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A new chapter opens when The Legendary Purple Dragon Spyro and his mate Cynder discover that Malefor is alive and stowed to take revenge upon them. They then discover he opened a portal to a new world to gain new power and gain followers to praise him. Chronicler Ignitus informs The two dragons he must be stopped. Ignitus opens a portal Malefor entered. Spyro and Cynder awake in a new, unusual world. Along the way, they friended six ponies and two Alicorn princesses. Spyro, Cynder, and their new friends must now team up to stop Malefor before it's too late.

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Liked on the premises alone, Will be reading it later,

I'll favorite it if I think it deserves that, and let it keep the up vote

I like how shopped the cover is :]

Alright, color me wanting moar.

I'll read later, 'cause Spyro is one of my favorites games ever. So, yeah, here's a Goblin, use for good... Or evil:
img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100603193321/spyro/images/2/26/Grublin_Fly.jpg :trollestia:

DotD Cynder is best dragon.

Story shows promise, so I'll track it, not quite earned a fav yet. Yet.
I'd recommend getting a proofreader, there is quite a few spelling mistakes. It also seems a little rushed so try to slow down a little, take your time and get a feel for the story.
But like I said, shows promise, don't disappoint me... I'll be watching

4784825 Correction: Evil Cynder is best dragon.

I don´t give an up or a down yet, but i can say that i am interessted in it, That Game with Cinder is probably the first one i played long enough to get through with it. I like Cinder more then Spike and i hope you get a bit of her Character in there. I mean i coul think if there is no danger at a moment, then probably Cinder would be the one who said what he can do and what not. ( don´t really know how to say it otherwise in english)

Hhhmmmmm okay you get an thumb up from me, but i read more and.....well....let´s say i just hope it turned out really good. Nothing against you, it is just that i don´t read an Crossover yet that stayed good and interessting enough for me all the time. But i think if you at least keep that level and make maybe the meeting betweent the Dragons and the ponys interessting enough you win me over (.....can i say it that way?.....:trixieshiftright:):heart:

4785486 I can understand that. Everybody can't love everything right?

4784727 Yeah I did rush through it a little bit. I will take my time with it and will try to make each chapter a little bit longer. I'll also try to correct some of the grammer.

4785533 right, but be sure i really look into it, i want to let you know i want to give it a real change, even if i am not the biggest fan of all the spyro Games, i like that one special game really much.

I like that pairing too, but hhhmmmm how should i say it...?

Ok i just try it : I am ok with Spyro and Cynder being together, i mean it was in the game to right?, and i like it if they do more cuddling stuff then everytime sex (like in some fanfics it is overused).
What i would prefer it is, that even if they are all lovely dovely, that they don´t get to much out of Character. It is maybe to soon to say that, but i just want to let you at least know that befor there is more and yyou can´t even think about it.

Like i said it is to soon to say that but even if i like that lovely pairing i hope they do other things too then showing their affections to much. (i hope i doesn´t sound off, i don´t know if it sound good or bad in english,....i am from German and i always write a bit more then i wanted, maybe saying the same thing twice.:twilightblush:)

PS: You know what, since i like this story tilll now, and it is your only story till now, why should i not follow you?

4785608 to be honest, I don't have an editor. I'm on my own with this.

Looks likes Malefor is back. Now let the battle begin.

Great chapter. Well I hope Celestia doesn't think Spyro is the dragon from her dreams. Good Luck with the next chapter.

well, well this is getting better the i'm expect :moustache:

Although much, MUCH better than the previous chapters, you should make the transition between dimensions, time gaps, moving between characters, etc, more prominent. You could use the 'Line break' tool which looks like two sets of black lines separated by a thicker blue one .

When you use it, 'hr' will appear in brackets where you were typing. After that, simply press space to move down a line and carry on and viola.

Give it a try, it's quite useful.

4793986 I'll keep that in mind thanks.:twilightsmile:

well i´ll be honest, i´m enjoy this history :ajsmug:

this story is one of the best I have read on fimfiction but the only thing that bothers me is it is never explained what happed to Sparx.

Also as a general question who is Nyx?

4825236 If you didn't see the ending of Spyro: Dawn of the dragon, Sparx and Spyro went separate ways before Spyro and Cynder faced Malefor. The answer to your other question, Nyx is the filly version of nightmare moon. Its a little hard to explain, look up past sins made by Pen stroke and you'll understand where i'm trying to come from. Also, thank you. I'm glad your enjoying my story so far. :twilightsmile:

Let me start by saying that I like this story. The concept of two especially powerful and fully matured Spyro and Cynder in Equestria alone is enough to attract my attention, but the a addition of my favorite alicorn filly Nyx made me loose my mind in chapter 3. However, while I do like this story; this chapter really bothered me. I thought that other mane six characters (especially Rainbow Dash) were way out of line and really out of character in this chapter. I understand that you likely wanted to create a conflict in the form of distrust between the protagonists, but this conflict was handled to rashly and heavy handedly in my opinion. Suspision of Spyro and Cynder is understandable in this situation due to the prophcey that Celestia had. This suspicion is enough in my opinion to create a conlict in the story where the protacgonist are not 100% sure of their new dragon friends. However, the other ponies instead immediately started screaming for the blood of two dragons that they had only just meet, while ignoring the testimony of their "best friends" Twilight, Spike and Nyx being rescued by them. Furthermore these actions are were only rationalized by the mane 5 by the fact that Spyro (and apperantly Cynder by association) is a purple dragon while completely ignoring the fact that Spike is also a purple dragon. In conclusion, this chapter is a bit of a mess involving an abuse of the cap lock button. I hope this improves in future chapters (especialy since we have yes to introduce Spyro to the other princesses) as I do have high hopes for this story which has had a good start to it. But for now this chapter gets four :facehoof::facehoof::facehoof::facehoof: out of 5

4883686 I can understand what your saying. I just wanted to give the story a little dark twist. Also, Twilights friends have problems with dragons and don't trust them easily, especially Rainbow Dash. But above all, i'm glad your enjoying my story. :twilightsmile:

The other issue is the fact that they make no address to the fact that Spike is a "purple" dragon as well. Emotional outbursts (or bloodlust in this case) should not be exclusive to one individual when they share the problem trait(s) with another. It makes the characters seem ignorant and overly bias as they don't even reference the common traits shared between Spyro and Spike in regards to their prejudice. Spike also makes no remark about how the characters apparently now hate (or are at least speciesist) againts his own species.

4885772 You make a good point there. I'll try to improve in chapter 5, but I can't make any promisies.

That's all I ask. Again I do love the first three chapters (expecially Nyx), and I look foward to the rest of your epic tale of Dragons and Ponies.

What's a timer wolf?

“Because these two were the ones who saved my life last night from the Timer wolves.” Twilight said. The mares looked at the dragons with surprise. It took a while for them to digest the information they took. Spike and Nyx hung from the side of the door frame until they finally stepped out.

Also, is the egg dead? Sucks.


Not to worry I can wait for the full chapter to come out.

The breaking of a Pinkie Promise is a gigantic plothole here! :pinkiecrazy: It would make more sense if it were just a regular promise.

It would also help to distinguish thoughts into separate paragraphs.


“You are foolish for ever doing that to my mate.” Said a cold, dark, growling voice. The main six turned to the voice. It was Spyro, but he...

...should be like this:

“You are foolish for ever doing that to my mate.” Said a cold, dark, growling voice.

The main six turned to the voice. It was Spyro, but he...

Another thing too the focus areas could use a little help with a horizontal line between sections. With the earlier chapters like between focusing on Nyx and then shifting to Spyro. You can still have the location included at the start of each section, but it can help those who may lose track if they are distracted.

I like it, I'm not a huge spyro fan, but I find this story to be interesting and I really want to see chapter 5 soon. Hope you can complete it soon!

4960381 so when can we expect this to be continued, and am i missing something here?

I'm glad to see this story back on track. I still think those five (expecially Rainbow) got off way to easy for what they tried to do, but I'm also glad that this can be shelved so we can move on to the epic adventure. Despite my past criticisms, I have faith that you will make this crossover adventure awesome. :yay::rainbowdetermined2::ajsmug::twilightsheepish::raritywink::pinkiehappy::moustache:

4975267 It warms me for you saying that. Thank you. I will try not to dissapoint you or anyone. :twilightsmile:

4975214 heh, I didn't expect it to be that quick, but glad you made it happen!

Now that I've read chapter 5 I must admit; I am a little thrown off by spelling, BUT I can ignore that. Very good addition to the story, esspecially with that cliffhanger at the end (now I'm hooked, I wantz more story)!

If you want to see Spyro to open up a can of whoopass on that sumabitch who hurt Luna and Celestia give me a "Hell Yeah"!

I just realized something. Rainbow Dash broke Twilight's Pinkie Promise.

4976084 Hell yeah!

the world that spyro and cynder are from is called the realms and i think equestria is just a kingdom name not the name of the planet are we forgetting the griffon kingdom or the hive lands and so on

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