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Equestria Noir Case 25 "Endgame" - Jacoboby1

Part 2 of Equestria Noir's Season Finale. The final battle begins when Lunard comes with an army to wipe Equestria from the map. Private will need every ally to stop this fiend from taking over his home. But will that even be enough?

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Chapter 3 "The Calm before the Storm"

Chapter 3

“The Calm before the Storm”

Perspective: Private Eye

Celestia stirred in her sleep as we all stood around her in the cabin of the airship. The three Alicorns took up quite a bit of space down below but we managed to get them all at least comfortable. Twilight smiled as her mentor became awake. “Thank goodness you’re okay!”

“Twilight?” Celestia whispered, lifting her head. “Everypony? What are you all doing here? I told you all specifically to leave Canterlot!”

“We kind of did Princess”, Rainbow said. “Only, we kind of took a couple of passengers. Royal passengers.”

Celestia just sighed and looked over at Luna. Her sister gave her a look of “Don’t look at me, it was their idea”. Celestia then looked back over at us. “I am grateful for your aid, it will take us time to completely revitalize our powers. Where is Voidera?” She asked, trying to get up.

“Here, my love,” Voidera said gently, reaching his hoof over to touch hers.

Celestia smiled at him, and then looked sternly at us. “Although I cannot condone with you all saving me when I ordered you to run, I do appreciate it,” She smiled. “Thank you, for saving us.”

“No problem Princess,” Applejack replied. “You just rest now, we’ll come up with a plan fer later.”

Celestia nodded, and laid back before suddenly looking at me. Her eyes seemed…almost in a trance. “Hope lies in the palace of old.”

“Princess Celestia?” Twilight asked, looking concerned.

Celestia blinked and shook her head. “Forgive me, I lost myself for a moment. We will rest and wait for Cadence and Shining Armor to bring those reinforcements. Until then, remain on your guard.”

We all nodded and left the Alicorns to rest. Rainbow hovered above us and asked, “So where do we go now?”

“Hope lies in the palace of old? What could it mean?” Twilight wondered aloud.

I had an idea of what it meant. But, now was not the time to dwell on it. “We’ll take the princesses and Voidera to Ponyville,” I said firmly. “It’s remote enough that Lunard would not suspect it. After all, what noble prisoner in Canterlot would care about Hicksville?”

“But what if Lunard does find us?” AJ spoke up. “He’ll just be right there to plow through our families tah get to the princesses.”

“Yeah! We can’t just let that meanie pants stomp our town!” Pinkie shouted.

“Most of Chrysalis’ swarm is here,” I pointed out. “We can at least hide the princesses in Ponyville until Shining Armor brings the reinforcements. Then we can take down Lunard and win back Canterlot.”

“I just hope the Wonderbolts are okay,” Rainbow frowned, looking back at Canterlot.

“They’ll be fine Rainbow dear,” Rarity said assuredly. “They’ve been through more scraps then we have.”

I walked up to the wheel and gently began guiding the ship towards home. Twilight came to stand beside me. “You know Lunard will come to Ponyville, he isn’t stupid.”

“He won’t come to Ponyville,” I said firmly. “He’ll follow me.”

“But, aren’t you heading to Ponyville too?” Twilight asked, narrowing her eyes.

“I am,” was all I said.

“Private don’t tell me you’re planning on doing something stupid!” Twilight yelled, seeing right through me.

“Twilight, it’s for the best,” I replied, knowing that she knew what I was thinking.

“Don’t you remember every time you try and be like this?!” she argued.

I yelled at her in turn, “It’s better this way and you know it! I’m just trying to keep everypony safe!”

“By putting yourself on the chopping block?!” She screamed, a tear falling from her eye. “Do you ever think when you do that?”

I blinked at her outburst.

“Do you ever think that maybe somepony would be worried sick if you died? Did you ever think that somepony who loves you more than anything would never want to love again? Do you ever think about how anypony else feels when you play martyr?!”

“Twi,” I whispered, trying to salvage the conversation.

“Forget it!” she shouted, stomping off angrily.

You went and did it again Private. You got her mad at you because you wouldn’t listen. Some coltfriend I turned out to be…

“Hey Private!” Pinkie said cheerily, appearing beside me.

“What Pinkie?” I asked, turning my attention to the pink pony.

“Well, we’re just about to hit Ponyville,” she pointed out, but then started rubbing her hooves. “But, we got some good news and bad news.”

That’s just great. “What’s the bad news?” I asked.

“Our engine is out of gas, may have taken some hits from the fighting, and we’ll probably crash land in about two minutes”

“What’s the good news?!” I asked incredulously.

“I found a quarter!” She cheered, holding up the coin.

I would say Celestia help us, but she’s resting right now. I don’t think she would be after we crash into Town hall though…

Luckily nopony was hurt. We just ended up crashing the Highwind into the town hall and passed through a window into it. Nopony was inside so we managed to avoid that fiasco. However, what we couldn’t avoid was backlash from the Mayor.

“This town hall is one of the most important buildings in Ponyville,” She lectured to me and Twilight. “We can’t have ponies destroying it whenever they want.”

“Miss Mayor” Twilight started. “We need to gather everypony in town, it’s an emergency!”

“What could be more important than our town hall getting des-”

“Mayor, please.” All three of us looked on as Celestia was led gently out of the Highwind, she was still bandaged up from the fighting.

“Oh my stars!” the Mayor exclaimed in shock. “I had heard the fighting was intense at Canterlot, but I never imagined I’d ever see you in such a state, your highness.”

“Forgive me,” Celestia said weakly, as she was supported by Rainbow and AJ. “I could not stop Lunard. His army is mostly concentrated at Canterlot at the moment. Sadly neither I, my love, nor my sister are in any condition to battle.”

“This is terrible news!” the Mayor panicked, reeling from the shock of the situation.

“It gets worse,” Twilight said gravely. “Look, we need to gather everypony in town. This is important.”

The Mayor nodded and said, “We should get our princesses to the hospital.”

“No,” Celestia said stubbornly, shaking her head. “I won’t endanger the hospital staff.”

“Princess Celestia, with all due respect,” Twilight started, looking on at her mentor. “You are in no condition to fight. You are also in no condition to handle command. Everypony here would fight and die for you because we are your subjects. But you forget now I’m still technically a princess. So I implore you to receive the aid this town can provide!”

Celestia slowly smiled.

Twilight looked taken aback. “Um, sorry, did I do something wrong?”

“Not at all,” Celestia smiled, and looked at the Mayor. “I will receive your medical aid, but bring your medical staff here, in the basement to avoid any patients at the hospital getting hurt.”

“Yes your highness!” the Mayor saluted, and took to a run outside to perform her task.

Twilight looked at me. “Just what are we gonna tell the town?”

“Just that somepony is going to try and take their home,” I explained. “That’s all we can hope for.”

Twilight looked down. “I guess, this makes me acting Princess of Equestria.”

I smiled and lifted her head with a hoof. “If anypony can pull this off, it’s you Twilight.”

“I only hope I can be what Equestria needs right now,” Twilight said, smiling at me. “But, I’m glad to have my best friend here.”

Perspective: Lunard

I stood on the balcony as the battle raged on around me. This city, a mere mockery of what the Alicorns once built, was now facing judgment. Celestia’s soldiers fought valiantly, she’d done well to inspire loyalty in them.

But it won’t be long before she too comes to the light.

I heard a faint buzzing and turned to see Chrysalis coming forward. She looked agitated. “Those foul cheating ponies, calling forth a blasted airship right when I had Luna!”

I gave her a gold stare. “So, you failed to secure them, then it is your fault that Voidera and Celestia had aid to escape.” I pointed Moonsunder at her neck. “Choose your next words carefully insect, lest they be your last”

She gulped and said, “Milord, forgive my crudeness. I still have my army that will hunt them down.”

“Your army should contend with the reinforcements Celestia no doubt sent for,” I said, looking at her. “Where did they fly to?”

“One of our spies informed us that the ship landed in Ponyville,” she answered. “It’s a small and insignificant mountain village a few hours from here.”

“Very significant in this case,” I replied. “For the tiniest stone can cause a rockslide when removed.”

“You are not thinking of pursuing her, are you? We have her Canterlot, we will soon have all of Equestria!” She exclaimed.

“Do not question me!” I yelled, slapping her with a hoof, causing the creature to fall on the ground. I glared at her soldiers, daring them to try and fight me. They were smart not to interfere.

“Forgive me my master,” Chrysalis whimpered, wiping green blood from her mouth.

“When I found you, you were half starved and still leeching off love, so know your place before me. When I give you an order I expect you to obey lest you end up like that again” I reminded her coldly. “Send a detachment of your troops to Ponyville. Canterlot is of no consequence to me. I simply desire the taint to be destroyed.”

“Then we will rip the entire town apart and bring Private Eye before you. I will not forget the debt I owe you for freeing me of love,” She vowed, bowing.

“Good…” I turned back towards the window. “See that you do so, and if you do not bring him to me soon, I will come looking…”

I looked out the window as she buzzed away. Her soldiers followed suit. So, you plan to send your subjects against mine Celestia?

Let us see if you have learned that none can stand against me and live.


Perspective: Private Eye

I stood beside Twilight along with the other Elements of Harmony as the whole town gathered in front of Town Hall. Twilight was standing on a podium, a microphone in front of her. She cleared her throat and announced, “Everypony, I’m sure you are all wondering exactly what is going on.”

There were murmurs of agreement in the crowd.

“The fact of the matter is Chrysalis has launched a second invasion of Canterlot, this time her changelings aren’t affected by love. Only fear.” Twilight’s voice was firm but I knew she was nervous as ever. She had to keep them together lest they panic and the plan doesn’t work.

The crowd murmured amongst themselves but Twilight tapped her hoof on the podium to get their attention.

“Princesses Celestia and Luna have suffered terrible wounds at the hooves of Chrysalis and Lunard. They have made their intentions perfectly clear they want to destroy every pony in Equestria. I’m sure many of you have seen the news coverage of the events at Canterlot. I can assure you my brother and sister in law will arrive with reinforcements as soon as they can. But, there’s also the possibility that the invaders will send an army here”

The crowd was openly conversing with themselves. I overheard many panicking ponies.

“They’re coming here?”

“They’ll kill us all!”

“Should we run?”

“Where to? Everfree is just as dangerous!”

“I’m not going anywhere my children will be hurt!”

I pulled out Blackbird and fired it in the air. That got their attention. I holstered it and declared, “I know you are all worried, and to be honest I am too. But we can’t panic right now! Chrysalis’ army feeds on fear! If we cower like this they’ll only steamroll over us laughing! We can’t cower! We need to fight back!”

Twilight smiled at me.

I smiled back in turn.

Twilight then spoke, “We will be investigating a means to defeat Lunard and his army. Until then, we need everypony here to help in protecting this town. This is a volunteer only basis, nopony is forced to fight. But know this, I have lived in Ponyville for over three years now, it is my home and I will find a way to defend it even if I have to do it myself!”

A hush fell over the crowd. I could tell everypony was thinking of whether to step forward or not.

Then, I heard a voice shout, “AH WILL!”

Big Macintosh pushed his way to the front of the crowd. He stood in an almost inspiring way as he said to Twilight, “Yer highness, ah volunteer mahself to fight fer mah home.”

“Are you sure about this Big Mac?” Twilight asked.

“Ah am, and everypony here should give it their all too!” he cried, calling out to the crowd. “These ponies have always been there for us when we needed them. Now, we gotta do our part when they need our help! Let’s show dem bugs what real ponies are made of! Are you with me?!”

A rallying cheer came from the crowd. I gotta hand it to the guy, Big Mac could get a crowd going when he decided to speak up. I saw Raiden fly out of the crowd. “I’m in!”

“The great and-” Trixie was about to begin, but received looks from everypony. “I mean, I shall endeavor to aid whatever I can as well!”

Twilight smiled at her student. To which I could have sworn a line of red came over Trixie’s face before she turned away.

“Just say the words and I’ll bass cannon them all!” Vinyl shouted.

I noticed Octavia standing beside her, she simply looked at me and nodded. For what she may have been involved with in the past, I was glad to have her in the force too. She was a good fighter and knew a thing or two about how to get ponies behind her.

“I’m helping too!” Spike declared, coming to stand beside Twilight. “No way I’m letting that jerk Lunard get away with this!”

Plenty of others all rallied behind the idea of protecting their town. As the crowd dispersed to make preparations, I walked down with Twilight at my side. Big Mac and Applesnack were standing in front of me.

The soldier spoke in his deep bass voice, “It’s not going to be easy, but we’ll round up anypony who can so much as carry a weapon.”

Big Mac nodded “We’ll use the catapults we use for Nightmare Night. Plus everypony around here has at least something to defend themselves with.”

“Anypony who can’t fight, as well as children, should lock themselves in cellars and barricade it. They are not to leave until the fighting is over,” Twilight told them.

Both earth ponies nodded and left to help with preparations.

The other elements gathered around me and Twilight. “So what are we going to do?” Rainbow asked.

“You all are going to stay here” I said firmly.

“Not this horseapple again!” AJ yelled. “Ya know we ain’t gonna have ya fight alone!”

“Celestia said ‘hope lies at the palace of old’” I explained. “That can only mean one place, and that’s the Palace of the Princesses.”

“You know that means trekking through the Everfree Forest,” Rarity interjected.

“Lunard wants me,” I replied. “He’ll only come for me, the town stands more of a fighting chance if Lunard focuses his attentions on the one he wants.”

“Not this again Private!” Twilight yelled, glaring at me. “You are not sacrificing yourself!”

“I’m just drawing away enough time for the reinforcements to arrive and for the other Alicorns to recover” I said firmly. “It’s better for all that way!”

Without another word, I went off into town. I had to get some gear.


“You can’t bea serious Private,” Potso said as I pulled my gear out from my closet. My best friend followed me after the rally and after I told him what I had in mind, he wasn’t too happy.

“It’s what will keep them all safe” I grunted, loading blackbird and pocketing some extra ammo for her.

“Private, mio amico,” Potso frowned. “Do you ever think that maybe we’d all be afraid of losing you? You have an almost suicidal tendency when it comes to these things.”

If there were two ponies that could tell what I was really feeling more than anything, it was Potso and Tailspin, Twilight was getting closer every day.

My friend went on, “At the very least let your other friends come, they care about you as much as I do Private. If not more so with il tuo amore.”

“Potso, I’ll consider it,” I half promised. “But, there’s something I gotta ask you.”

“Private, do not make me think of it!” Potso exclaimed, looking at me with serious blue eyes.

“Just listen!” I cried.

Potso was quiet and nodded slowly.

“If, just in case I don’t make it,” I started, packing White Tiger into my trench coat and loading her with some lethal ammo. “I want you to look after Tailspin, make sure he gets to Manehatten and to dad. If he should grow up without me, be there for him please.”

Potso looked at me, and knew the gravity of what I’m asking. He nodded again after a minute and said, “Prometto my friend, I will look after him. But please don’t make it happen unnecessarily.”

I took Silver Wolf and began sharpening the blade with a whet stone. I knew that Potso would have taken care of him even if I didn’t ask. But, it just felt, necessary to hear my friend make a promise like that.

Potso soon left out the door. I then sighed and turned around.“You should be with the other kids.”

Tailspin rounded the corner, I know he heard every word. He rolled up to me and I looked at him. I could tell by his blue eyes he was concerned, more so than anypony.

“You’re not going to leave me, are you bro?” he asked, trying to keep from choking up.

I hated to see him like this. But, at that point I realized…

I couldn’t die, I couldn’t just die and leave Tailspin grief stricken over me. I decided, I was still going to go, but…I wasn’t going alone.

“I’ll be fine Tailspin,” I told the little colt, rubbing his mane. “I’ll have Twilight and the others with me. All seven elements of harmony will put a stop to this guy once and for all.”

Tailspin smiled and said, “I know you can do it. Private, just don’t think you’re alone in this. We’re all putting our hope in this. Even a cripple like me who can’t fight.”

I looked at Tailspin and said, “Just, look after the other kids okay? Tell them that the story is only halfway through. Maybe a happy ending will come of this.”

“Yeah,” he smiled. “I’ll work on a happily ever after.”

I then pulled my little brother to me. He hugged me in turn. “Tailspin, I don’t think I said this enough. But, you are the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.”

“You’re the best brother in the world,” Tailspin choked, hugging tighter. “I hope I never lose you.”

…Twilight’s hoping for the same thing …


I walked up to the entrance of Everfree and looked behind me. The girls all followed me. I could tell by their faces they were about ready to argue again.

“Private,” Rainbow said, flying up to my face. “You are not going to face that jerk alone!”

“You’re not going to leave us behind again!” Rarity added.

“I um, I forgot what my line was supposed to be, um…” Fluttershy whimpered. “Don’t be...a meanie again?”

I smiled and chuckled, “I’m not going to win this argument am I?”

“Nope-a-runi!” Pinkie cheered, somehow appearing out of my hat. “You’re an element too Private, and also our very special friend. We’re not going to let you face that meanie pants alone.”

Twilight was the last one to walk up. Our eyes met and she told me, “I almost lost you too many times Private, you’re not going alone.”

“Then what are you waiting for?” I asked.

“Huh?” AJ said confused. “Ah would’ve thought you would put up more of an argument.”

“I just,” I walked forward and looked back at them. “Realized I had an awesome group of friends behind my back. So, are you all coming?”

They all smiled and looked at each other.

“Right behind ya Sugercube!” AJ trotted up.

“Aww yeah!” Rainbow whooped, hovering over.

“Even if this is scary, I’m still gonna help,” Fluttershy said, prancing over.

“We’re right beside you darling through thick and thin,” Rarity added, moving to stand beside me.

“Once this is over, I’m throwing us an awesome victory party!” Pinkie exclaimed, now appearing upside down from a tree.

Twilight walked up to me, and planted a kiss on my cheek. I blushed a little as she said, “You really have changed Private, for the far better.”

I smiled at her, and we ventured forth. The battle for Ponyville will rage…but if hope does lie in the palace of old. Then we will find it, and hopefully turn the tide…