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Every get tired of generic Human in Equestria Stories. Or another Crossover with Anime, or tired of seeing another OC X Maine Six Ship fic with the same bland OC you've seen a thousand times. Well I am...So that's why I have created the Unique Idea's Collective. Maybe there's a twist to those Human in Equestrian Stoires that's not the conversation Bureau....Maybe the OX x Main Six Ship fic is a ship fic with a Villain...Or maybe the crossover is a crossover with a show you haven't seen in years. If you think you have a new idea...join our collective...post your thoughts about it, (Get people to write it if you don't feel you can yourself). No idea no matter how weird, twisted, bizarre, or just plain crazy is banned...all is welcome. We don't judge we just wanna finally get all the unique ideas under one roof.

If you wanna be a Writer for Hire to help with new Ideas Sign Up Here : https://www.fimfiction.net/group/209178/unique-ideas-collective/thread/217209/writers-for-hire

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I have a comedy HIE fic idea, it may be dumb but it sounds good in my head.

You know that infamous horse mask? ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/61T1QmANYUL._UL1500_.jpg

Yeah, that.

How about a human somehow ends up in Anthro Equestria (we don't find out because the story starts about 2 weeks in Equestria), and he uses said horse mask as a makeshift disguise. It seems to work on everypony, except one: Lyra Heartstrings.

Lyra tries to catch the human and show Equestria who he really is but repeatedly fails in comical ways.

404400 When I get a good chance I will, have a good day.

404399 Well promote my group for me my friend...So that the word is spread across the website.

About time someone made a group like this!

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