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Lunard, King of the Night and father to Celestia, has returned. He's set his sights on wiping every "Mongrel" from the face of the earth. Private Eye and his friends find themselves in their toughest battle yet. Will the Elements of Harmony be enough to stop this threat? Or will Lunard's mysterious power and army be enough to end all of Equestria as they know it?

(Part 2 of Equestria Noir's Season Finale)

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Great start to the chapter cant wait for the next one. :eeyup::twilightsmile::yay:

What a fantastic start! The cover art is pretty sweet too!

So where's this guy? -->:moustache:
An invasion's going on, Celestia's father wants to wipe out every non-Alicorn out there and this is only the first chapter.

I've been waiting for Lunard's appearance for a while now and he seems to be an interesting character. Looking forward to how this unfolds.

Ooh, the cover of Wild Birds is among the other covers! Sweet. I'll get back to updating that when Season 1 is over.

Yay, more Doctor Who references!

Well it seems i'm late to this party.

Comment posted by Skullman846 deleted Feb 8th, 2016

you and your frakking Doctor who references:twilightsmile::moustache:

2827270 lets not forget a certain rock star and his badass suit.

Dude....I didn't think you could top the last part...and you have with just one chapter!

Wow, already this story is better than all of you others, simply because Private said that.


Comment posted by Codelyoko22 deleted Jul 10th, 2013

I only have a few choice words for privates words... FFFUUU********* YYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now, everything starts on a trail of epic. I hope this doesn't stop! :pinkiehappy:

Shar’drel roared loudly. It was then I remembered…
“We forgot Spike!” I yelled in realization.

NO BUCKING SHIT! And you... :raritydespair:... WHY YOU NO NOTICE THIS SOONER?!

Great chapter woth the wait cant wait for the next one. :eeyup::twilightsmile::yay:

Great chapter, enjoyed the fight scenes and how Private is using his knowledge of the future to ensure his friends don't die.

Aawwwww snap. PLOT TWISTS ERRWHERE!!!!!!

2860734 Also, didn't he gain wings and half an inch after Case 22? It probably wouldn't matter too much if he isn't used to it but notable for continuity's sake.
Also, it might be a good idea to create some sort of character sheet due to the loads and loads of original/borrowed characters on top of canonical loads and loads of characters. Nothing too detailed apart from name, gender, species, first appearance, affiliations, significant others and noteworthy developments.

2863790He only got the wings a few weeks ago, he hasn't mastered them and it wouldn't make sense for him to be able to fly with wings he just got. Twilight could barely use hers when she was saving Private.

I saw that reference, I forget what the videos name is sadly.I don't know what ealse to say... I'm out of review making practice... Not that I make reviews... I'm sad

I noticed that there weren't any tags on this story. Like the Dark, Adventure, Romance and other story tags aren't there. Maybe you forgot them or something.

2866962Oh crap I forgot to put them in...I'll fix that :twilightsheepish:

A spy in ponyville? Swarm wasn't in the rally. This is worrying me...

This is getting so awesome! I liked that Tailspin was the one to talk Private out of his usual heroic self-sacrificing stupidity.

2867598Ahh, the video you're thinking is called Epic Wub Time

“Yeah,” he smiled. “I’ll work on a happily ever after.”
Why does the dark side of my brain make me think that a happy ending will have Tailspin finish telling this story and then visit a memorial for Private? Or, as of now, telling the story to said memorial?

Not sure who I liked more in this chapter, Big Mac for rallying the town, Twilight for convincing Celestia to rest, or Tailspin talking Private out of going it alone.

Huh, what could be in the old palace, I wonder?

2867653 I don't think that will happen. Private's future daughter visited him in the last case and showed him a picture of him and Twilight with their kids, after all, so I think Private will survive.

A line has been drawn. Let all who cross it know they do so at their own peril.

Never forget, that a single pony defending their home is worth more than ten soldiers... for while those soldiers may lose their lives, they lose only their lives. The pony that stands in defense of their home has their entire way of life to live for.

“What’s the good news?!” I asked incredulously.
“I found a quarter!” She cheered, holding up the coin.

Is it a girl quarter?

I smiled at her, and we ventured forth. The battle for Ponyville will rage…but if hope does lie in the palace of old. Then we will find it, and hopefully turn the tide…

Private: Sunglasses at the ready?
Mane 6: Ready.
Private: Then let's do this.
Pinkie... cue the music.

Any belief that we have the return of Giant Spike to help Big Mac, Applesnack, and all the other militia of Ponyville defend their town while Private and the Elements trek to the Castle of the Pony Sisters in the Everfree??

I think having him would be a considerable boost to the defense against Lunard's army--especially once Celestia, Voidera, and Luna have sufficiently recovered. Not to mention that they have the Crystal Army on the way as well.

Discord used chaos, it was berly effincent (yay Pokemon) now that the random part of my comments done, great story!

to deal with that dragon, summon the Megazord! (what? i just watched an episode of that lame new Power Rangers series...y couldnt they have kept it closer to Goseger?

Wow... just... wow... it is getting intense and then some. Dude... keep it up!

Another great chapter cant wait for the next one. :eeyup::twilightsmile::yay:

A great chapter, one with so much that I like in it. Things are really escalating and I'm looking forward to finding out how they will turn it around.

On another note, there is a minor spelling error, "Perspective: Ocatavia", an extra a in her name.

Did the changeling do a "Warriors" reference?

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