapters cant wait for more. :eeyup::twilightsmile::yay:

Great to see Season 2 is starting, and Twilight's means of dealing with the paparazzi is definitely one of the better ones I've seen in stories.

Oh joy, Prince Blueblood alone is annoying and now his parents just make this all the more worse than it already is.
On another note, is this word supposed to be capitilized?, "His name is prince?"

Yep, I had guessed to myself that blue blood or his parents would be a victim, BUT there's no dead body... So who got killed, or will be killed... That will be awnsered next chapter (unless i missed it this chapter) EDIT: yup just looked at the ending sentence and relielsed it was the Butler who died... Derp.

Well, three potential suspects, all of whom I don't think will end up being the murderer(s).

Also, Flash Sentry making his appearance already? *thinks ahead to EG case* Well, whatever. Not like it really mattered when he showed up.

2998892 Well, it says he's on the ground. It doesn't say he's dead. He probably is, but he could've been knocked unconscious after Prince Blueblood could've been kidnapped. It doesn't say he was in the room after all.

Call it my upbringing were a person is judged on their merit and a personal belief that too many "nobles" ride the accomplishments of their forebears rather than do something on their own...but it's always a thrill for me to see a "noble" get put in their place by a "commoner."

I would say stiffs have a terrible sense of timing, but this is ridiculous. Private's about to potentially get some nookie in the privacy of the garden w/Princess Twilight (as if they didn't get enough nookie on their honeymoon already :raritywink:), and at that penultimate moment, somepony has to die.........death is such a cockblock.

2999423 Wend the storie has the word murder in it, I doubt there's a kidnapping (but nearly anything can happen) but there is a point that the butler is just knocked out, we will have to wait next chapter...

2999994 Very true. However, in a story where I've experienced a lot of twists that I wasn't expecting, I don't want to rule ANYTHING out.

Ok I just read the disc, the butler IS dead (even thoe I'm pretty sure most of you know that)

Blueshit is going to frame Private saying that he killed his butler when Blueb-shit comes into the room

Wow... first murder of the series, in a list of long running murders, kidnappings, etc. But I think Prince Blueblood may accuse Private of the murder like everyone else figures that he would, but I think that I can say for a fact that he has no grounds. That will lead Private to start looking for clues and trying to figure out what's going on, and it will lead to. Multiple options.

On one hoof, Blueblood could have murdered his butler in order to frame Private for the crime, but I do not think he's stupid to try anything else to get him back in jail. Even if he is actually stupid at times...

On the other, what's to say that it was actually the butler who was murdered? It could be some elaborate set up for him to escape his job. But that may not be true.

"Never throw out any possibility, no matter how crazy it sounds." That is my motto for anything. :pinkiehappy:

Now I don't know what to think anymore. Its blueblood its his father, its the maid its the mother! Its the mother and blueblood! Its blueblood because he wants to frame Private for being half chicken? What? I'm sorry, I haven't read from the beginning of season 1, is he part dragon? That would be cool

So this is what happens: butler somehow gets poisoned and dies and Blueblood is being a f*cking assh*le... Excuse the languge, I just hate idiotic people like him..

The answer is obvious. THE BUTLER DID IT!!! :flutterrage:
Oh...Wait...Whoops :twilightsheepish:

1) I feel very sorry for Squeaky right now, but I don't count her out as a suspect right now.

2) Those of means (ie: nobles) always seem to forget that not everybody shares their world view or plays the petty games they play.

3) Go Twilight!

4) I REALLY how that's either Celestia, Luna, Cadence, or Voidera clapping there at the end.

I doubt it's Lord Blueblood or even Prince Blueblood. Either one is entirely too obvious. Doubtful about Squeaky too. The fact that Prince is attempting to use this to slander Private, however, comes as absolutely no surprise at all. That guy is a special piece of horseshit.


He works for Blueblood. It seems plausible to me.:facehoof:

3005854 his mother was a pegasus, she died giving birth to Tailspin. 'chicken' is an insult used by unicorn elitists primarily. it is also a sure way to make Privates blood boil...

Ok...so a unicorn and a Pegasus were married, I don't see the problem with that, it seems common enough...I guess the stupid high blood nobility shit heads only care about pure lines of only unicorns

3006224 the problem came from the fact that Private is an Eye, a Noble house whose patriarch, Adimus Eye, did not approve of his son abandoning the wife he chose for him and taking up with a Pegasus singer and athlete of 'common' birth. never mind the fact that both parties were in love

And of course the nobility would still be putting up arranged marriages. Some ponies would object to being married off but their family wouldn't care if they were miserable

3006273 in particular, Adimus Eye. he had plans for Irenius, Privates father, and those plans were ruined. Adimus has the unfortunate tendency to view everypony around him as pieces on a chessboard...his other two son, Shifty and Lazy, would never do for his plans and he mostly dismissed them for various reasons. Shifty had the intelligence, but no ambition. Lazy, the ambition but not the intelligence. Irenius had both though, and he was perfect for Adimus long term plans...

wow. what about Privates brother in the wheelchair? Why did he say once that someone saved him from his father? Was his father going to kill him?

Way to go Blueballs. Not only have you gone and made even more of a flank of yourself, but you've also got someone else on your case now (a rival, perhaps?)

3006319 he was so upset by the loss of his wife, and the fact that a drug she had been taking had left him crippled that he was considering having Tailspin put down as an act of mercy...Private intervened on behalf of his brother and even stood in court to protect Tailspin from his grandfather, Adimus. for more information, u should probably read the previous stories...

3006319 he was so upset by the loss of his wife, and the fact that a drug she had been taking had left him crippled that he was considering having Tailspin put down as an act of mercy...Private intervened on behalf of his brother and even stood in court to protect Tailspin from his grandfather, Adimus. for more information, u should probably read the previous stories...

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