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The Everfree Forest has invaded. Ponyville is in disarray and Celestia and Luna have disappeared. While Twilight and the others scramble to find the cause of it, Private is caught in the middle of the invasion. When an old enemy returns, can Private Eye defeat him this time? All while this is going on the Everfree is hiding a dark secret from the past. It's up to Private to uncover it. But, should some secrets remain unfound?

(New Cover Art by gent777)

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Spera is back in town baby! Oh dis gon b gud.

I really wish I wasn't so pessimistic, because I just don't see this case ending well.....

This is going to be an interesting Story. I can't wait for the next chapter.

well as they say in most media... s*** just got real

Old stallion? ...Oh god. Could that be Adamus?! I don't know any other evil old person...Lunard is out of comission, Sombra isn't really old...at least now, we get our famous Private vs Spera moment.

I've got the feeling Spera isn't the only one behind this....

Awesome the return of Spera, this should be good.

Also this, "But nothing, there’s mention of him", I think the word no is missing between there's and mention.

Spera is back, Private is connected to the Tree of Harmony(?), and It's time for a sword fight with a sword that could kill Twilight. Good thing she isn't there at the moment. Curse you giant serpent fang!!

3939987 Adamus seems...unlikely, as he's exactly the kind of pony that Spera absolutely despises and seeks to murder indiscriminately.

3941247 I would agree with you. I was just taking a shot in the dark, since Spera called him 'old stallion'. Adamus was the first one that came to mind when he said that. But I think once we get further into this story, we will see who Spera is with. Also, when Spera talked about not being chosen...he sounded like Riku from the first Kingdom Hearts...am I the only one who got that vibe?

¶uck off ¶ucking flora!
Holy alliteration!

Into the clearing stepped... Braeburn?
That confused me a little too. Perhaps Braeburn should have been the bearer of Honesty?

YEAH!!!!!! That was great. I can't believe Eva as him. Does that mean he is in the past or viewing? I guess we will find out next chapter.


That confused me a little too. Perhaps Braeburn should have been the bearer of Honesty?

I'm calling it now. That will be a plot point later on in the series.

“Ain’t we forgetting somepony else?” Adamus asked.

I'm guessing this is a typo, since I don't think there's any legitimate reason he would be there. :twilightoops:

3956492 There are two adamuses. One who is the ancestor to all earth ponies, the other who is the racist bastard of a grandfather to Private...it's not really a coincidence...you'll see why later in the series.

Backstory and hopefully some answers.

Also, "II held my blade against his and said, “I’ll make sure you’re turned in this time Spera". one I not two.

3956501 But if that is so, then I really don't get it. What connection could Adamus, a racist unicorn, have to the father of the Earth Pony race? You gotta admit, that does seem highly unlikely.

As for Izanagi...I have a feeling that Izanagi has a play in what Prometheus had become...

Last night I has a dream where I was a human Private. Apparently my subconcious is good at solving crimes.

Holy flippin' Fausticorn! So Prometheus drove the original Elements apart. This Element origin canon here can actually go with my Beyblade story canon. That's weird.

Wow. What did that tree do. Also Faust is here. I wonder what does that mean. I enjoyed reading this chapter. Best of luck with the next one.

3972471 Hey, it's not like Promy did it on purpose. And I have a feeling that Izanagi is not all that he appears to be...only time will tell.

Is it possible that Hope becoming Tenacity led to the Tree of Harmony to feel disharmony?

Really liking the backstory so far, it's nice to finally have some answers

3972471 Prometheus may have been a catalyst, but... Ah... Let's just say it looks like it was in the works, for a while.

3972780 Oh, good, I'm NOT the only one who picked up on it...

3972805 It was Tenacity before it became Hope. >.>

I've got a bad feeling about this....

Great chapter!

3975626 Uh, don't you mean Izanagi?

3972780 I am guessing that Nagi bribed or did other things so the other ponies wouldn't come to Promy's inauguration. That is my personal opinion. I see though where Blueblood got his arrogance from.

3975992 I am just going to throw it out there...

I don't think Prometheus was ever the bad guy that did all those horrible things in the past.

I mean, come on everybody, look at Izanagi! He for some reason wanted to keep Promy away from everyone else and the tree. I don't know for sure whether it was out of concern for Promy, but I think it was Izanagi that turned out to be the traitor in all this.

Either that, or he's the one who corrupted Promy, and got off scotch free for centuries.

All in all, I find it hard to believe that Promy is the bad guy that all the others seem to say. In fact, I think there's something about how Promy raped Izanami that isn't true...

This is all but a big theory to me, and Jacoboby will probably prove me wrong in the next chapter or so, but if any of this turns out to be fact...let me be the one to say I call it.

All in all, this is turning out to be a interesting installment.

So Malice is the name of the dark power of Private's lineage, this could be really bad. I'm glad we are starting to get some answers for what happened before.

3988326 Malice is nothing...it is yang, darkness...but where there is darkness...there must also be its opposite...

This can't be the end of the case.....there's got to be more to this.....

Looks like the darkness formed within Prometheus has lived throughout his descendants and has grown strong enough to manifest itself in Private. Ooooooh, are we going to get a Jekyl/Hyde complex soon?!

I knew Olympus was Promy's dad. Wow. That just altered the whole story. Best of luck Private. You are going to need it.

Oh dear...can't wait to see how the elements start turning against the mane six, this should be interesting!

holy kick in the mouth this is getting to be big!

Anyone think malice would sound like the evil voice in Jackie Estacato's head in
"The Darkness"?

Adamus? Damn another new big bad.



So Spera and Adamus are together. But what Adamus means by penance? I mean, penance means he wanted to punish himself for something that he did...but a guy like Adamus wouldn't want to feel sorry for what he did...and by proper heir...who does he want?

Also, I have a good idea for a side story...

True Blue Blood

It would follow Blueblood after the events of 'Murder At The Gala'. The story would be that Prince Blueblood visits his father in prison, where Blueblood confronts Pureblood for why he had done to his family, and questions what he would had done if he had gotten his 'heir'. I also think that maybe, there could be a bit of a romance piece between Blueblood and Squeaky Clean (if that works or anything).

Please reply to this comment and tell me what you think.

4012496 Yeah. I called it too. But wow. This is going to be interesting. Also remember Penance could mean something else. Soleil did believe Faust was a Demon, when I think Malice is the demon in this story. I guess soon we will be see Idrena soon. I can't wait for the next story. I am a big fan of on a cross and Arrow, and the universe spun from it.

4012473 Adamus is Private's grandfather. He isn't new, as he appeared in the case 'Marked' of Season 1.

4012734 I just remembered that piece of shit..... WHAT THE BUCK IS HE DOING HANGING OUT WITH SPERA?!

4012870 You got me. Spera and Adamus seems too unlikely a pairing, given how Adamus hates hybrids. That's what surprised me.

4012881 This can't be good though that's for sure. Bring out the popcorn because Dis Gon B Gud!

4012886 Definitely. But I am wondering what this 'penance' he is talking about. I get the proper heir part, but not the other part.

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