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Something strange is going on in Hoof Creek. A mysteriously deserted town has played host to a mental hospital. Private goes to investigate after Screw Loose mysteriously got sent there. What he finds is a mad house of horrors the likes of which he's never faced before. But he's not alone, The Doctor and Derpy have come after the Tardis mysteriously was forced to land there. Trapped in the insane asylum, the trio will be forced to use their wits if they ever hope to survive. But who is behind this mad house? And what do they want with Private and the Doctor?

Chapters (6)
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:facehoof: This hospital has gone from a ghost story, to being down right creepy. Add in the doctor and you'll have a a story to look forward too!:twilightsmile:
A great story to start it off, being a bit of a Doctor who fan myself. Now to wait to see how Private would react to the Daleks...

WELP, Cyber AND Weepers? We're doomed, now only a Dalek or two, maybe even the Vashta Nerada and they're likely doomed...
I will just start flipping tables now, out of simple pure fear due to the fact they are likely going to get quite the scares. *Let the table flipping commence*

PS:"Excellent beginning, hope to see even more as always."

2698757:facehoof: That.. is one thing that I really hope won't become a running pun...

Okay first cyber Matt's then weaping pegusi then you find out there in the building that you can never leave this sounds 20% cooler then your last doctor and private story

Great start to the storie cant wait for more. :eeyup::twilightsmile::yay:

Why was it getting so windy?

May have fangasm'd a little there...

I lied, I totally fangasm'd:moustache:

Well, I read all 22 cases in about a week and a half.
and now i have to wait.....

Holy crap dude! That is an insanely wonderful beginning to the newest case! I can definitely see private having such a hard time proposing to Twilight... and by Faust he's gonna be in for one hell of a surprise when he gets back from this trip if what I think is about to happen is about to happen after all the wibbly wobbly timey-whimey stuff comes to a conclusion. I honestly missed the Cyber reference there until it was pointed out, but the DON'T BLINK almost made me jump. An excellent, excellent bit there. Can't wait to see where this pans out! :moustache:

Interesting start, now I really wish I knew more about Doctor Who so I wouldn't be so lost in this.

2700575 I know that feeling. I've only just started watching it on Netflix. Apparently Doctor Who and MLP:FiM have a pretty big overlap in their fanbases.

Is it me? Or did I just notice this story in the popular stories box?... That's a great start to this story! :pinkiehappy:

A hospital with infinite hallways?

Sounds like one of those Weeping Angel feeding ground thingy-majigs if you ask me!

She has returned....also the "angels"

-10 hours later-
I wonder when the next chapter will be out

Someone should turn this series into a game.

*Runs to fortified bunker to avoid Fangirl stampede...*

Good chapter, but I'm so lost. I really need to watch Doctor Who, any suggestions of where to start?

2713090Start with the fifth doctor with the episode Rose, and then go from there.

I was wondering if Jack was going to ever show up and this is the first time I've seen him ponified...an excellent addition to an already great chapter!

2713406I'm just going to stay inside my bunker here to get away from the horde of fangirls I know are going to come. *Hides*

Great chapter cant wait for the next one. :eeyup::twilightsmile::yay:

You mean ninth doctor, right?


2713414 Probably safer that way good sir

Best. Chapter. Ever!

I wonder will the Torchwood team be he-
Y'know...On second though...I want to forget Miracle Day. *shudder*

and cliffhanger, thanks for that

*has a suspicion about what is happening...but will keep it to himself* good chapter!

Good chapter but I still have little idea where this going....

2723525Just think, you're in a mental ward...with memories...

Well... Not only did I see a Dalek, I've seen Private get them to argue... all we need is The Doctor doing something crazy, or flat out brilliant and we will have a perfect story that could be a Doctor Who episode!:rainbowlaugh:

Oh and one more thing, Bow ties are cool.

Great story my friend! ( even thoe were not friends, it's a great story! No wait, I already sead that, ah well)

Oh...that is bad...that is very very bad...

Well then...Things aren't looking up, are they?

Is Jack human? I thought he was a Boa-in, or something.

2735132His species is still considered human, just higher evolved as far as I know.

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