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Welcome to TheDCEarthVerse! This is where you become a character from DC Comics. It can be a Hero, a Villain, or A Anti-Hero! I have mine already. It's Martian Manhunter! Now in the comments below choose your character. Now I know that there are many different versions of certain characters like the Flash, these's Barry Allen, Wally West, Bart Allen, and Jay Garrick. So to make things fair and clear up confusion please put your character name beside so people will know which version you are using. I will also allow alternate universes versions like Red Sun Superman, so just put the universe they come from as well. Now I don't know ever single character in the DC universe but I'll make a small list of heroes, villains, and anti-heros. Also I am including characters from Watchmen, V for Vendetta or any others DC property. Have a nice day!


Description and inspiration by Merc With A Mouth


Batman(Bruce Wayne)-

Wonder Woman(Princess Diana of Themyscira)-

The Flash(Barry Allen)-

Green Lantern(Hal Jordan)-

Aquaman(Arthur Curry)-

Cyborg(Victor Stone)-

Martian Manhunter(J'onn J'onzz)- N7_Spartan117

Lex Luthor-



Professor Zoom-


Black Manta-


Red Hood(Jason Todd)-Nocturnis Comics

Catwoman(Selina Kyle)-


John Constantine-Roarin

Rorschach(Walter Joseph Kovacs)-

Deathstroke(Slade Wilson)- VampDash

Characters Taken
Martian Manhunter(J'onn J'onzz)- N7_Spartan117

Green Arrow(Oliver Queen)-Merc With A Mouth

Red Hood(Jason Todd)-Nocturnis Comics

Deathstroke(Slade Wilson)- VampDash

The Music Meister-The Music Meister


John Constantine-Roarin

Batman(Arkham Universe)-TheWalkingSkyMon

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No one has chosen him yet... So I choose the DCEU Bruce Wayne Batman!

Yes! A DC group! Been looking for one! John Constantine would be cool!

Can I be Superman? Kal-EL

My name is Deathstroke.

Can I be green arrow?

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