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I am currently working on an MLP fan-fiction I have have been writing for quite some time now. Writing is my gift and I plan to use it.


Where the Heck have I been and will I continue Juggernaut? · 4:30am Feb 8th, 2014

First of all to answer your question, yes I will continue writing this story, because I don't think I have ever made a story line so complex and so thought out in my entire life and I want every aspect to be 100% perfect. The story is going to be very long and will quite possibly have a prequel to explain everything as well as tie up some gaps, so that's one of the reasons I've been gone is because I've been planning this story out to the bone. Also I've been been doing research for the this

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710143 Gladly I will check them out. I'm in college right now and I work as well so I kind of run short on time, but on the weekends I sure as shit can give it a read.

705629 Thanks bro. If you want check my story as well. I haven't been updating it so much because it hasn't really received that much attention and has given me a lack of motivation to continue writing it, because it seems not a lot of people like it. Anyways , I like your story. Keep writing it cause I love stories about a Marine/Soldier's adventures in Equestria.

Thanks for the fave, dawg. All this time you've been on this site and noone has yet to welcome you. That's a bunch of bull corn. So with that, I extend to you a warm, happy welcome, and I hope you enjoy your stay. Have a good one!

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