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Equestria Noir Case 25 "Endgame" - Jacoboby1

Part 2 of Equestria Noir's Season Finale. The final battle begins when Lunard comes with an army to wipe Equestria from the map. Private will need every ally to stop this fiend from taking over his home. But will that even be enough?

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Case 25


Perspective: Lunard

I felt it leave me as I fell. For the first time in fifteen hundred years, the miasma was gone. But how? How could a mongrel discover things about Tenacity that not even I, its creator, not know about?

And another thing, how was he able to disregard my spell? I should’ve been able to drain his el-

Wait, could it be?

My magic was weakened, all this time fighting and using magic had caused my mane to lose it’s ethereal nature. I felt, weak beyond compare.

All this fighting, she knew it would drain me! She knew I would eventually wear myself down to the point where I couldn’t stand against his spell. She also lured me here, knowing that the ponies here would stand and fight alongside him.

All this time, she knew he would discover a way to unlock that power. In my attempts to isolate him here to destroy the stallion, she knew that he would be far enough away so that no changeling could interfere. She used my own plan against me.

She...Celestia...my daughter....you’ve beaten me...

I, as a father, could never be more proud, my little sunshine...



Perspective: Private Eye

When it was over we all collapsed on the tower roof. I sighed in relief. Pinkie then subsequently sprung to her hooves.

“That was AMAZERIFFIC! First you were all ‘Bleh! I’m dead!’, and we were all ‘Oh no! Private’s dead!’, Then Twilie’s all saddy waddy, then AJ and Dashie see Lunard, an’ they’re all GRRR!, and he’s all GRRRR, and Twilie’s all ‘He’s MINE!’, and you guys wailed on him, and I blasted him with my party cannon, then... Private is ALIIIIVE! WHOO! And he goes up in the air, and out comes this LIGHT, WHOOSH! Then Private sends beams to us, and kisses Twilie, and this big ball of light comes out, and BOOOOOOM! Lunie goes DOOOOOOWN!”

“Can we say,” Rainbow said, sitting up. “Best win EVER?”

“I do believe it was quite the victory darlings,” Rarity said, and then glared at me. “I do believe you’ve left quite a lot of work for me, Private, your coat is in tatters.”

I chuckled nervously and said, “Could just make a new one...”

Rarity’s eyes glowed. “Oh yes! IDEEA!!” She then went on chatting to herself of how the new design will be and I quote “Spectacular, heroic and fabulous!”

“Hey, where’d that Lunard fella go?” AJ asked, looking over the edge.

We all walked toward it and looked down at the mist. Twilight narrowed her eyes. “I can’t see anything from here. who knows how far it goes?”

Fluttershy looked concerned. “I just hope he didn’t hurt himself too much in the-” We all gave Fluttershy a flat look. “Just a thought.”

“Now now, no need to be too hard on her, darlings,” Rarity explained. “She is the Element of Kindness, after all, and a big part of kindness is empathy. True he was an enemy, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use our empathy.”

Rarity subsequently went back to her thoughts about my coat.

“Well, at least he’s taken care of,” Rainbow added. “Wherever he is.”

“Yeah we should all be-” I was cut off when Twilight practically tackled me to the ground. I looked up at my now Alicorn marefriend as she looked down at me.

She slowly smiled, “It seems even death can’t keep you away huh?”

“Nah,” I said, running a hoof on her cheek. “I have too many reasons to stay alive.”

She then lowered her head, her lips moving towards mine, ignoring the girls giggles and just focusing on me...


I felt the drops of water come down on all of us. Everfree’s weather works on it’s own without Pegasi influence. Twilight held her wings up to shelter us two. Rarity complained (not whined) about her mane getting wet. AJ chuckled at her drama and Pinkie began splashing about in the newly forming puddles.

Rainbow looked up at the sky and groaned, “Ugh, this is why I hate coming here. It’s like the weather is saying ‘ha ha you can’t control me’.” She then went over to act as an umbrella for Fluttershy.

I slowly got out from under Twilight, and looked up at the rain falling on my hat and muzzle. I smiled.

“Private?” Twilight asked, coming to sit beside me “You okay?”

After a while, I said, “I’ve never felt better in my whole life.”

It just...seemed fitting.

“I’m singing, in the rain! I’m singing in the rain! Oh what glorious feeling I’m happy again!” I sang, taking Twilight’s hooves and dancing with her. We all laughed and danced in the rain, celebrating our victory at last.

Rain, you have crazy timing...but are definitely welcome...

I like the rain.


Perspective: Voidera

We teleported as the rain started over Everfree. The forest was gloomy, yet strangely welcoming in the rain. The drops dripped from the limbs, and soaked into the thirsty ground, and the whole forest seemed more... well... alive. Tia and I walked in the rain, our weakened magic casting a shield to keep us dry. I looked over at her. “They did it.”

“I knew they would,” Tia said proudly. “They are my student and her friends after all.”

“Luna is recovering now,” I told her. “The doctors said she should be ready for duty again in a few days. Her magic may take longer to recover as she hasn’t returned to full power.”

“So long as she is with us I am happy,” Tia replied, smiling. “She made me very proud today. I only hope she will recover swiftly and safely.”

“We’re here, Tia,” I declared, moving aside some bushes to where we knew he would land. And there he was. His mane looked like an ordinary mane now, his armor was dented and scorched, and there were marks from what looked like a serious beating. He even looked like he’d taken a cannon blast, point-blank. His breathing, though, was shallow, and he did not wake up when we approached.

It was...hard to see such a stallion I once admired come to this state. Tia was taking it the hardest, walking slowly to her father and finally sitting down beside him. Her voice wavered a little, she was obviously holding back tears as the rain came down. “Fa-father...?”

Slowly, Lunard opened his blue eyes, he looked up weakly at Tia, and smiled. “You, you’ve made me p...proud...” He then fell back down, Tia caught him in her forelegs.

I walked to him as Tia held the king. He looked at me, his eyes weak but he was still there. “Voidera, take, care of her. I always knew, that you would be the one...for her.”

I fought tears myself at this, and simply said, “I am happy, to finally be able to call you father as well.”

Lunard smiled and his eyes closed gently. Tia and I looked at each other, our horns glowing respectively. We touched Lunard’s horn and his breathing became even. Tia looked at me. “He’s had the miasma in him for far longer than Luna had it. It could take him months to even be able to walk again.”

“The best we can do my love,” I soothed, putting a hoof on Tia’s shoulder, “Is make him as comfortable as we can. For all he’s done, he was a good stallion. We can hope he can be the same again.”

Tia smiled, and looked up at the tower above us. “Hope, a very fitting name.”


Ladies and gentle stallions! Fillies and Colts prepared to be astounded, bedazzled, and otherwise, stupefied, I’m Vinyl Scratch! Here me and obey! Oh sorry, got a little power hungry there.

Vinyl, just once I’d like this to be done professionally.

Yeah yeah, I AM being professional. It’s part of the whole radio personality gig, Octy. Gotta keep them entertained.

I do so question how the youth of Equestria find this entertaining.

Whatever, let’s get to the smexy news already!

Very well *ahem* following the attacks last Sunday both Canterlot and Ponyville have recovered from the damages suffered during the Changeling attack.

Geez, I don’t think any insurance company has a ‘changeling attack’ policy.

I think it comes under ‘Attacks upon Equestria by mystical forces’... That sort of started after the whole Nightmare Moon thing. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the ponies involved reconstruction went without too many hitches.

Yeah if you all wanna donate to help the families recover from the attack just make a call, operators are standing by for as long as I can bribe them with cookies.

Anyways, a memorial service was held Wednesday to commemorate those who fought in the battle. I have confirmed that there were no deaths, but many are still injured from the battle.

In other news, turns out Twilight is getting that coronation after all! Today she’s getting a ceremony and everything. Despite many stuck ups in Canterlot, no offense Octy.

None taken.

Who tried to cancel the ceremony in lieu of the attacks. But the most awesomest Princess Celestia has said that she would hold the ceremony as a celebration of victory. How cool is that?

Very admirable, despite the loss and clean up she’s still wanting to have us look to the future. The ceremony is to be held within the hour at Canterlot Castle.

Okay, that about wraps up our news for today.

Hmm, it seems we have a lot of air time left.

Well the rest of the news is done, wanna make out?


*Crash, swearing, yelling and other things not suitable for young viewers*

“Until next time this is Vinyl Scratch, bringing you the truth,” *Sword unsheathes* “No matter how...bad it hurts me... Octy. C’mon, Octy. You don’t want to cut me to bits, do you? Who would give you those backrubs you like so much?”


Perspective: Private Eye

So here it is. The coronation. Twilight is going to become a princess. The square is it’s usual ornate self, with a few bits of damage here and there, everypony’s dressed in their best outfits... Wow, Twilight looks awesome in that dress, and the singing is pretty good, too. I’m standing with the others, as we watch the whole thing unfold. This time I’m with my beloved. She’ll have my support, every step of the way.

I smiled wide as she stepped up and looked over at me. A silent message passed between our eyes.

Twi, I’m here for you now.

There’s nopony I’d rather have with me at this point in my life.

I love you,

I love you too

I then watched as Spike came up, crown in his claws. Thankfully Celestia and Voidera had it triple checked for miasma or any other malicious spells and luckily this one is clean. Twilight lowered her head as Celestia took it in her magic. I saw nothing but pride in the eyes of the princess.

Luna was beside me as well, smiling at Twilight, although...did a look of envy pass just now...?

I refocused as Celestia declared, “By the powers vested in me, I now pronounce you...” She lowered the crown onto Twilight’s head. “Princess Twilight Sparkle!”

Everypony cheered loudly including me and the girls. After a long bout of cheering for Twilight, Twilight held a hoof to silence them.

When they did she was taken aback. “Wow, that’s kind of cool,” She said to herself. I stifled a laugh. She then cleared her throat and said, “I am deeply honored by this, I could not have gotten here without the most amazing friends in the world. I will do my very best to be the princess Equestria needs during this time.”

She then, turned to me and gestured with her hoof for me to come.

I walked over to her, feeling Silverwolf’s weight at my side as I walked to her. I lowered my head gently as she said, “As my first act as Princess of Equestria, I will perform something that should’ve been done long ago. Private Eye has been at my side for a year now, he has asked for nothing for his bravery and courage in the face of evil. Today, I give him the honor whether he likes it or not.”

She and I smiled at each other. I looked to my side and saw Silver Wolf being pulled from it’s sheath. Voidera fixed her up and for some reason was rather insistent I bring it to the ceremony. I looked at Twilight as she took my blade in her magic.

I caught on to what was going on, and kneeled before her. She smiled and put the sword to my shoulder. “By the powers vested in me, as Princess of Equestria, I now dub thee, Sir Preventus Phelps Eye. Knight of Equestria.” She tapped my other shoulder with my sword.

The crowd slowly cheered again as I rose and took the sword from Twilight. I wanted to kiss her right then in there, but the formality of the ceremony stopped that. I just smiled and said, “I will guard Equestria with my life, I would do it for no other, Twilight.”

She smiled in turn as Celestia came forward. The girls gathered around the princess as Celestia spoke, “You all have sacrificed so much in this, I thank you all for what you’ve done for this nation. May the Elements of Harmony never ever break.”

We all smiled, Celestia then walked to Applejack. “Any damages to the Sweet Apple Acres farm have been paid in full Applejack.”

AJ looked in shock. “Princess, thank ya, ah mean it.”

Celestia smiled and then walked to Pinkie Pie. “Your love Swarm, for his admirable efforts in the fight to save Ponyville, is now on his way to becoming a full citizen of Equestria.”

“Swarmy!” Pinkie cheered happily, I saw the Changeling the crowd, smiling happily as Pinkie waved excitedly to him.

Celestia then walked to Rarity. “I do believe, that Twilight will need quite a few outfits as a princess. I can think of no other place then Carousel Boutique. When you are ready Rarity, I’d be more than happy to open a shop here in Canterlot.”

Rarity’s jaw dropped. “A shop, here in a..ey aye aye!” She was about to faint before AJ caught her, we all laughed a little at Rarity’s reaction.

The Princess then turned to Fluttershy. “I do believe you will find that the animals in my garden will be far kinder to you dear Fluttershy.”

The pegasus gave a warm smile, “I only hope they will like me this time.”

“You managed to convert Discord, I doubt you will have much trouble.” Celestia smiled.

“Speaking of which,” Discord grinned, suddenly appearing out of nowhere. “There’s still the matter of me.”

“Indeed,” Celestia said sternly.

Discord sighed. “Well, I guess it’s back to being under guard I guess.”

“Discord, I don’t think you understand,” Celestia smiled “As of now, I am fully releasing you.”

Discord looked genuinely shocked. “Well, now that was quite unexpected, why the change?”

“A certain friend of yours told me of how you sacrificed yourself to buy them time,” The sun princess said, “Because of that, I am willing to extend you an offer of freedom, provided you do not cause harm to ponies anywhere.”

“Wait, so,” Discord pondered this. “I’m free!” He suddenly started zooming all over the place cheering happily “I’m free! I’m free at last! Celebration time!” He snapped his fingers...

And suddenly we were a mariachi band, sombrero and all. Discord danced as we all glared at them. “Aww well, it was worth a shot.” He snapped his fingers and all was made right. He then summoned a suitcase. “I’m hitting the road! I’m off to see the wor-” He stopped, and looked over at Fluttershy.

The pegasus flew up to him and said, “Take care, Discord, you do deserve a little happiness.”

Discord, smiled genuinely. “Take care, Fluttershy, take care.” With that, he zoomed out a open window and into the sky outside. He laughed out loud and cheered to the world his newfound freedom.

Celestia then walked to Rainbow Dash, the cyan pegasus smirked, “Go ahead, tell me how awesome I am.”

“Actually, somepony else has that honor,” Celestia grinned.


“Me of course, rookie.”

Rainbow slowly turned around to see Spitfire standing there, clad in her wonderbolt suit. Rainbow stifled a squeal and stood firmly. “Uh ma’am! Great to see you!”

Spitfire chuckled. “Relax Dash, I’m off duty.” She smiled and walked up to Rainbow. “Heard about some of the stuff you did today, mighty impressive.”

“Uh, thanks ma’am,” she said, standing stiff but probably screaming inside.

“I expect to see you bright and early tomorrow at the academy, gonna have you seeing you put all that power to work.”

Rainbow smiled wide as Spitfire returned to the crowd. She turned back to Celestia and said, “Okay, no reward necessary, I’m good.”

“I thought that would be something you would desire,” Celestia said with a light musical laugh.

She then walked to me. “Private, you’ve probably suffered the greatest because of Lunard targeting you. If there is any reward at all, anything you desire, I will make it so.”

I looked down, pondered what exactly I wanted. I knew what I needed, more then anything. “Tailspin,” I said, looking up at Celestia. “He’s, in a wheelchair, the reward I want is that he receives the best care possible.”

“Done,” Celestia smiled, but then she frowned. “But, that is not a reward for yourself. Is there anything I can specifically give you?”

I pondered again, and then slowly smirked, “The only thing I could want Celestia...” I paused for a moment and met her eyes. “You can’t possibly give me.”

Celestia looked taken aback, then saw the look in my eyes and smiled, “And what, pray tell, is this thing that I cannot possibly give you?”

“An answer to a question,” I said, closing my eyes. “A question that I have been hoping to hear answered for a long time. You can’t answer it Celestia.” I slowly turned to look at Twilight. “Only Twilight can.”

Twilight, naturally, looked confused, but the other girls seemed to catch on. They all grinned at each other, then as a unit shoved Twilight over to me. Fluttershy looked glassy eyed at us, Rarity had pulled out a hoofkerchief from somewhere, and was holding it up to her muzzle. Applejack stood there beaming, while Rainbow Dash had this stoic look in her face that showed her determination not to get sappy. Pinkie finally couldn’t take it any more and shoved Twilight towards me. “Go on!”

Twilight almost tripped but regained her footing as she looked at me. Her eyes showed confusion, typical Twilight. I then let out a breath, and said the words I’ve wanted to say for a long time.

"Twilight, this year has been the best in my life. Mainly because it's because I've gotten to know you. I love everything about you, your beauty, your intelligence, your kind heart, your talent with magic. You, outshine me in every possible way. But, the fact you would want to be with a stallion like me, has made me feel truly blessed to have met you. I love you more than anything this world can offer. And...I just have one question to ask you...."

Twilight’s eyes grew wide, as she suddenly realized just what I was asking. She sat on her haunches, covering her muzzle with her forehooves, tears welling in her eyes.

I slowly reached into my suit jacket, and pulled out the small black box that I kept close to my heart for weeks now. I got down on one knee. “Twilight Annemarie Sparkle,” I used my magic to levitate the box and open it up, revealing Spike’s ring.

“Will you marry me?”

Twilight blinked rapidly, beaming at me. She tried to say something, but it seemed that she couldn’t get anything past a lump on her throat. Finally she just glomped me, hugging me tight, nodding. “Yes,” she whispered. She then got a bit louder. “Yes.” Then finally, she cried, “Yes! Yes! Yes! I will!”

I grinned wide and hugged her tightly as the crowd cheered a third time, roaring and whooping at the answer. I held Twilight tightly and kissed her in front of the crowd.

I heard AJ sniffling, “Private and Twi, *sniff* gettin hitched at last.”

“It’s just so...” Rarity broke down fully into tears, her hoofkerchief discarded, and she clinging to Fluttershy, who just held her, patting her back, a smile, and tears of her own falling.

“Must, not...get sappy,” Rainbow panted, as a single tear fell from her eye.

Pinkie was crying already, before suddenly getting out of it and saying, “I am going to throw you guys the best engagement party EVER!” She then went back to unleashing a waterspout of tears.

“YES YES FINALLY!!!” I heard a voice yell from the crowd, Twilight and I looked and saw Cadence had shot up and was practically dancing in the air, Shining was trying his best to contain his wife’s excitement.

Twilight and I looked back at each other, we nuzzled each other before getting back on our hooves. I saw Celestia approaching us, I could see the hints of tears on her eyes. She wiped them away. “Forgive me, I am simply happy for both of you. I, would like a favor from both of you.”

“What is that Pri-” Twilight stopped, realizing her rank. “I mean, Celestia.”

The sun princess smiled. “Allow me to oversee plans for the wedding, I also wish to be the one to wed both of you.”

Twilight and I looked at each other, I then looked at Celestia. “If it’s, not too much to ask, I think Twilight and I agree our wedding should be at Ponyville.”

“Ponyville?” Celestia asked, raising an eyebrow.

Twilight took my hoof. “It’s our home, it just feels fitting we should be married there. Also think of how it would help the town.”

Celestia nodded. “Done, the preparations will begin immediately.”

“Twilight!” Rarity cried, temporarily looking away from her tear sponge that was Fluttershy. “If you do not let me design your wedding dress I will lock you in a closet and you’ll never marry Private!”

Twilight smiled, “I wouldn’t want anypony else.”

“Very well.” Rarity then went back to crying into Fluttershy.

Twilight and I simply laughed.


Two days later...

It had been a good day. Twilight and I had taken a picnic dinner out to our favorite field, and had a nice quiet meal, talking about just little things, before Luna brought out the stars, and we sat there, stargazing, and generally enjoying one another’s company. It was nice not to have a world-saving sort of adventure to worry about. Or even something as ordinary as a case of... well... anything. Used to be, I hated the lulls between cases, but now... Now I could appreciate them.

Twilight and laid on our backs in the grass. The stars were above us as we talked. Twilight pointed up, “Okay, that one is Draco, and there’s Norma over there”

“One of these days I’ll get all of them right,” I said as we both laughed.

Twilight then stopped laughing, and rolled on her side to look at me. “Lots of things are going to change huh?”

“Yeah,” I said, rolling to face her.

“Private,” she said, looking at me. “Can I ask you something?”

“You can ask me anything Twilight,” I smiled.

“My wings,” She said, lifting one up. “Do you um,” she blushed as she thought of the way to put it. “Like them?”

I looked at the lavender colored wing as it set against the background of the night sky. I scooted over, and reached a hoof to touch it. Twilight stifled a giggle as I ran my hoof along the very soft feathers. “Twi, if anything I think they make you look more beautiful.”

“Thanks,” she said, kissing my nose. “I’m glad, I was worried you’d think I was, too exotic or something. I’m still not used to all the stares I get back home.”

“Twi, if there is one thing I learned throughout this crazy adventure,” I started, putting a hoof on her chest, “Is that, I can’t pick how I want the pony I love to be. You’re going to change, you’re going to grow and so am I. But, that’s what real love is all about. Compromise and figuring out how to make it all work.”

She then laid her wing on me, pushing me to her with it. She put her head on my chest and nuzzled into it. I embraced her as she snuggled in.

“Private, I turned away from immortality so I could live a life with you.” She looked up into my eyes. “Let’s make it the best life we can make it.”

“That’s the best life, isn’t it?” I smiled.

“Life is greatest when it’s shared with ponies you love,” Twilight quoted.

“Where’d you hear that?” I asked, looking at her.

“Some cute stallion,” she said, smiling at me. “He thinks he’s really smart so he says stuff like that all the time and never bothers to write it down.”

“For notes are the key to any master scholar,” I quoted in turn, “That I heard from some really pretty unicorn turned princess.”

We both laughed, Twilight then looked into my silver eyes and said, “Preventus, I love you.”

I held her to me, and said, “I love you too, Twilight. Never forget that ever.”

I wondered if it was all a dream. I’d wake up and find myself back at my crappy apartment in Manehatten and go back to my dead end job as a private detective. Staring out into the rain wondering when the hell I’d be able to pay my bills.

But, as I held Twilight that notion was thrown out the window. For I could never possibly imagine this adventure with her. Nor could I ever imagine that I would fall for such a mare, and end up engaged to her.

Twi, thank you, thank you for changing my life in ways I could never possibly put to words...Maybe...I’ll get Tailspin to write a story about this...

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2916724Somepony is channeling Cadence :twilightsmile:

“Must, not...get sappy,” Rainbow panted, as a single tear fell from her eye.


“YES YES FINALLY!!!” I heard a voice yell from the crowd, Twilight and I looked and saw Cadence had shot up and was practically dancing in the air, Shining was trying his best to contain his wife’s excitement.

That moment when your OTP is confirmed. :yay:

I wondered if it was all a dream. I’d wake up and find myself back at my crappy apartment in Manehatten and go back to my dead end job as a private detective. Staring out into the rain wondering when the hell I’d be able to pay my bills.

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I will admit that these stories also are giving me an idea to try writing a story about one of my own OC characters, (who is a detective), but I always keep talking myself out of that, mostly because I was unsure of how I can go about it without it ending up to be an unintentional copy of another story. It's a bit of a worry for me at times because I don't want to be flamed for copying. But I'm getting off track now...
I thank you Jacoboby, for writing these stories. May Private's story never end. :rainbowdetermined2:


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Another fantastic ending to another fantastic case. And believe me, it has been a ride from day one in a very, very good way. Give yourself a pat on the back sir because you brought a wonderful thing to a close with plenty of room and momentum for another season of enjoyment!

Three things.

1) I am extremely pleased in the way that you had Private propose to Twilight in this one, and if you had left that out... :flutterrage:
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3) You left room open for some redemption in the future in regards to Lunard, which I appreciate, even if you never use that bit again. I'm a sucker for redemption

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6274098 ......point taken

"Twilight, this year has been the best in my life. Mainly because it's because I've gotten to know you. I love everything about you, your beauty, your intelligence, your kind heart, your talent with magic. You, outshine me in every possible way. But, the fact you would want to be with a stallion like me, has made me feel truly blessed to have met you. I love you more than anything this world can offer. And...I just have one question to ask you...."

Twilight’s eyes grew wide, as she suddenly realized just what I was asking. She sat on her haunches, covering her muzzle with her forehooves, tears welling in her eyes.

I slowly reached into my suit jacket, and pulled out the small black box that I kept close to my heart for weeks now. I got down on one knee. “Twilight Annemarie Sparkle,” I used my magic to levitate the box and open it up, revealing Spike’s ring.

“Will you marry me?”

As a MCPON, I salute you, Private. You are the stallion who inspired hope in us all. Now, you have tied the knot with the mare you love. Godspeed, Private.

John was standing in the crowd, standing tall.

He saw the stallion he knew to be Private Eye, talk with the newly crowned princess.

When he saw him get down on one knee, he gasped.

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