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Captain Flea609

I am currently working on an MLP fan-fiction I have have been writing for quite some time now. Writing is my gift and I plan to use it.


As Equestria pluments into turmoil and the great and powerful Princess Celestia is assassinated, her sister Luna takes power and forms the radical U.N.L.R.(United National Lunar Republic), the young pony Rainbow Dash discovers that her life is a mirage of memories that have been repressed in her head for years. Questions she never really thought of or asked herself get answered and she discovers who she really is, or better yet what she is. What she finds out about herself however will change her life forever. Meanwhile a secret rebellion known as the Enlightenment, is planning to overthrow Luna's rule. The mysterious leader of this rebellion offers Rainbow Dash an opportunity to teach her to control the very thing she is. The Juggernaut.

What is the Juggernaut? How is Rainbow Dash involved with The Enlightenment? Who can she trust and who does she betray or better yet who betrays her? Follow Rainbow Dash as she is plunged into an unexpected adventure that will put her loyalty to the ultimate test, but what exactly does it mean to be loyal?

By the way I would like to thank my good friend Bulltrup for the awesome cover art! :D

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Hmm... Hmm...
Seems interesting enough. I shall track this! :pinkiehappy:

I like the concept here and I'll admit I'm curious, but the grammatical errors and typos are ridiculous and make the story difficult to read sometimes. I'll follow this story anyway though, so I hope future installments will make better use of a little spell-check. Otherwise, pacing was great, characters seem deep, and the plot looks intense!

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Don't you know who I am? I'm Rainbow Dash, b*tch!

Please update I read this story once every week so I can remember how cool it is

My greatest enemy is finally dead!? I would kiss you if I didn't hate mortals!

Hence why people have editors like you

Rainbow never really favored Princess Luna. She always gave off this feeling that she envied her sister.

You would too if you were supposed to be equals but not. There's more to it but I want to hear what else one of Celestia's has to say.

Sharp Intellect fixated his glasses,"That's also an easy answer your highness. Your sister's element of Loyalty?"

Bad idea

Luna is smarter when it comes to government but Celestia was a pony person. Ponies like to have their hand held and shit. At least, the equestrians do. Which is why Luna can't lead the ponies. It's not what they want but it's what they need. However you see how ponies will do extreme things to get their way. Starlight, starswirl, any high powered unicorn. Does Trixie count. She was wronged but...the aftermath

"WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!" She screamed as loud as she could. She had never enjoyed herself more.

Cue Astro boy reference. One sin

Spitfire turned to her fellow Wonderbolts.....no they weren't Wonderbolts because she knew that in the next few weeks or months they would be soldiers. She didn't want to be some grunt that was just going to be thrown out there to serve some paranoid bitch that didn't know shit about leading a government and she sure as hell didn't want her team to be out there either.

She is probably the most knowledgeable person about government ironically. Sorry, sorry. Continue.

"Azure! Drop your gear and weapons in the back alley of the club. We're going in there undercover."


"Thanks Pinkie." Rainbow Dash leaned into a friendly hug which Pinkie offered.

Out of Spitfire and Pinkie for a mare friend I choose pinks. Sorin is a no.

For the record, I hope Sorin and Rainbow end up together. Although, considering that you mentioned Spitfire's sexual desires, I don't think that's going to happen.

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