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The Wonderbolt Academy is home to many a cadet seeking to enter the prestigious flying team. What it's not usually home to, is a dead body that appears to be struck by lightning. But it gets stranger from there, as a mysterious sword cut is on the body as well. It's up to Private once again to investigate teaming up with Rainbow Dash. But Rainbow's rival Lightning Dust has an interesting thing to say. The murderer, bore a striking resemblance to Raiden Bolt...

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“That I saw the criminal...and he looked an awful lot like Dash’s boyfriend….”


Oh, crap. I hate when someone gets wrongly accused just so the person accusing gets something out of it.
But, chances are you (as always) are gonna make this story amazing. :pinkiesmile:

Just like with Trixie, I don´t think Lighting Dust is the assassin, despite her character.
However, I wonder how would she react may she discovers the only reason Spitfire is keeping her on the Academy is merely to be Rainbow Dash´ sparring.

im a sucker for a good mystery, keep it up :yay:

It's not Raiden. There's going to be something to prove that later on.....right?:twilightsheepish:

i was just looking for something to read and came across this i've been waiting for a sometime now <this was when i was at the top>

I hope it's not raiden <when i was at the bottem>

looking at your other stories i predict the chapters will be 2-4 days apart

i posted this comment for no reason

p.s. awestruck by your storys

Damn the cliffhangers, though it can't be Raiden I think.


3203322 Can't....Hold.....On.....Much..... LONGERRR!!!!!!!

3203503Yes! Thank you! I was hoping somebody got the reference!

So many cliffhangers, but why in the world does the case have to involve Raiden and his family? It seems fishy to me, but I will not say what I suspect for now... But I do know that every corporation has it's own dark secrets, one that may turn everything on it's head.

Oh boy, things are going to get very interesting.

Joyful, here is yet another possible skeleton in the closet from the Bolt family. The armoured suit and cloning weren't enough?

Judge: Mr.Fan I have a record here that says you hit a defenseless pile of shit how do you plead?


The sword was given to him? By who? Gah you and your cliffhangers...

The sword was given? That was unexpected, though I guessing the similarity that Private sees is that Lightening Dust is related to this new stallion?

thats two avenger references one being raidden's suit of amour the 2nd being the sword that makes lightning. (1: Iron Man's suit 2: Thor's hammer)

3221660 i'm guessing your right

Comment posted by PONYKILLER deleted Sep 19th, 2013

I looked over… and saw a box…
Okay, Metal Gear Stallion don’t let me down now…


My email apperntly wants me to read this chapter, becuse i got three emails of this chapter update. But anyways, this is a great story, keep it up.

Didn't see that coming...I like it!

Oh boy, this just got very interesting (as if it wasn't already)

Lol'd at the Incredibles reference.

3238208I was having some issues with the publishing button, my bad :derpytongue2:

Trust me, you'll an easier time

shouldn't there be a "have" their?

I have a really bad feeling I know what's happened and I really hope I'm wrong...

:applejackunsure: This brings a bit more about Raiden's back story to light, and why he doesn't really like his parents so much. But there's something odd... There's either a clone, magic used, or something more personal in the family. But I cannot tell what will happen, because anything can happen at this time.

My only concern is about shadowhoof and the others. Oddly enough, they seem to have differing views about what is right to do to those who are good. I'm sure that we will be seeing that Teen sooner than I think however... but these cases just keep getting better!

I wasn't expected Raidan to have been so tied up in this, and now I really have no idea what Shadowhoof is planning.

While I'm still wondering and trying to figure out who murdered Skyline, I did enjoy the backstory you've built for the Bolt family and for Raidan.

I think you might be reading too much into it...
Not everything's a reference.

3249460 Never mind you all missed "The Incredibles" reference, last chapter.

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