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Equestria Noir Case 25 "Endgame" - Jacoboby1

Part 2 of Equestria Noir's Season Finale. The final battle begins when Lunard comes with an army to wipe Equestria from the map. Private will need every ally to stop this fiend from taking over his home. But will that even be enough?

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Chapter 7 "Rise of Hope"

Chapter 7

“Rise of Hope”

Perspective: Twilight Sparkle

I groaned as my eyes opened. What happened? I feel like a tree Applejack bucked one gazillion times. I remember, we were using the Elements on Lunard. Then, something went wrong when Private used his.

Where is Private?

I got to my hooves, ignoring the pain I felt in them, I looked around the chamber, there was no sign of Private or Lunard anywhere! I ran over to Rainbow and nudged her. “Come on, wake up guys.”

“What in the hoary horseradished hay was that...?” AJ grumbled as she came around.

Pinkie slowly awoke too. “I dunno, but I feel all woozy and stuff. Was that supposed to happen?”

“I believe, darlings, that somehow our spell was sabotaged.” Rarity explained, getting up herself.

Rainbow awoke after more prodding from me. “Not now mommy, til next year...WHOA!” She shot up straight. “What happened to the bad guy! Did we disintegrate him or something?”

“I don’t think so,” Fluttershy said, leaning on Rarity for support as she collected herself. “Where’s Private?”

“That’s what I want to know,” I said, shaking my head. “He’s not here, you don’t think he- come on girls!” I then took off for the stairs, the others followed behind me. There was no way! Private would never! No...

We got back up to the main chamber, it was deserted too. Rainbow shook her head as she joined me “They must’ve teleported or something. It’ll take us ages to find them.”

“Maybe I can find them with a scrying spell.” I said, concentrating my magic. I opened my eyes and found myself outside the palace. Wow! A scrying spell has never been this easy before! Thank you Alicorn magic!

Before me a battle raged, a furious pony that looked like a darkened version of my Private wearing Night Guard armor was swinging two gladiuses at Lunard’s greatsword. And boy was that stallion mad! He was swinging his swords with all his might at Lunard, there was something almost, savage about the fighting style. It seemed weird for Private to fight like that, he’s usually so calm...what did Lunard say to him?

Private kept wailing on him, striking with blows that only came out as blurs in my eyes. But...no...

Lunard...he...he saw through his style and....

The sword...went into Private...his magic armor was gone...he...

“PRIVATE!!!!” My horn glowed brightly in reality as I screamed.

I teleported all of us out.


We all appeared on the roof where Private was. I looked down at him...he wasn’t moving...he wasn’t....

“Private!” Before the others could stop me I ran to him and knelt over his body, tears pouring down my face. The one stallion I ever loved. The only stallion I could ever love. How could this possibly happen?! I picked up Private’s head, and held it gently in my forelegs. I looked at his face and sobbed, “Private, Private come on say something. You, this can’t be the end.” I felt more tears coming along. “You, you always have a plan, something, anything to get out of this. Private, come on...wake up...don’t...” I wailed, hugging him to me as my tears flowed openly.


No...I can’t...I won’t believe it....

I don’t want him gone! I can’t! I have magic! I can heal him! OF ALL THE SPELLS I COULD’VE LEARNED WHY DIDN'T I LEARN HOW TO BRING HIM BACK!

I looked over, Rainbow was beside me, so were the others. Looks of shock were evident on everyponies faces. I saw Fluttershy fighting the urge to cry, Pinkie was already weeping. Rarity looked down at Private, a look of disbelief on her face.

AJ and Rainbow however, only looked forward. They looked up at Lunard. Rainbow was the first one to leap at him. “You bastard!!”

Lunard simply dodged out of the way of Rainbow, but not before his leg was lassoed by Applejack. “Yer gonna pay fer that ya punk!” She pulled hard, causing Lunard to fall.

Lunard then bucked Rainbow as she was about to tackle him from behind. “You are all truly pathetic, your weeping over a pony that was responsible for your failing to stop me! A useless hybrid who could never in a million years defeat me!”

“YOU BRUTE!!!” Rarity screamed, leaping into the fray herself. “You horrid, murdering CAD of a monstrosity!” she added, using all her martial arts moves to land blows on Lunard’s face and body.

“As if any of you could defe-” Suddenly the king was faced with a certain cannon.

“Party cannon go BOOOMMM!!!” Pinkie fired the cannon and the ball hit Lunard square in the chest armor. It sent him flying back but he eventually recovered herself. All five of my friends were standing there.

“You are fools, your elements have been drained,” Lunard glowered at us. “You cannot possibly hope to best me!”

“Yeah, well we sure as hay can try!” Rainbow yelled, punching her hooves together.


They all turned to look at me, I laid Private’s head gently down. I walked over to my friends, looked up defiantly into the eyes of Lunard and said: “You. Are. Mine.”

With that, all six of us leaped at him. This is for you, Private!

I will not let him get away with this! I don’t care if I have to use every spell at my disposal!

I will make him suffer for ever laying a hoof on you!!! _________________________________________________________________

Perspective: Raiden Bolt

It’s starting to feel a bit helpless. Here we are, seven ponies in kickass suits, and the bugs are still coming! It seems like every bug we take down, two rise to take their place. Is there some kinda spell doing this? This isn’t fun, anymore. Seriously.

“Stars above, this feels a bit like the Royal Wedding combined with Mount Ashbringer,” Queenie groaned, sounding tired.

I looked over and saw Firestormer was wrestling two changelings as they flew towards a nearby building and crashed into it.

I looked myself and saw a pair of Changelings were flying towards me! Man! Chrysie has been busy! How many of these things does she have?

I aimed my hoof at one and zapped him with a lightning bolt. I then turned around and kicked the other in the jaw. Both plummeted towards the battle below.

“Sir, power levels are at 25%, we are barely able to stay aloft with that level,” Neko warned as I dodged another changeling trying to bite me, sending it over to Squall so he could have at it.

“Neko I know the math!” I cried, dodging and zapping another changeling.

“Now it’s at twenty four percent. Sir at the rate we are fighting I can estimate that we will completely lose power in about seven minutes.”

“What about auxiliary power?” I asked, punching a changeling that was dumb enough to get too close.

“That is our auxiliary power” Neko said, very seriously.

This isn’t good, this is very not good. I looked up and saw a swarm of the bastards flying towards Ponyville. I can’t let those reinforcements get to Ponyville! “Neko! Activate Program Thunderbird!” I yelled, zooming towards the changelings.

“Sir I strongly advise against it, at the low power rate we have we will have 0% power by the time it’s finished. I cannot guarantee your safety after the program is executed.”

“I made a promise to Rainbow I’d look after this town! I promised Private I’d keep it safe! Damn it! I’m not breaking a promise right now if I can help it! I’m tired of running away! I’m rushing this problem head on!”

…..”Thunderbird.exe activating.”

I spread my wings to their full length as lightning sparked around me. Soon my body was almost completely enveloped in electricity. Raiun hoped this program would never have to be used.

Bro, if you can see me now, this one’s for you...

The Changelings looked on in shock and awe as I zoomed towards them. I made impact....


An explosion of lightning shot around me, zapping all of them and charring anypony near ground zero of the blast. Next thing I knew, I was falling with the changelings. Plummeting towards the earth a second time, only..there was nopony to catch me.

Rainbow, I hope you could see that...

I’m here without you baby,

but you’re still on my lonely mind,

I think about you baby, and I dream about you all the time....


Perspective: Spike

I looked up as Raiden fired that explosion in the sky. I would spend ten seconds simply digesting how awesome it was if I wasn’t occupied. I blasted a stream of fire into the face of a changeling as I fought near the library.

If only I could grow, I could stomp on these bugs like, well bugs. I clawed at another bug trying to get at me. If only I could remember how I did it last time. Anypony got a hat nearby?

Two bugs were about to pounce on me, when suddenly they got hit by a pair of fireworks. I looked behind me and saw Trixie aiming her horn at them. Normally her fireworks were cheap showcases, but they apparently still hurt at close range.
“The great and powerful Trixie will not have Twilight’s pet dragon squashed,” she said, tossing her silvery blue mane.

“Yeah, well...” I fired a fireball at a bug about to ambush her. “Twilight’s pet dragon can take care of himself thank you!”
More bugs came at us, surrounding us completely. Trixie looked at them as we stood back to back. “Trixie never thought she would die fighting with a dragon.”

“How about,” I looked back at her. “Fighting with a friend?”

She smiled slowly, “I, I could like that very much.”

With that, we both leaped into the fray again.


Perspective: Private Eye

I opened my eyes to white, pure white all around me. I remember this place. I got up on my legs and looked around. There was nothing around me. What happened? How did I get here?

Wait! Lunard! He stabbed me!

I felt my chest fur, I didn’t even feel a scar where he stabbed. In fact, I wasn’t injured at all here. How is thi-

“This possible? Because I willed it so my little pony,” I heard a familiar voice speak up behind me.

I turned around, and beheld Faust before me. The white, red maned alicorn was smiling gently at me. Her blue eyes showed gentleness despite all that’s happened.

“Faust!” I cried. “Lunard, he stabbed me! I...”

“Died,” She answered for me. “Sadly, your wounds were too grievous to save you.”

“I’m, dead?” I said slowly, my voice showcasing my shock.

“I’m sorry Private, but it is true.” she said, her voice showing sadness.

“No I can’t die now!” I yelled, running about. “I have to get back! I have to stop Lunard! He’ll...”

“Private, please calm down,” she soothed, her voice still gentle.

“Calm down?!” I yelled at her “I just died! Where the-” I remembered I was talking to a goddess, “Heck, am I?”

“You stand at the border between life and death.” Faust explained. “I stopped you from going all the way.”

“You, saved me?” I asked, looking at her. “But why? I failed. Lunard used Tenacity against the others. He’ll destroyed everything, all because of me.” I looked down. “I failed them, I failed everypony. I let them all down.”

Faust, slowly smiled and lifted my face with a hoof. “You believe yourself solely responsible?”

“Yes, I do,” I admitted.

“The Private from three years ago would never had admitted such a thing.” She said, her blue eyes looking at my grey ones. “Your pride has melted away Private Eye, revealing you as you are. That pride, was clouding your true destiny from your eyes.”

“But, aren’t I the element of Tenacity?” I asked. “That’s a big enough destiny. Then, there’s the dark magic inside me. I wonder, how much pain did I cause using it?”

Faust was quiet for a moment, then she said, “Lunard, may have created your Element, but he never understood it.”

“What?” I asked, tilting my head.

“Tenacity, is a horrid name for an element. One’s will to succeed can lead one to greatness. But it leads down a path of arrogance and pride. It causes one to ignore the consequences of others, and see only the ends to justify the means. Pride does lead to the fall, as one’s goals are completed via tenacity, they build castles of sand. Once the waves come, their accomplishments crumble,” she said it in such a sagely tone, I couldn’t help but listen to every word.

“Then, if my element isn’t Tenacity, then what is it?” I asked. “What is my destiny! Tell me!”

I looked around, suddenly, screens started appearing everywhere. I saw, me!

The images were of me at various points in my life. Only I was never alone in any of them. I was always with somepony, whether it be Rainbow saving my life at Cloudsdale, Spike and I goofing off together at the library. Another one depicted Big Mac and I at the Snowlands. Another still showed me encouraging Moongale at Trottingham. Many more showed all these things in my life.

“You’ve touched so many lives Private Eye, so many call you a friend.” She smiled at a screen of me and Twilight. “And some even more.” I then saw Dad, Tailspin and I, all hugging. “You’ve mended bridges and brought peace where once was anger.”

“You’re not going to turn me into an Alicorn are you?” I asked, to sate my curiosity.

“No,” Faust answered with a smile.

“Just checking,” I chuckled, looking back at the screens.

Faust gave an almost ethereal sounding laugh. “Anyways, what I am trying to say is that, Private your Element never was Tenacity. Yours...was always...Hope.”

“Hope?” I repeated quizzically, looking at her.

“Tenacity was named because Lunard believed his own deeds would cause him to succeed. You however, reached to others, to inspire them to become more than they could ever be. Hope isn’t something one pony can keep alive. For even the greatest of heroes have followers, ponies they inspire to help carry the burden of the world.”

I felt a weight on my neck, and saw Tenacity was there...but...its diamond...was cracking.

A bright light shown as the diamond completely shattered. I shielded my eyes from the light. I heard a voice cry in the background.

“You cannot seal me! My time is incomplete! I must-”

“You’ve done enough damage Prometheus,” I heard Faust respond to the voice. “Rest, your time will come soon.”

“Let me see her! Please I beg of you!!!”

“Patience, that is all I ask. All will be made right.” Faust soothed. “You must not use Private to further your own deeds. His love for Izanami’s descendent is his own, not yours. Rest, and be content that I have shown mercy to you.”

A bright light enveloped me...


I was standing in a black area, in actually I was standing in a spotlight in a black area. I looked down, and saw my violin was there. I don’t know why, but I felt the urge to levitate it up, put the bow to the strings, and begin playing.

As the first notes started, I saw a cord of light come from tena-no, Hope, and reach to another spotlight. Standing there was Eclipse, playing some kind of flute, wait, was that an Ocarina?

I kept playing my part, and then heard...piano notes.

I looked as another cord of light reached to a spotlight. Nocturne appeared, his horn glowing as his magic played the keys of a large piano. For some reason, I knew what to play, I knew what cues they were going to give me. We were a band playing for the first time...

Now all we needed,

When I am down,

There’s our singer...I looked up, it was Littlepip. Her voice was a little rough, but she sang with such earnestness I couldn’t help but smile. She was not clad in her typical jumpsuit, but instead a rather pretty blue dress. Huh, when she cleaned up she was rather cute.

She smiled and went on as a chord of light went to her.

And oh my soul’s so weary,

When troubles come,

and my heart, burden be

Then I am still, awake here in my silence,

I saw another cord and there was another singer with Littlepip. Twinkle...

The little lavender filly was clad in a pretty blue dress herself. Littlepip smiled and lowered the mic for her. Twinkle sang with a much clearer and practiced voice.

Until you come, and sit awhile, with me.

The two smiled at me, and then at one another. A second mic formed for Littlepip as the next part of the song began. The two voices blended into a duet.

You raise me up!

So I can stand on mountains!

You raise me up! To walk on stormy seas!

I am strong, when I am on, your shoulders

You raise me up, to more than I can be!

More and more chords of light came from me as ponies surrounded us. They sang along, all of us singing this beautiful song of hope.

You raise me up! So I can stand on mountains!

You raise me up! To walk on stormy seas!

And I am strong! When I am on, your shoulders!

You raise me up! To more than I can be!

The song slowed, and I sang the last line.

You raise me up, to more than I...can...be...

Hope...will never die...

I watched as Faust appeared in the center of our band. She smiled and said, “You Preventus Phelps Eye, are the Element, of Hope!”

I looked at my Element, the diamond was gone. But in it’s place was a gleaming silver jewel. It took the form of my cutie mark, a magnifying glass. Faust then looked to me “Now, awaken...”

A bright light enveloped my eyes again...I’m gonna need glasses before this is done...


My eyes opened, and I gasped, and coughed a bit, then rubbed my eyes, hearing the sounds of battle, up ahead. I slowly got to my feet, and discovered that all six of my friends were fighting Lunard! Fluttershy wailed on him, while Rainbow carried out an aerial assault. Applejack got in her two hind-legs’ worth, every now and again, as Pinkie took every opportunity to blast Lunard with her party cannon. Rarity seemed to be using a clever combination of pelting him with rubble, and martial arts moves. While Twilight stood here, blasting Lunard with spell after spell. Wow, Twilight knows a lot of spells.

Again, is it possible to be scared shitless and turned on by her? Short answer yes, long answer hell yes.

“Enough!” Lunard’s horn glowed and he fired a shockwave that sent the others flying towards Twilight. They all crashed in front of her. Lunard glared at Twilight. “You six have lost, you refuse to acknowledge that!”

“We ain’t givin up!” AJ yelled, getting to her hooves.

“Private never did!” Rainbow reminded him, doing the same.

“We’re never going to let a meanie pants like you get away with hurting our friend!” Pinkie cried, springing to her hooves.

“A murderous brute like you would never understand!” Rarity yelled, climbing to her hooves.

“How dare you even think you could do this!” Fluttershy roared, her assertiveness taking over.

“We’ll stop you Lunard!” Twilight called, crouching into a fighting stance with her friends. “Even if I have to use every magic in existence I will make you pay for killing Private!”

I then, took a step. They all tensed up as they heard my hoof step. They turned to look at me, dirty, ragged, a trench coat so torn Rarity will probably freak when she sees what she volunteered to fix, and blood on my chest and fedora.

Their eyes, widened considerably.

Lunard yelled incredulously “Impossible! I killed you!”

“You’re about to learn a hard lesson, Lunard,” I said, a smile on my face. “I’m extreamly hard to kill.”

Twilight’s eyes welled with tears as she ran to me. “Private!!!”

I held open my forelegs and hugged her tightly to me. The others all stared, not believing their eyes. I held Twilight tenderly, stroking her mane and saying “It’s okay Twilight, I’m back, I’m here.”

“But, how is this possible, darling?” Rarity asked, dumbfounded.

“Does it matter?” Rainbow grinned. “Private didn’t die!”

“I’d throw you a ‘glad you came back from the dead and we’re really really happy to see you again’ party,” Pinkie quipped, “But, we still got a really mad meanie pants to deal with.”

I broke Twilight’s embrace and walked forward. The others all stood around me. Lunard laughed. “You fool! Do you really want a repeat performance?” His horn glowed, and I felt Hope come out. “I’ll just drain you all aga-”

I smirked as my Element glowed, Lunard’s eyes went wide as his spell failed to work. Lunard stood astounded. “No! It’s not possible! I made Tenacity! I have control!”

“You may have had control then!” I yelled, slowly rising into the air as Hope grew brighter. “But you will never be able to control the true element! The true Seventh Element of Harmony! Hope!”

They all looked at me as I rose, my element shining in the evening sky. I then spread my hooves. “EVERYPONY FIGHT BACK!”

Thousands of cords of light shot from my element. They all went for Ponyville...


Perspective: Raiden

Dude, who turned on the light show? I watched as thousands of streams of light moved towards Ponyville. Was it some kind of weapon? Well, I was falling now, so there was nothing I could do when one moved towards me.
It connected...I felt...20% more awesome!

“Power restored at 300%” Neko said.

“Cool,” I smiled and opened my wings again, launching into the air. At the highest point I just began blasting any Changeling I could find. They all stopped as I kept zapping them. For once...they started to look scared...

Aww yeah...

I flew into the sky, spinning in the air around a group of storm clouds. Then I pumped them full of electricity and the cloud zapped changelings left and right. I smiled and kept zapping away all the extra power. This is so awesome!

Private, somehow I think you got something to do with this.

Thanks dude, now to get back to bug zapping!


Perspective: Spike

I looked as the one of the streams of light flew towards me. I covered my eyes as it came. But, when it did I saw it was attached to my chest...I felt...bigger...

My muscles bulged, my whole body gained length, and soon I was towering over the library! I remember, vaguely, being this tall, before, but then I had lost all cognitive thought! Now... Now I can put this size to good use!

I sent gout after gout of flame to burn the changeling infestation out of the skies! My tail swatted changelings away from Ponyville. This time, though, I could be careful about what I destroy, not that the Changelings cared, but my friends and family in Ponyville DO care. And I will show them I’m not some monster.

I roared loudly and the Changelings began turning tail and running. I sent fireballs after them! That’s right! Run! Never threaten my home or my family again!

Ponyville is my home! I will never see it taken over by you freaks!


Perspective: Shining Armor

I blocked a dagger swing from that witch. Cadence and I had been fighting for a while now I was starting to feel the burn. I just hoped Twili and the others were okay. Private better not have gotten her hurt!

Chrysalis had suffered a lot of battle scars as well. One of her wings was shredded and she had to walk with a limp thanks to a sword swing from me. She leaped back using her one good wing and glared at both of us.

“How is it I cannot kill you two? You disgusting ponies should’ve died!” She yelled at us.

“You’ll never win Chrysalis, you know that,” Cadence said, breathing a little heavily. She must be tired as well.

“You fools!” She laughed. “With my army I can simply crush you two on a whim!”

“Oh, you mean the army that’s running away?” I asked, pointing behind her.

Sure enough, Chrysalis’ army was being outmatched by a suddenly revitalized Ponyville defense. Spike had gotten huge and was torching and clawing any bug that got too close. Raiden was flying through the air and zapping bugs with reckless abandon.

The changelings were almost all in full retreat.

“You cowards!” Chrysalis called. “Come back! Fight damn you!”

“It’s over Chrysalis!” Cadence cried “You lost!”

“I may have lost this miserable town,” She said, looking dangerously at us. “But I can still have vengeance!”

She leaped towards us, dagger in her magic and a crazed look in her eye...

Then I felt a stream of light touch me, I felt stronger than ever! I leaped into Chrysalis’ path, and swung my sword on her dagger. The blade came clean off and the witch was left with a useless hilt.

Cadence then came from behind me, a stream of light attached to her as well, and she fired a blast of pure magical energy at the witch. Chrysalis was sent flying into a nearby ruined wall.

Cadence and I walked up to her, just as her army was being routed by the others. The changeling queen was on the ground, breathing raggedly. She looked up at us, “What are you waiting for? Kill me...”

I was about to lift my sword, when Cadence held up a hoof to stop me. “Cady?”

“What will it prove Shining Armor?” my wife said to me. “There is a way to stop her without killing her.”

Chrysalis laughed weakly but cruelly. “You child, I will only hunt you down later. I have nothing left in my heart except for the desire of revenge for what you both did to me.”

“Maybe, if you had something else in your heart...” Cadence’s horn glowed blue and I saw a little heart come out of it. Her love spell?

“No! What are you doing?” Chrysalis asked, her eyes fearful.

“Giving you the love you once treasured. I know you can change Chrysalis, I don’t believe that there are truly evil beings in the world. All creatures desire love and care, whether they know it or not.”

“You are naive,” Chrysalis said, looking down. “I don’t want your love, it weakens me!”

“Just because you don’t want it,” The heart went to Chrysalis. “Doesn't mean I can’t give it.”

The heart went inside Chrysalis and slowly the blue markings faded on her. The Changeling Queen looked at Cadence as her eyes seemed to brighten. My wife smiled at her.

But then in a green flash Chrysalis was gone.

I let Cadence fall on me as the fatigue from the battle finally caught up to her. She looked up at me with weak violet eyes. “Am I naive Shining Armor, to believe such a thing?”

“No,” I smiled. “It just shows you’re optimistic, not everypony would’ve done what you did. It only makes me love you all the more.”

“Shining,” she planted a kiss on me.

As we kissed everypony around us cheered, the battle for Ponyville was over! We had won!


Perspective: Private Eye

I reached out, more streams of light came from Hope, even touching the fighters of Canterlot, turning the tide there. Soon the changeling army wouldl fall, this power was amazing!

I looked at Lunard, shock evident on his face. He growled and his eyes seemed to glow. “I killed you once you mongrel, I can do so again! With or without an army!”

“You will never win Lunard! For you’re about to witness a power greater than anything the Miasma can offer!” I held out my hooves, and the streams of light touched each of my friend’s elements.

The chanting came, this time it felt like the whole world was doing it too.

Lunard roared and before my very eyes the Miasma came out, taking the form of a monstrous head. “I will destroy you all! Just as I should’ve wiped out you miserable mongrels fifteen hundred years ago!”

The girls slowly lifted into the air around me as the miasma tried to fly towards us. We all held up a hoof at the same time and a shield blocked it. I looked to each girl around me.






I took the power from each of these elements onto my own. I then looked at Twilight, she smiled at me and said “There is one power you can add.” She then kissed me lovingly and I felt power flow through me.




I then saw Twilight fly into the air and look at the miasma, I lifted my hooves into the air towards her. The cords of light combined into a single sphere and flew up towards her. The magic entered Twilight and her eyes glowed brightly. The miasma shrieked at the sight of her.

Time to show this beast, that friendship, and love, is truly magic!

Twilight flapped her wings once and her horn fired into the miasma, launching a rainbow beam that hit it hard. The substance let out an ear piercing screech of pain but Twilight didn’t let up.

“Nooo!!” Lunard cried as the beam passed through the miasma and hit him full blast. The beam sent Lunard over the edge and he plummeted down to earth.

The miasma tried to get at Twilight, but I flew up and got in the way. “You will never touch her!” My eyes glowed and my own horn fired a beam of light that hit the miasma hard. It was like a black hole had formed and the miasma was sucked into it. Soon, the dark substance vanished forever into nothingness.

It was over, the miasma was gone, and Lunard and his army had been defeated...

Hope turned the tide.