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I Love Rainbow Dash/Soarin!


Rainbow Dash had always dreamed of the moment when she would be able to enter the elite academy for Wonderbolts. But when she finally gets there, things don't work out as she expected.

Even more difficult to deal with is her developing feelings for one of the Wonderbolts...

SoarinDash romance!

Chapters (4)
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Why can i only like this once!!??

SoarinDash spotted! Insta fave and like!:rainbowkiss:

Giving some words of advice to the newbie eh Soarin? You're quite a stallion. :rainbowkiss:

To quote Sokka from Avatar: The Last Airbender "Smoochy, smoochy. Someone's in love!" :heart:

How much trouble could one pony possibly get into over cloud busting?”

You just had to say it, didn't you Rainbow Dash? I guess somepony's never heard of Murphy's law. :facehoof:

I love it! This has been put into my group Romance is Magic!

She was now the youngest Captain of the Wonderbolts for the last hundred years.

BWAHAHAHA, Do I sense a Harry Potter reference?! :pinkiehappy:

:pinkiegasp: I'm almost overwhelmed with the amount of response this story is receiving after a single day!
Seriously, everyone. Thank you so much. I'll definitely be posting a new chapter this weekend, so watch out!

Too many lesbian shipfics on this damn site. It's nice to see a straight one:ajsmug:

Well, I certainly like the premise. Not many people care to explore and actually build a relationship between Soarin and Dash from the ground up. Rare enough that it's fresh, and it helps a lot that it's well done.

However, don't you fear that setting this up during the whole academy thing detracts from the lessons Dash learned there? Having someone there that sympathizes with her and shores up her insecurities seems to defeat the whole purpose of the episode. I thought the first episode was more of a prologue, until I read the rest :P

It looks great so far, I just wondered if Dash is going to end up resolving the issue the same way she did in the episode. Soarin stepping in to talk to Spitfire would really steal her thunder.

Haven't read a good ship fic in forever. Don't disappoint ^.^ Will read in a bit when I have the time.

six people love this story so much that they turned there laptop upside down and liked again :yay:

"What's the worst that could happen?"
Many. Many. Things...

Awwwwww!!!! Soaring!!!:heart:

And here I was, about to make a joke about you... wanting to taste the rainbow.

Dammit Murphy!!! Stop showing up in Ship Fics!!!!! Like the ships I like don't have enough shit to deal with...

3768463 I understand your concerns. But I can't really answer without spoiling what I've got planned for the next chapter. However, I can assure you that Soarin isn't going to be a Deus ex machina.

Love it :rainbowlaugh::rainbowdetermined2::heart::heart
:moustache: Spike: He's cool, bro
:flutterrage: Holy fluttershout
:trixieshiftright: evil...
:yay: yay... :rainbowhuh: too loud?
:pinkiecrazy: scawy
:derpyderp1: DERP
:duck: wat u lookin at me like dat fow?
:facehoof: for celestia sake...
:twilightoops: oh..... s***
:applecry::scootangel::unsuresweetie: ... Mmmmhmm

when will this be updated
don't mean to be pushy but I like this story and want more to read plz

When will this be updated? We've been waiting forever. Please update ASAP!

Will there be anymore updates?? :fluttercry:

WAIT WHAT. :pinkiegasp:

Update. It. Now. :twilightangry2:

God damnit. :facehoof:

Oh gosh, I remember reading this…quite a while ago! Glad you've decided to finish it!

Well I suppose better late than never for this update. :yay:

Seems a little abrupt - everything OK?


This story is so awesome and cute!!:heart:

I LOVE IT!!!:rainbowkiss:

Soarindash is best ship ever!!:heart:

Amazing job on this story!!

Another story villainizing Lightning Dust to make everypony else look better. A well deserved downvote.

"Well, I am." Rainbow Dash said shortly. "Lightning Dust couldn't control the tornado and we lost control of it. Half of our fellow recruits spun out and it almost killed my friends who were coming to visit me."

No recruits were harmed and maybe your friends should not have trespassed into a restricted military area during training.

"I know what you're going to say, Soarin." Spitfire told him. "And it's not necessary. Lightning Dust! Front and center!"

"Ma'am!" Lightning Dust leapt forward, but with less enthusiasm than before.

"Is it true what I've heard? Did you create a tornado that you couldn't control and endanger the lives of these ponies?" Spitfire asked.

For a few seconds, Lightning couldn't respond. "Ma'am... I was trying to..."

"Did you, or did you not?!" Spitfire yelled.

Lightning Dust glared at Spitfire, and then lowed her head in defeat. "I did."

"Then perhaps nopony told you that there is no place on the Wonderbolts who would knowingly endanger their teammates or bystanders? Because the Wonderbolts are not just the best flyers. We are the best flying team in Equestria. We work together on the Wonderbolts, with no team member overshadowing or risking the lives of the others. But I suppose the fault is really with me." Spitfire ripped the golden Lead pony Academy badge off Lightning's flight suit. "You are not Lead pony material and you are not Wonderbolt material."

All this would never have happened if she gave Dusty the guidance and training she needed instead of encouraging all the time.
She has the potential to be be a great Wonderbolt but Spitfire failed her completely.
What is especially pathetic is that she doesn´t even let her talk.
It is incompetent and hypocritical Spitfire who should have been expelled.
Nothing is alright.

Zzzzzz if you have watched the series then you will know that dust is a arragont selfish mare and spitfire didn't fail her as a leader cause spitfire couldn't see what dust was doing so when she ripped the lead pony pin off of her cadet suit and told her she couldn't join the wondebolts cause she broke the first and most important rule of the wondebolts which is I shall not harm a fellow bolt in anyway shape or form.

Spitfire saw more than enough and did nothing but encouring Dusty.
There is no denying that she failed her completely.

Zzzzzz now that I read your comment it's true that spitfire did encourage her cause she saw potential in her but that still doesn't excuse that she broke the wondebolts most important rule I shall not harm another bolt in any shape or form if you read piercing the heavens by calm winds then you will see that dash did the exact same thing by pushing artic breeze into a pillar effectively clothes lining her while they were participants but spitfire didn't kick her out of the wondebolts but soarin who is dashs colt friend shouted at her and she shouted back but she didn't endanger equestrias main line of defense against evil but lightning dust did so that's why she was kicked out of the bolts but found herself in the team me and the blood hurricane put together before luna turned into nightmare moon and civil War broke out called the shadow bolts

That doesn't even make any sense.

Zzzzzz what doesn't make any sense that lightning dust got kicked out of the wondebolts and dash didn't or the part about her joining the team me and blood hurricane made before Luna became nightmare moon

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