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Confused · 9:37pm May 28th

Can someone tell me WHY IT IS whenever Starlight is brought up people are just eager to bash her nowadays? Like I understood it at first but after a while it's starting to become rather dull and more mean spirited then anything. I mean hasn't she done ENOUGH to show she's finally not the same total bitch she was in Season 5 or is this a case where people are whining about someone they think doesn't 'deserve' friendship or redemption? That she's just evil and is thus just pure scum? Or my

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Hey there, I'm new to your work, but a little birdie told me you were making a crossover in the future with MLP and Getter Robo? Is that true or no?

Not a problem. Always enjoy Flash Sentry fics that aren’t just bashing him.

I appreciate the fave on “Never Again”. Thanks. :twilightsmile:

As long as it’s clear they have ZERO memory and that memory isn’t going to come back I won’t fucking strangle you. I actually want a change from the traditional ‘someone wears an outfit and they’re SUDDENLY that character except not’. It’s why I asked for the ACTUAL Phantasm and not just some knock off.

Planning for Project: PHANTASM has begun. Phantasm will not be from a DC Universe, but I can assure you she will not be a victim of the Merchant. I usually have an unhappy little accident happen to my Displaced that results in their death and subsequent rebirth as said character. Subject of Project: PHANTASM will have no recollection of proceedure or previous identity prior to becoming Phantasm.

-CADMUS Log, 6-5-2017.

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